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Unified Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) framework from Metrica Systems is an end to end customer experience intelligence and performance management solution. It collects, integrates and analyzes customer interactions data from various customer touch points such as Contact Center, IVR, CRM, Website, Back-office, Email/Chat and Social Media to discover the actionable insights from customer interactions.

Salient features of the solution are:

-Very Comprehensive Contact Center Performance Management (CCPM)
-Unified view of nearly 250 business metrics across contact channels
-Inbound, Outbound & Back-office solutions
-Modular Solution
-Contact Center, IVR, CRM, Web, Back-office & Social Media VoC Analytics modules
-Multi-vendor Integration
-Adapters for all the leading ACD, IVR, Dialer, WFM & CRM vendors (Avaya, Siemens, --Nortel, Aspect, Genesys,Cisco, Cosmocom & Siebel)
-Multi-dimensional Historical Reports : Line of Business, Site, Team, Agent and Date-wise drill down reports
-Executive Dashboards, KPIs and 360' SScorecards via iPad and other Tablets

-Real-time management of service level
-Multi-tenant, web based Solution
-Suitable for in-premises and hosted contact centers, SaaS deployments and outsourcing service providers
-Ease of Customizability

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Metrica - Customer Experience Analytics Solutions with iPad BI & Dashboards

  1. 1. Unified Performance ManagementandandCustomer Experience Analytics
  2. 2. Metrica Customer Experience Analytics Solutions• Multi-channel Analytics− Contact Center, IVR, Service Portal, Social Media & CRM Analytics• Real-time Service Monitoring• Agent Desktop Activity Analytics• Social Media and Voice of Customer AnalyticsSolutions to Measure & Improve 360o Customer Experience!• Social Media and Voice of Customer Analytics• Outsourcing Partner Performance ManagementCustomer Journey Maps Dashboards KPIs / Goals / MetricsCradle To Grave Analytics Unified Reports Advanced ReportsIVR Visuals Cross-channel Views Role-based Views
  3. 3. Holistic Service Experience ImprovementKey Business Result AreasAgent ProductivitySupervisor EffectivenessFist Contact ResolutionIVR EffectivenessVoC & CustomerCollaborationMIS ReportingSales PerformanceCollections EfficiencyTools to Drive Your Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency!Cross-channelCustomer ExperienceSocial Media ResponseCollaborationCall Reduction Costs ReductionSales PerformanceOutsourced PartnerPerformanceReal-time Performance
  4. 4. Business Benefits• Superior Customer Contact Experience• Improved Contact Center Operational Efficiency− Increase in agent productivity by 5 to10%− Improvement in supervisor effectiveness by 10 to 20%− Reduction in MIS costs by up to 60%• Higher IVR and Web Self-service Effectiveness− Increase in self-service completion rate by 2 to 5%• Outsourcing Partners Performance & Relationship Management• Enhanced Customer Loyalty and RevenuesAchieve Service Excellence!
  5. 5. Metrica Solution Differentiators• Unified Customer Experience Management System− Cross-channel analytics− Cradle to Grave Reporting• Channel and Vendor Agnostic Solution− Contact Center, IVR, Social Media, Web & Back-office Analytics− Integration with Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Siemens, Aspect, Siebel and others− Integration with the critical systems - ACD, IVR, Dialer, QM , WFM & CRM• Multi-tenant Capability for Cloud Deployments• Real-time Performance Management• Customizability & Cost effectivenessNo More Silos. One Portal. One View
  6. 6. Ecosystem Partners
  7. 7. Solution PackagesSolution Packages
