The Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content


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This was a presentation I did for Pubcon Austin about Content Strategy and SEO.

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  • The Bruce Lee Guide To Strategic Content by Steve Floyd CEO / Founder of AXZM – – twitter: @nawlready
  • The Path To Useful, Usable and Findable Content Is Narrow – Whether you are working with small business clients or enterprises, getting companies to regularly curate, create, edit, audit, prune while also optimizing their content for users can be difficult to sustain without the right governance In place.
  • Getting There Can Be A Serious Challenge – Getting To A Place Where An Organization Has A Truly Strategic Approach To Their Content Can Be Hard To Navigate Without The Right Process, Tools and Roadmap.
  • There Are A Lot Of Adversaries and Hurdles To Overcome Along The Way – Getting The Cooperation You Need From Various Departments To Execute Can Be Very Hard, Especially With Smaller Organizations Who Do Not Have The Bandwidth to Regularly Source, Ideate, Edit, Approve and Publish Content.
  • There Are A Lot of Adversaries and Hurdles to Overcome Along The Way – More Often Than Not The Disconnect Between Writers, IT, Marketing and Stakeholders Makes The Process of Publishing Regular – Useful, Usable and Findable Content Next To Impossible.
  • It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way – There is a Better Way To Go About Creating Content That Keeps All Of The Aforementioned Players In Line With Your Recommended Content Strategy
  • The Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content

    1. Read This (if you haven’t already)Content Strategy For The WebElements of Content StrategyContent Strategy at Work
    2. Read This (if you haven’t already)Message architecture worksheet
    3. Read This (if you haven’t already)Content Strategy For The WebElements of Content StrategyContent Strategy at Work
    4. Read This (if you haven’t already)Content Strategy For The WebElements of Content StrategyContent Strategy at Work
    5. Read This (if you haven’t already)Content Strategy For The WebElements of Content StrategyContent Strategy at Work
    6.  A Blog Is NOT a Content Strategy. Content Strategy is a decade +old emerging prac . Differentiate Content Strategyfrom a Content M Research and Apply ThePrinciples of Content Str .
    7. Use Client Profiles Organize all client insights, messaging, documentation in one place for the team working on it. Get client / stakeholders to sign off on all campaign goals and communication documents early on in the process. Content Analysis Tool Web Content Audit Tool Google Xpath Content Matrix LucidChartsAdwords Tool, Google TrendsSocial Crawlytics, Quantcast,Compete, Open Site Explorer,LinkDex, SEMRush, Topsy,Facebook Ads, Link Detective
    8. Buyer PersonasUsability TemplatesContent TemplatesUsertesting.comBlasamiq MockupsSEOMozAhrefsMajesticSEOSearch MetricsWordPress SEOCS Generator ToolMindjet ConfluenceWP Editorial CalendarEasy Content Templates,Kapost, Trello, DivvyHQ,Raventools, Contently,Compendium
    9. Google AnalyticsCrazyEggKissMetricsClickTaleClickHeatConcept FeedbackSilverBackFivesecondtestOpen HallwayOptimizelyUnbounce
    10. Take advantage of social search engines like Topsy,Social Mention, Kurrently and others to uncover audienceinterests and content ideas based on those interests.Social Media Can Generate Strong Story Ideas - Free Social Search Tools -
    11. Use Alchemy API to quickly extract semantic meta-data fromexisting web pages. Use the results to speed up the creationof metadata frameworks during content planning phases.Using AlchemyAPI for Semantic Analysis and Text Mining -
    12. 1. Content Strategy For The Web by Kristina Halvorson – Link2. Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane – Link3. Content Strategy at Work by Margot Bloomstein – Link4. Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy by Ann Rockley – Link5. Metadata Workshop by Rachel Lovinger – Link6. Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy by Andrew Maier – Link7. Build Agile SEO Tools Using Google Spreadsheets by Tom Critchlow – Link8. Using AlchemyAPI for Semantic Analysis and Text Mining by Mike Reich – Link9. Content Templates to the Rescue by Erin Kissane – Link10. Building Your Content Strategy with a Message Architecture by Margot Bloomstein – Link11. Difference Between Content Strategy Content Marketing? by Colleen Jones – Link12. Psychographics Deconstructed: What We Look Like to… by Marty Weintraub – Link13. Social Media Can Generate Strong Story Ideas by Kylie Jane Wakefield – Link14. The New SEO Process (Quit Being Kanye) by Mike King – Link15. 11 Savvy Ways to Use Buyer Personas… by Rebecca Corliss – Link16. Fusing Content Strategy with Design by David Gillis – Link17. An Introduction to User Journeys by Jason Hobbs – Link18. Doing a Content Inventory by Jeffrey Veen – Link19. 5 Free Social Search Tools by Steve Floyd – Link
    13. 1. Client Profile Template By AXZM – Link2. Content Strategy Generator Tool V2 by SEO Gadget – Link3. The Content Matrix Template by Kevin Nichols – Link4. Website Content Template By Brody Dorland – Link5. The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources by Jonathon Colman – Link6. Slide # 9 Graphic by Brain Traffic – Link7. Slide #11 From Caroline Kealey’s “Message Architecture Worksheet” - Link8. Slide # 13 Image From The White Paper – Why Securing Communications and Content is a Critical Best Practice by Proofpoint – Link *All Photos of Bruce Lee Are Property of The Respective Copyright Holder
    14. For the last decade I have beencreating digital marketing solutionsfor businesses large and small. In thattime I’ve learned a few things aboutthe governance and creation of webcontent and how that content ties intoother marketing channels. Content is Steve Floydoften swept aside as the last part of a Founder / Principle at AXZMproject, when I believe it should be twitter: @nawlreadyone of the very first things addressed, phone: (214) 272-9109even before design.