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Stop Selling SEO


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This is a presentation I did at the SFIMA Pubcon regional in Fort Lauderdale.

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Stop Selling SEO

  1. 1. Google Trends
  2. 2. SEO Salary Guide
  3. 3. State of Search Marketing Report 2012
  4. 4. a) Backlink Audit Proactively w/ Opensite Explorer,Majestic SEO, Link Detective,, Link Detoxand / or Remove’emb) Run a Content Audit with Content Analysis Tool andScreaming Frog to better understand content scopeand other potential technical SEO issues.c) Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool, SEM Rush,SEOMoz & Social Crawlytics to gauge competition.
  5. 5. a) Use Bidsketch, Propsable, QuoteRoller, NiftyQuoteror eIntelli to create sexy proposals quickly.b) Bullet point all the clients goals, project timeline,deliverables and itemized cost where applicable.c) Play to the stakeholder / decision makers interest.d) Educate your prospects more than your competitorsare willing to.
  6. 6. 1) Authorization2) Client Needs3) Process4) Deliverables5) Timeline6) Fee Summary7) Terms & Conditions8) Final Steps
  7. 7. a) Have the client meet you at your office. If you don’thave one, rent one.b) Dress to impress, but make sure you are in lockstep with the culture of your prospect.c) Turn your proposal into a graphical presentation.d) Practice makes perfect.
  8. 8. • Research Competitors Pricing• Never Bid Too Low• Know Your Market• Retainers > Fixed Bid
  9. 9. a) Get errors and omissions insurance, yesterday.b) Retain a good local business attorney.c) Stay away from any client who demandsunreasonable performance guarantees.d) Stop selling rankings, start selling conversions.
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  12. 12. Steve FloydFounder / Principle at AXZMtwitter: @nawlreadyphone: (214) 272-9109www.axzm.comFor the last decade I have beencreating digital marketing solutionsfor businesses large and small. Inthat time I’ve learned a few thingsabout the governance and creationof web content and how thatcontent ties into other marketingchannels. Content is often sweptaside as the last part of a project,when I believe it should be one ofthe very first things addressed,even before design.