  8. 8. Contact Center Business IntelligenceUnified Operational Analytics Solution• Contact Center Performance Management (CCPM)− 3600 Scorecard for agents, teams, sites and business units− Integrated View of ACD, Dialer, CRM, WFM, QM, Training, HR and Survey Metrics/KPIs− Inbound, Outbound & Back-office Solutions• Standard Metrics− Volumes of calls/cases handled, AHT, Sales/Revenue – SPH/SPD, CPH,TAT,Login hours, Conversion, Contact Rate, number of agents on the floor• Customized Metrics (Business Specific)• Customized Metrics (Business Specific)− First time resolution rate, Schedule adherence, Revenue & Cost Analysis• Quality Metrics− QM Forms and Fatal & Non-fatal error Analysis• Multi-dimensional Reports− Process, Site, Team, Agent & Date-wise drill-down / slice & dice of reports• Executive Dashboards− KPIs, Goals and Scorecards
  9. 9. Unified View ofCall, Quality, Training,WFM, FCR, Survey,Revenue & otherMetrics3600MetricsRepositoryfor ‘drag &drop’Contact Center Business IntelligenceUnified Operational Analytics Solution (Contd…)Self-configurableExecutiveDashboardKPI TrendAnalysis360o Scorecard for Agents, Teams, Sites and Business Units !
  10. 10. Mobile Analytics for Contact Center ExecutivesDashboards for Tablets and SmartphonesiPadDecision While on the Move is the New Standard!Android
  11. 11. IVR Effectiveness AnalyticsSelf-service Improvement SolutionIVR Customer Experience VisualizationIndividual IVR Call Menu Path AnalysisAggregate IVR Calls Menu Path AnalysisProblem Area:Quick Time-outProblem Area: Too many back & forth menu selections
  12. 12. Cross-channel Strategy PlanningCradle to Grave Analytics Solution30 mins < 1 minUnderstand Customer’s Channel Preferences To Retain Them!Consulting /escalation30 mins
  13. 13. Real Time Customer Experience ManagementPlasma TV Screen Display Solution
  14. 14. Desktop AnalyticsAgent Activity Tracking Solution• CRM and other Applications Usage Monitoring• Agent Training Requirements Analysis• Agent Productivity Analysis
  15. 15. Voice of Customer AnalyticsSocial Media Aggregation & CRM• Aggregation of Social Media Messages and Response Management• Customer Sentiment Analytics Across Contact Channels
  16. 16. Products & Technical Architecture
  17. 17. Products SuiteFor Unified Customer Experience AnalyticsProduct Applications Key Result AreaCenterWorks• Inbound & Outbound ContactCenter Performance Mgmt• Cradle to Grave Reporting• Strategy Planning• Real-time Performance Mgmt• Outsourcing Partners Mgmt• Social MediaCustomer Experience& Contact CenterEfficiency• Social MediaVoiceWorks IVR Self-service Analytics Customer Experience &Self-service EffectivenessFloWorks Back-office WorkflowEfficiency in Paper &Email based customerInteractions
  18. 18. Metrica Solution EcosystemPlasma/LCDMISToolsMISToolsEmail/ChatEmail/ChatSMS,SocialMediaSMS,SocialMediaACDACDIVRIVRDialerDialerHandheldUsersSr. ManagementBusiness Analysts Managers Marketing StaffQuality ExecsModulesCCPMIVRAnalyticsCenterWorksMetricaMartPlasma/LCDServicePortalServicePortalCRM/ERPCRM/ERPQMQMWFMWFMReal-time DashboardsMetrica Unified Customer Experience Analytics Platform Quality Execs CSR (Agent) Supervisors Technology Teams Clients / PartnersCustomer ServiceSystems SilosBack-officeSentimentAnalyticsCenterWorksUnified AnalyticsEngineMetricaMartPlasma TV
  19. 19. Case Study - TelcoUsersSr. ManagementBusiness Analysts Managers Marketing StaffMetricaUnified AnalyticsPlatform4ContactCenters4ContactCenters22 IVRs22 IVRs22CampaignManagers22CampaignManagers6Dialers6Dialers Marketing Staff Quality Execs CSR (Agent) Supervisors Technology Teams Clients / PartnersBusiness Benefits• Self-service effectiveness up by around 3%• Agent productivity up by around 5%• MIS costs down by 80%• Better outsourcing partner performance &relationship• Overall improvement in CSAT & operationalefficiencyCRMCRM70VoIPGateways70VoIPGateways3QualitySystems3QualitySystems125+Back-endSystems
  20. 20. • An Emerging Mobile Telco– A Top Consumer Brand in India• Fortune 50 Company• Top French Technology Company• Mobile Telco– Indian Subsidiary of one of the largest Mobile Telcos in theworldKey Customers
  21. 21. Contact UsAyappane.DBangalore, India+91 99801