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Integrated Campus Management System on Axpert™


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Running an educational or training institution can be quite a big task. if you have several campuses spread far and wide, getting a grip on things is difficult.manual or non-integrated systems can not do the job for you. Agile's CMS automates all standard processes, making your job easier


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Integrated Campus Management System on Axpert™

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  2. 2. Company Profileo Indian IT Product company, founded in 2001 and head quartered in Bangalore, Indiao Invented Axpert ™ (patent pending in US) - an application development framework used for building large , complex database intensive business applicationso 150+ enterprise customers in India, Srilanka, Middle-East , Africa & Bhutan.o 200+ Man years of experience in the enterprise spaceo Built and deployed applications in o E-Governance o Manufacturing o Sales & Distribution o Logistics, o Distilleries o Education o Textiles o Constructiono Partnership with WIPRO in delivering solutions in e-Governance spaceo NASSCOM innovation award finalist – 2008• Our Mission - Make IT really simple 2
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  4. 4. Module details Students Parents Schools/Teachers Govt. Portal (Student , Parent, School / Teachers, Government) Admission Fee Mgt Exam & Marks MgtAttendance Capture Promotion Process Masters Activity Based Library Event Mgt committees REPORTS ( Daily monitoring , MIS, Inspection – for Office Staff, Teachers & Management) 4
  5. 5. Key features of School Management SystemWeb enabled Solution• Users can access the application over the webPortal• Separate portal for Students/Parents, Teachers, Schools & Government offices• DashboardStudent Information• Capturing & recording of key attributes of students & teachers)• Provision to upload PhotosAcademic Information• Capturing of Attendance, Marks, Disciplinary details, Fee collection / Payment, Time table generation etcEvent Management• Capturing of various events conducted and the contribution of studentsLibrary Management• Capturing of book issues & returns , Late payment fee calculationIntegration• SMS integrationReports• MIS reports, Transaction reporting for all stakeholders• Capturing of book issues & returns , Late payment fee calculationOptional Modules• Purchase, Inventory, Finance 5
  6. 6. Data flow Country D a Province 01 Province 02 Province XX t a F l o wSchool-1 School-2 School-3 School-4 School-5 School-N 6
  7. 7. Partial Customer List Industrial Manufacturing Out Sourcing Medical Public Sector Hospitals Education ContractFarming & Retail REITZEL Financials & Logistics FMCG Dist.
  8. 8. Value proposition Typical Evaluation Parameter What we offer Technology behind the product Patent pending Indian tech - Axpert Ease and Speed of implementation Business logic stored in database Customizability and Maintainability Less code, No programs. Inter operability Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Scalability, Extendibility Same DB. Build more StructuresTotal cost of Hardware Cost Medium ownership over 3 to 5year period Maintenance cost Low 8
  9. 9. Axpert Architecture ( Deployed over thin & thick client) Remote Clients STEM Web clients Desktop Web Presentation Clients Layer Web pages Java Scripts Forms CRUD Export / Import GUI Service Bus Transformation Mail / FTP Axpert Background Service Axpert Sync Third party scheduler Authentication Reporting Servic e Workflow X-Call Axpert activity managerBusiness Axpert Layer Process Structures 101010101010 101010100100 Layer Data 9
  10. 10. Deployment ArchitectureAx EXE Ax EXE Desk Top CITRIX / Desk Top Terminal DB Server Service client AxSync.exe Web Branches Head Office Desk Top Ax.exe FTP /WEB SERVER DB SERVER Desk Top AxSync.exe TSTRUCT I-View Ax.exe 10
  11. 11. Master SetupAdmission ProcessAttendance ProcessMark ManagementLibrary Management 11
  12. 12. Key MastersProgram Master (MST01) Class Master (MST02) Section Master (MST03) Create Program Create Class Create Section Master Master Master Program Master Class Master Section Master • Enter the Program details and the • Enter the Section Master and define • Enter the courses offered by each courses offered in each program – CBSE the sections which are applicable for program (Class Master) / ICSE (Program Master). each ClassTime Table Master (MST04) Subject Master (MST05) Fee Master (MST06) Create Time Create Fee Create Subject Table Master Subject Master Master Master Subject Master Fee Master • Enter the various time periods and • Enter the subjects offered by the • Create FEE Structure and create create a time table by attaching School and attach it to the class Term wise fee for a particular ( Fee Teachers to a particular class & section (Subject Master) Structure & Fee Master)Subject Master (MSTA) Create Holiday calendar • Enter Holiday calendar which is consumed at the time of time table creation Admin 12
