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Axpert™ responsive it


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Its time IT Departments re-invented themselves. From lording over business IT to becoming responsive to business needs. Axpert™ - a desktop based RAD tool from Agile Labs, Bangalore, India makes the shift possible. No code generation or clean-up. Plain DB programming !

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Axpert™ responsive it

  1. 1. Towards a Responsive IT
  2. 2.  Information Technology should not become an end in itself Supporting the business in its information management and decision-support needs is the core responsibility of the IT Dept. IT Dept enables , must not become a stumbling block IT Dept needs to understand what the business needs, even before the users sense them © 2012 Agile Labs, Bangalore,INDIA
  3. 3.  Technology landscape has become too complex for any IT department or CIO to track The choices today need to be technology- neutral and more result-oriented Buzz created by technology or solution vendors should not leave the IT Dept disoriented The one who makes maximum noise may not be the right choice for you © 2012 Agile Labs, Bangalore, INDIA
  4. 4.  Responsive IT Dept : the one which picks technology or solutions that  Suit the culture of the business or organization  Deliver results faster  Cost less initially and later on (TCO)  Adapt to changes in ways of doing business  Help keep the business’s technology landscape simple and uncluttered. © 2012 Agile Labs, Bangalore,INDIA
  5. 5.  Axpert™ helps IT Dept change its perspective on business IT Helps change the focus away from buzzwords such as ERP,CRM,BPM etc. to holistic business software Helps the business shift towards lean IT – no conflicting technologies or competing vendors Avoid duplication of effort, investments Avoid ‘technology fatigue’ © 2012 Agile Labs, Bangalore,INDIA
  6. 6.  A simple, uncluttered desktop development environment Know DB programming? Nothing more needed Help developers bring out solutions faster than any other method or tool Escape the technology rat-race © 2012 Agile Labs, Bangalore,INDIA
  7. 7.  Build apps to support ALL business functions and departments, with no compromise on functionality BuildTestDeliver like never before Involve actual users all through – real collaborative app development Own solutions built for real users, by the users Extend, fine-tune, expand- without adding new technology elements © 2012 Agile Labs, Bangalore,INDIA
  8. 8. Email to know moreVisit www.agile-labs.comLearn about Axpert™ at