Seth Godin on Getting Unstuck. October 2012 Revolution Weekend


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This is a summary and an excerpt from my ebook, Getting Unstuck -

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Seth Godin on Getting Unstuck. October 2012 Revolution Weekend

  1. 1. A  Summary  of   Seth’s  Advice  on   Ge6ng Unstuck  from  the  October  Revolu>on   Weekend ★ Why  are  you  here? ★ Why  do  you  go  to  work? ★ What  is  holding  you  back? SHARE GETT ING UNST UCK 1 1
  2. 2. Some rights reserved by James Cridland The target audience is men and That product or women Aged 0 and up service that you’llmake, who is it for? oops! If it’s for everyone, you’ve failed. The more specific you can be, the more likely you will make something the specific group of people will find remarkable. Getting Unstuck 2
  3. 3. Why do tourists who go to New York or Rome go to McDonald’s? Because it’s safe. It’s about how it makes them feelThose people you are and what the specific group ofmaking the product or people believe.service for,what do they believe? Getting Unstuck 3
  4. 4. This group of people, what with their beliefs,“Find the early adopters,embrace them, adore them, have they boughtsupport them, dont go away,dont let them down. And then before?be patient yet persistent. Massmarket acceptance is rare. Viralconnections based onexperience are the only reliableway to spread new ideas incommunities that arenttraditionally focused on thecult of the new.” Getting Unstuck 4
  5. 5. Your job is to teach them This group, with theirand reach them. beliefs, have they boughtThere are so many new a product or service likecreative ways to do it today. do they this before andThe key is to use all the know that you exist?tools and vehicles that areavailable to you to connectthe people you are targeting,with their beliefs and whatthey care about. This iswhere communities becomeimportant. Getting Unstuck 5
  6. 6. This is a deep moral and ethical issue. This group, with their beliefs, have Depending on whatthey bought something like this before? you are "selling," Have they needed a service like this? the amount of trust And, do they know about you they have in you may change. and do they trust you? They can pay you with cash, attention, time or connections. Getting Unstuck 6
  7. 7. Does your service or product connect one person to another? All Twitter does is connect people. Google connects customers to ads - it connects people with trust to people with attention. “Who you hang out with determines Godin what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. ChangeIn this economy,are the outcome by changing your circle.” — Seth Godin you a connector? Getting Unstuck 7
  8. 8. Are you solving a problem?The more you specialize, the more likelyyou will solve someones problem.Clayton Christensen found that when a fast food chain wanted to improve milkshake sales, they asked people todescribe the ideal milkshake: thick or thin, fruity or chocolatey. Their data was good, but they didn’t see any salesimprovement. By going to the restaurant and analyzing who bought milkshakes when, they found two main buyers:early morning commuters (who bought 40%) did so to have something to do during their commute and keep themfull; and parents who wanted an innocuous way to placate their children and feel like loving parents.Christensen suggests that many companies lose out because they don’t know what their customers really need. Sowhen you’re studying your customers to improve your sales, remember to look for problems they’re having that youcan help them with. Ask questions and always start with the “why.” Motivations are key. Getting Unstuck 8
  9. 9. “How dare someone offer it forfree when I have been doing it If this catches on amongfor a long time? How dare Ubermake it cheaper?” They can people you are trying tosteal your ideas but they can’tsteal what matters and the way why won’t cheaper reach,you do it. competitors steal your"The problem with competition isthat it takes away the business?requirement to set your ownpath, to invent your ownmethod, to find a new way.When you have competition, itsthe pack that decides whatsgoing to happen next, youremerely trying to get (or stay) infront. Competing with yourself ismore difficult, it requires morebravery and leads to moreinsight." Getting Unstuck 9
  10. 10. The only things that are The first question valuable are scarce. If they were easy, everyone would do you need to ask them.about your project is: “The only reason every project whats scarce? doesnt scale to infinity is that something runs out. Time, money, natural resources, new fashions, new customers ... something is scarce.” 2012/06/whats-scarce.html Getting Unstuck 10
  11. 11. “Hard is not about sweat or time, hard is about finishing the rare, valuable, risky task that few complete. Dont tell me you want to launch a line of spices but dont want to make sales calls to supermarket buyers. Thats the hard part. Identifying which part of your project is hard is, paradoxically, not so easy,What’s the hard because we work to hide the hard parts. They frighten us.” stuff? sure-but-whats-the-hard-part.html Getting Unstuck 11
  12. 12. What’s the value?As it catches on, does itbecome more or less valuable?In the connection economy, value can increase whenmore people find it beneficial. Like TED, the ticket is notcheap but more people want to go and be on the invitelist. The value is the connections that are being made. Itattracts likeminded people.Scarcity often creates value. Getting Unstuck 12