  13. 13. Admission ProcessApplication form Entry (ADM01) Enter criteria list (ADM02) Enter Application Enter Criteria details list Criteria list published Program Master • Enter the Applicant details information • Enter the various criteria details for (capturing all attributes of the student) each course and Publish (Criteria list) into the system (Applicant entry).Fee updation (ADM06) Student Admission (ADM05) Cutoff List (ADM04) Update Student Validate with Fee Payment Fee Receipt admission info Cutoff List • Collect money and provide a Fee • Student submits application form and • Based on the criteria entered, run the receipt through the system (Fee the selection details are entered in the cutoff list generation process and Receipt). If the student needs to make system. Student is admitted and a validate the application form submitted payment in a bank, then the fee Rollno is provided along with the fee by the student (Cut off generation information alone is updated in the details which he need to pay (Student process) and publish the results system Master) P1 Admin user Fees information updated in Accounts Module automatically (Balance Sheet Finance user Student is Admitted in the , Profit & Loss a/c etc) School 13
  14. 14. Attendance ProcessTime Period Entry (ATT01) Time Table Entry (ATT01) Attendance Entry (ATT02) Enter Enter Time Enter Time Attendance Period Followed Table details Time Period Defined Time Table created details Attendance updated • Time period followed by the School as • Enter the Time Table details • Enter the absenteeism details in the per the course and academic year is information into the system for a Attendance entry screen for a particular defined (Admin Entry) specific class (Time Table) class (Attendance Entry) Attendance information fed into Mark Management module for Attendance reports (ATT04) Makeup Attendance (ATT03) Attendance marks View Attendance Enter Makeup Reports Attendance Makeup attendance P2 updated • Provision for Faculty to view their student attendance history and for Students to view their attendance • Enter Makeup attendance details for a history (Attendance – Class wise / student (Makeup Attendance) Student wise report ) Students Admin user Faculty 14
  15. 15. Marks Management Exam Masters (MM01) Test / Assessment details (MM02) Enter Marks Enter Exam (Mid term or details Exam Master Final) Marks updated • As and when a test or assessment is • Enter various exam details information into conducted, enter the details into the system the system for a specific class e.g. Test , for the student Assessment - Midterm, Half yearly, Final (Marks entry) Mark Sheet (MM04) Marks Entry (MM03) Mark Sheet Enter Final Generated Exam marks Mark Sheet • Based on the Marks entered Mark list for each • Once the Final Exam marks are obtained, student is generated. the information is entered into the system. Promoted to the next yearAdmin userFaculty 15
  16. 16. Library ManagementBook Master Entry (LBM01) Books Outwards (LBM02) Book Renewal (LBM04) Renewal of Database of the Books issued issued books Books in library Attendance updated log maintain Book Details Book Issued •The renewal of issued books after • The book details along with its lending • The log of Lent & Requested books creditting fine amount if anyort ) options like – no. of days, fine amount, with date of issue and return date is reference /lending is entered. maintained Student / Employee wise. Book Inwards (LBM03) Return log of Fine details are updated in Accounts issued books Admin user Module automatically (Balance Sheet , Profit & Loss a/c etc) • The Entry for return of books student wise is done here. Fine if any is credited to respective account. Journal Master (LJM01) Journal Outwards (LJM02) Journal Inwards (LJM03) Database of the Journal issued Return log of Journal in library Attendance updated log maintain issued Journals Book Details Book Issued • The Journal details along with its • The log of Lent journals with date of • The Entry for return of journals circulation options like – no. of days, issue and return date is maintained student wise is done here. Fine if any is fine amount. Student / Employee wise. credited to respective account. 16
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