Delicious cake decorating ideas for beginners


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Delicious cake decorating ideas for beginners

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Delicious cake decorating ideas for beginners

  1. 1. Delicious Cake Decorating Ideas For BeginnersHere are some simple cake decorating ideas for beginners. Now everyone must have attended an eventsuch as a birthday party or wedding where there was a beautiful cake. This can make one green withenvy. You do not really have to pay a lot of cash for one to get an appealing cake. This guide can help abeginner to make a decorative cake using some simple tools and strategies.Click Here For The Revealing Truth About Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners.Cake IcingSmooth icing of the whole of the cake is the best place to begin. The cake should however be let to becompletely dry. The frosting should not be made very thick. Light icing will spread over the ice withymore ease and will also give a smoother finish.Start by application of a thin layer of frosting all over the cake. This layer is also called the crumb coatand its main purpose is ensuring that crumbs will not get mixed with frosting which you will apply on thecake afterwards. After application of the coat, refrigerate your cake to set the crumb coat so that youcan make the application of the top coat easier.The second layer of icing is placed using a spatula. Place a large amount of the icing in the middle of thecake. Spread this amount all over the top from the center. Once the whole of the top is covered, you canthen proceed to cover the sides. To make the sides of the cake smooth, hold the spatula straight wardsand downwards as you are holding the edge of the cake and spinning it.To make your cake attractive, make the icing at the top of your cake as smooth as possible. Hold thespatula perfectly horizontal when you are smoothing. Some experts recommend dipping spatula in hotwater and allowing it to cool before smoothing the cake surface since this will help in gaining asmoother surface.Other Decoration TechniquesAnother simple but elegant technique you can use is dusting the cake with powdered sugar afterfrosting it. Stencil is often used in making geometrical or a themed pattern on the top of the cake. Youcan also make snowflakes that are to be fitted on the top of the cake to make a unique powdered sugardesign just like a stencil would.Need More Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners? Click Here.Lastly, in case you are looking for complex and customized decorations, you can purchase ready madeones. The vast varieties will help in cake decorating ideas for beginners such as candy flowers, toysamong others.