  13. 13. How much does it cost you tomake a sale? What does it taketo make a trusted customer? What is theIdeas that sell win. It is easier to cost of sale?spread ideas today and it can cost youvery little in direct costs. And mostpeople buy stuff that they have apersonal connection with or that isrecommended by a trusted friend."People don’t value what they paymoney for; they value what othersvalue. They value what gets talkedabout. It’s your job to get peopletalking about what you have to offer.The best way to do that is to give itaway."— Seth Godin Getting Unstuck 13
  14. 14. Amazon estimated the customer lifecycle at $33 in profit. What’s the life time “Few businesses understand (really understand) just howvalue of a customer, once much a customer is worth. Add to this the additional profit you you make the sale? get from a delighted customer spreading the word—it can easily double or triple the lifetime value.” — Seth Godin If your current customers aren’t happy using your product or service, then your marketing is simply sending more people into a bad experience. Getting Unstuck 14
  15. 15. Is there a way to make this product or service less expensive than you do? If so, you will have more money to promote it. Can you make it faster? In a world where it takes one day or six weeks to get a product or serviceHow fast can you to market, what can you do differently?make your product How can you tap into connections and communities to make it go faster? or service? Getting Unstuck 15
  16. 16. When will you ship it?When will you shipyour product, serviceor book?Love your plan. Love your vision.Until you ship, it doesn’t matter.You need to be prepared to fail - the person whoinvented the ship also invented the ship wreck.Ship it: Have a date and time. Deliver on it.It takes guts, courage and a strong sense of self to bebrave.— Seth Godin Getting Unstuck 16
  17. 17. ✴ Who is it for? ✴ Are you solving a ✴ What do they believe? problem? ✴ What is the cost of sale? ✴ What has this group bought ✴ Why won’t a competitor ✴ What’s the lifecycle? before? steal your idea? ✴ How fast can you make it? ✴ Do they know you exist? ✴ What’s scarce? ✴ When will you ship it? ✴ Do they trust you? ✴ What’s the hard part? ✴ Are you a connector? ✴ What’s the value? “The key to wisdom is knowing all the right questions.” — John Simone Getting UnstuckPhoto: Megan Murray 17
  18. 18. Some Questions About What Your Online Learning from BananasPresence Should DoAs part of the weekend, Seth asked if anyone wanted him to takea look at their website. We were sitting in a large auditorium and "It turns out that its a lot easier to peel a banana if you start from the wrong end.people shouted out their website urls. I observed how many people You dont even have to use your teeth.were apologetic about what we were about to see and experience. Heres the thing: I know this. Ive tried it. Its true.They were downplaying the site that future employers, customers I still peel a banana the hard way. It feels like theand partners would see even though it is what represents them on right thing to do.the web right now. Seth had some great insights for each of them Selling change is much harder than you think."and I am summarizing some of the key questions he asked if you — Seth Godinare creating an online presence."Every website is a marketing effort. Sooner or later, your site Start here instead of hereinvolves an interaction with a user, and that interaction wont be100% technical. You have to sell the engagement, the interaction andthe story you have in mind. While websites have always involvedtechnology, the tech is secondary to your ability to get your pointacross." Seth✴ Who is it for?✴ How do people know to come to your site?✴ Which sites does the kind of person you want to connect with trust? What are their A, B and C sites?✴ What do you want them to do once they get to your site?✴ Do you make it clear: what’s the banana? Getting Unstuck 18
  19. 19. “I work from my heart. That’s all ★ It’s tempting for entrepreneurs to see something that’s broken I know how to do. I work hard and want to fix it. We want people to see what we see. Resist and need to keep the lights on. I the temptation. You don’t have the leverage to change people’s get stuck with making money and delivering excellent customer world view. service. How do I make the ★ Almost no one wants to admit they are wrong. But they can see business more sustainable? new information and have it change their opinion. ★ I have no comments on my blog. I don’t want to have rewrite my Being aware work for people who criticize what I have to say. It would grind of why you ★ me to a halt. That’s why I have posts and no comments. Ignore them. Reviews don’t really matter. are stuck is key ★ Start with the belief that you are really good at what you do. ★ A freelancer gets paid while they work. An entrepreneur gets paid while they “How do I deal with sleep. They hire other people. The challenge is when you are bootstrapping is negative reviews and people who don’t get Ignore the that the cheapest person you can hire is you. ★ You may have a belief about money that makes you stuck. But money is Noise and paper. If you’re mis-valuing money, the trade you make