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  1. 1. SmoopedsNot your average smoothie deliveryBrandon Breitenstein, Sonia Tseng, Derek Louie, HardyLou,Jose Flores, Michelle Chang, Heather Lee
  2. 2. Introduction Our product is simple. It takes one of the most time consumingand painful tasks of the averageAmerican’s day and makes it convenientand consistently enjoyable.
  3. 3. Our customers The average person who is busy in themorning and would like a healthy, quick, andtasty breakfast
  4. 4. Highlights Array of flavors Vitamins … And evencaffeine! Array of flavors Vitamins … And evencaffeine! The smoothies aredelivered right to yourdoor or even youroffice!
  5. 5. OpportunityPeople are becoming more health conscious, while becomingbusier and busier in their every day lives. This is a good timeto enter the market because we are able to offer a deliveryservice that helps accommodate to our clients’ busy schedules.• Normalized to wake up late, eat an unhealthy breakfast, andfeel sluggish for the rest of the day• Smoopeds offers a healthy and delicious smoothie tojumpstart your day• Our smoothies will provide customers with their daily fruitand vitamin servings• Drive thru/delivery smoothie chain: we have the chance tobeat others to market/expansion, which allows us to capturea piece of the smoothie market that is currently unclaimed
  6. 6. Market AnalysisSnack and non-alcoholic beverage barsYear Number ofEstablishmentsValue ofsales,revenue, orbusinessdone ($1,000)Annualpayroll($1,000)Number ofpaidemployeesfor pay period2007 50,491 24,254,134 6,153,555 532,0542002 36,036 13,608,615 3,469,564 336,144
  7. 7. Market AnalysisAccommodation and food services (coffeeshops)Year Number ofEstablishmentsSales ($1,000) Annualpayroll($1,000)First quarterpayroll($1,000)2007 19,045 10,169,521 2,611,166 616,2752002 9,470 4,158,049 1,015,259 241,819
  8. 8. Market AnalysisDelivery Services for Food and Beverages (in 2007)Type ofestablishmentNumber ofEstablishmentsTotal sales,receipts, orrevenue ($1,000)Sales ($1,000)Food services anddrinking places9,249 7,080,219 291,298Snack and non-alcoholic bev. bars200 99,083 6,376Coffee shops 26 6,088 292Ice cream and softserve8 4,188 146
  9. 9. Research Supports FindingsThere is a market for our smoothie chain:• Research on our recent competitor reveals that there is an increase insales for smoothies• (As of April 2013) there was an increase of 3.6% in store sales forcompany owned storesAbout 54% of the American population over the age of 18 drinkcoffee on a daily basis:• Of this 54% about 70% drink coffee in the morning• We plan to convert some of the coffee drinking population to oursmoothiesDelivery Service:• Research on pizza companies and other delivery services revealmajority of customers are willing to pay the fee for delivery due to itsconvenience
  10. 10. Competitive AnalysisThe Competition:• Large franchises – Jamba Juice• Smaller chain stores unique to the city – SidewalkJuice.• Privately owned smoothie stores
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis (cont.)How do we stand out?• We deliver• Healthy and delicious• Wallet Friendly• Drive-thru
  12. 12. Operations Make deals with local farmers for fresh fruit. Arrange differentpick up days during the week with each farmer Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Ginseng, Taurine, and Guarana(plant from Guarani Tribe in the Amazon) supplements fromsupplier (NatureMade, Swanson Health Products) Materials: wholesalers (Costco, Restaurant City, etc) Make orders according to client routes; rotate drivers withroutes depending on city
  13. 13. Marketing /Sales PlanMoped Marketing• Our signature mopeds will be introducing ourlogo to people all around the city while makingdeliveriesWord of Mouth• Our product will be selling itself through itshealthy tastiness and convenienceSocial MediaFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Hashtags)Promote our store by giving out weekly couponcodes
  14. 14. Marketing (cont.)Sponsoring• Giving out free booster smoothies to runners athalf marathons in exchange for putting our logoon official marathon banners, etc.Potential Revenue Streams:• In store purchases• Deliveries• Subscriptions
  15. 15. Technology / IP• Technology for the Production of Smoothies- Industrial blenders- Industrial (Restaurant) ovens- Plastic foam cups instead of Styrofoam cups- Industrial refrigerators – To keep the fruit andother ingredients fresh
  16. 16. Financial AnalysisRaising funds:- Angel investors- Bridge loans- Friends and familyInitial costs:- $500K – $750K- Break even 1-2 yrs after initial store opening
  17. 17. MilestonesMilestones OverviewQ4(2013)Q1(2014)Q2(2014)Q3(2014)Q4(2014)Q1(2015)Funding/FinancingMarketTestingOperationalDevelopmentOperationalDevelopmentProductDevelopment/MarketingLaunch /MarketingPitches,funding,partnersFlyers, webpresence,demographic surveys.Storefront,rawmaterials,construction.Construction, routing,construction.Training,routing,constructionLaunching,customerrelationships, sampling
  18. 18. MilestonesOur StatusWe currently have:• A well developed business model• Market research• Constructed a thorough and viable structure for theoperation of a smoothie delivery service.At this stage we are simply looking for partners /fundraising to put up our first location.
  19. 19. MilestonesQ4 (2013):Do pitchesFind partnersGet FundingStage: Funding / FinancingHypothesis we are testing: Whether or not ourcurrent business plan is a viable product in the eyesof investors.
  20. 20. MilestonesQ1 (2014):Begin marketing.Pass out flyers.Launch site.Gauge interest.Stage: Market testing.Hypothesis we are testing: We want to know ifcustomers would be interested in the flavors / boosts weare offering, and what demographic / geographical areasare interested in our service.
  21. 21. MilestonesQ2 and Q3 (2014):Scope out a store front.Acquire raw materials (industrial blenders, mopeds, etc)Begin to place orders with vendors (fruit, vitamins, Styrofoamcups, etc)Acquire permitsBegin constructionStage: Operational DevelopmentHypothesis we are testing: That our operational plan iscomplete and if it has any minor oversights to keep it within ourbudget.
  22. 22. MilestonesQ4 (2014):Begin training employeesMap routesContinue constructionBegin testing out smoothie flavors (give samples)Stage: Product Development.Hypothesis we are testing: That our delivery routes/ couriers are in order.
  23. 23. MilestonesQ1 (2015):Store openingWork out kinks in delivery routesBegin building customer relationshipsGreat because it is the new year and people arewilling to try new things / can have themedpromotions.Stage: Launch / MarketingHypothesis we are testing: That our business isviable.