with money is going to what I am doing?” be off track. ★ Figure out how to divorce money coming in from value of what you do. There is Help a big difference between bringing flowers on a date than bringing money. ★ Hire someone who likes to think about money or you need to get over your People See negative belief about money. ★ How do you tell a story so the right person is eager to help? ★ We teach kids in school to ship stuff. ★ People are trained to wait, cram and not to ship. ★ When you demolish a building, it’s easy. But everything after the demolition takes time. Every single step along the way,“What keeps peoplefrom shipping stuff?” It Takes someone will say it’s not ready. ★ We need to have discipline. It’s not genetic. Courage ★ It’s more important for your product or service to be in the market than be hidden. ★ Stay up until you get it done. ★ As soon as you commit to the date, then your quality goes up. 19
  20. 20. ★ What kind of person signs up to be one of your sales reps? ★ Only one in a hundred is like you. “I am managing, not ★ Can you change someone’s story? Can you get them to see the leading, 75 women in my world the way you do? If you can’t you have to find other people. retail business. How do I ★ You assume that they signed up and now it should all fall into inspire them to lead?” Stories. place. ★ What leaders do is change the story they tell themselves. Connect ★ Some people have misery and they want company. If you want to connect people, do it in person rather than online – chat room or with campfire. They can be invited in and invited out. They are raising the average. People. ★ Who are you targeting? Do they know about you? “I want to create an ★ How will you measure success? Is it making $100,000 in a interactive platform for a What year or having 3 kids in Delaware that are no longer being children’s book as bullied? storytellers. How can I Does ★ Today, it costs nothing to publish a book. And a lot of people make it happen?” think it doesn’t count. Success ★ Who can you double date with? Is there someone who is established? Oprah doesn’t have a show anymore. Look Like ★ You have to find a new middleman. Who do they whisper to? You need to find someone who can help you get started. to You?“I am creating a comic book onleadership. How should I Tap into ★ If you’re going to bother writing something, write something that matters. ★ The average American reads one book a year. And the typical book sellsdistribute it?” Your 4,000 copies. So 50 Shades of Gray already captured the market. You have to make people light up on every page. Connections ★ Just because they bought it, doesn’t mean they read all of it Buying the book is one thing but only 20% actually read it. ★ Self-publishing – why are you doing it? Always start with the why. Give it away, send it to 1000 people who trust you and ask them to send it to more people. You’ll make it up in a heart beat. ★ 5 years ago what did you make that was scarce? It’s not scarce any more. Everyone curates now. ★ The challenge of social media is a direct connection between you and people who trust you. 20
  21. 21. “How do we How do you find the fringes? differentiate ourselves? How do we make sure we are not boring?”★ When you are selling to someone in a large organization, it’s not the person’s money. It’s their organization’s money. And the bottom line is they are trying to make their boss happy. They need to be able to tell a story about buying your product or service. How does that story help them advance and make them feel safe? How does it make their boss look good?★ The person who hires me to give a speech does it because bringing me will make their boss happy.★ For example, when someone buys training, it goes back to the HR department’s meat and potatoes. All the buyer cares about is that she won’t get in trouble after the training is over. She is taking a risk: Bringing someone new may get them fired.★ If you are selling to an average buyer in an average company, they are in the center of the bell curve and not interested in change – they are not on the fringe. HBR is good example. Almost no one reads it. But many people with money associate with it. That’s why consultants work for three years to write an article. They want to be seen by buyers as being on the cutting edge. It’s like double dating – they trust HBR so they trust you if you can get an article published, then people will want to associate with you.★ The cost in digital world to you is zero. If one person reads your white paper or watches your video, it doesn’t cost you anything. They trust you because you have been generous. When they call asking for more, you then ask for money. That’s why I make it cost money. None of you would be here if I didn’t give you stuff for the last 10 years. The core of work that you do you do it with raucous those people find you because they want to connect to other people and you are are at the center of the circle.★ Connect people who want to be connected. They will help you spread the word. Getting Unstuck 21
  22. 22. Be Uns Unleas Unlearn tick h Photo: Kelly Greenwell"All our successes are the same. All our failures, too.We succeed when we do something remarkable.We fail when we give up too soon.We succeed when we are the best in the world at what we do.We fail when we get distracted by task we don’t have the guts to quit."— Seth Godin Getting Unstuck 22