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Driving Sales Effectiveness Through Sustainable Learning


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In this webinar, we are joined by John Knoble, Director of Sales Learning at Ethicon (A Johnson & Johnson Company).

John discusses how a traditional approach to learning was no longer enough for his organization and how his ecosystem has evolved to become more sustainable. He discusses the challenges he faced, the changes he made and the results he has seen.

Have a read through the webinar summary and watch the recording here:

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Driving Sales Effectiveness Through Sustainable Learning

  1. 1. Driving Sales Effectiveness through Sustainable Learning August 12, 2014
  2. 2. Some Housekeeping Details Follow the conversation on Twitter: #LTENWebinar The event is being recorded Use the Q&A window The Polling function
  3. 3. The Focus of Today o 4 Challenges Impacting the Healthcare Sales Rep o Challenges & Impact o Introducing a New Approach to Learning o Brain Science o Gamification o Personalization John Knoble DIRECTOR OF WW SALES LEARNING ETHICON, INC. (A J&J COMPANY) Carol Leaman CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AXONIFY
  4. 4. John Knoble Director of Worldwide Sales Learning Ethicon, Inc.
  5. 5. About Ethicon o Member of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies. o Global manufacturer of medical devices committed to advancing surgical care for patients for over 80 years. o Breadth of products used in most every procedure and by most every surgical specialty. o Highly trained and respected clinical sales force.
  6. 6. THE REALITY: The role of the healthcare sales rep has never been so challenging and it’s expected to continue to get more demanding.
  7. 7. Healthcare reform and implications of the Affordable Care Act.
  8. 8. Healthcare Reform & ACA Implications o Required to understand concepts of ACA to better understand customer impact o ACOs o Shifts in reimbursement and financial incentives o Pay for Performance o Hospital Value Based Purchasing (HVBP)
  9. 9. Longer, more complex sales process.
  10. 10. Longer, More Complex Sales Process o No longer just selling to the surgeon, now must be able to speak to the C-Suite and sell to high level groups and other clinical and economic stakeholders o Must have the financial acumen to sell to this broader audience o Risk avoidance o Re-admission rates o Value Analysis Committees
  11. 11. Increasing compliance demands.
  12. 12. Compliance Demands o Increasingly complicated rules imposed on sales reps o Training Certifications o Credentialing
  13. 13. Product knowledge required is getting increasingly more complex.
  14. 14. Complex Product Knowledge Required o Frequently changing product mix for sales force to support customer requirements o The need to balance the clinical conversation with the business conversation o Required product knowledge can span multiple specialties, procedures and disease states.
  15. 15. SUMMARY: Reps are so overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge required that it impacts both confidence and performance.
  16. 16. Poll #1 Where in your organization are you experiencing the largest knowledge gaps? 1. Product knowledge 2. Competitive intelligence 3. Resources and tools awareness 4. Compliance/regulations
  17. 17. o Traditional training methods were no longer enough: o Annual training meeting o 6-8 weeks away from home o One-size-fits-all o One-time secondary training
  18. 18. ETHICON Academy Blended Learning Model
  19. 19. o Challenge with pull-through learning o How to avoid the “one and done” o Pull vs push approach o Align to strategic priorities
  20. 20. o A new approach was needed to address these 4 challenges, along with the ability to manage: Constant Change Insert image Insert image Mobile Workforce Multi- Generations Competing Noise
  21. 21. Looking for a way to…. o Keep knowledge, especially product knowledge top of mind with reps o Increase post-training retention o Monitor knowledge gaps o Increase sales reps confidence o Adjust to strategic priorities – on the fly o Balance the need to learn with the need for customer time
  22. 22. Piloted an Innovative eLearning Platform o Everyday bite-sized, gamified learning platform o Rolled out to 75 sales reps throughout the US o Hernia Repair (procedures and products) o Objectives: o 70% voluntary participation o Knowledge growth o Increased confidence
  23. 23. Pilot Results Impacted Sales >50% Increased Confidence & Product Knowledge Participation Voluntary Participation Informed Employees 90% 82% Prefer New Learning Method “I love this approach to learning. It was fun and I definitely feel more confident selling the hernia portfolio.” Ethicon sales reps are more confident in their product knowledge and as a result they have more effective customer engagements...
  24. 24. Summary of our Learning o Axonify creates confidence o Word of mouth on Axonify within the FSO spread quickly – build on the momentum o Enables ‘tapping’ into the minds of the FSO o Align Axonify to complement your curriculum o Position Axonify as an element of your Learning Continuum
  25. 25. Initial Learning Event 1. Self-Study 2. Virtual Classroom 3. Hands-on Sessions Reinforcement of Learning Secondary Learning Event – Product Launches New Content Added and Reinforced The Sustainable Learning Ecosystem
  26. 26. Next steps…where are we now… o Expanded to 80% of our Field Sales Organization (remaining specialty rep content being built) o Aligned to our own Rewards Program o Adding content every month o Leveraging to drive strategic priorities o Assessing organization knowledge gaps o Adding non-clinical content – moving from purely clinical to comprehensive
  27. 27. Carol Leaman CEO Axonify
  28. 28. Learning Event Results Question Based Reinforcement Training Burst Learning Transfer Gap Identification How it Works
  29. 29. Ethicon in Action
  30. 30. Ethicon in Action
  31. 31. Ethicon in Action
  32. 32. Ethicon in Action
  33. 33. Ethicon in Action
  34. 34. Ethicon in Action
  35. 35. Ethicon in Action
  36. 36. Ethicon in Action
  37. 37. Ethicon in Action
  38. 38. Ethicon in Action
  39. 39. Gamification Embedded Training in short-bursts anytime on any device. Why it Works Brain Science The latest in behavioral psychology and retrieval based practices. Short and fun, easy to play games, social leaderboards and rewards. Personalization Proprietary knowledge personalization algorithm.
  40. 40. V EL EV TOR Three Core Concepts Driving Retention Spaced Repetition Also known as interval reinforcement. Retrieval Practices The questioning format. Confidence-Based Assessment Contributes to long term retention. “When combined, spaced repetition and retrieval practices deliver the optimal environment for retention.” Dr. Alice Kim, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest
  41. 41. Interval Reinforcement Training Event 1 2 3 Exposing employees to ideas 3 times over 30 days, versus 1 time over 30 days. 3 Times After 30 Days 1 Time After 30 Days 90% 50% 10% DAYS 1 2 3 4 5 KNOWLEDGE RETAINED 10 15 20 25 30 Retention Increases Up To 90%
  42. 42. Confidence-Based Assessment The use of a confidence-based learning methodology: o Has shown better knowledge retention and knowledge acquisition. o Triggers an emotional reaction, which assists with long-term retention. KNOWLEDGE 5 30 Misinformed Mistakes Mastery Smart Action Uninformed Paralysis Doubt Hesitation Source: Dr. James Bruno Confidence-Based Learning Methodology, UCLA 15-20% Law Academy More effective knowledge acquisition & retention Pass rate on certification exams went from 79% to 100% CONFIDENCE
  43. 43. Repeated Retrieval Repeated retrieval is more effective for long term retention than repeated study.
  44. 44. Repeated retrieval leads to better learning 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 Study Repeated Study Concept Mapping Retrieval Practice Proportion Correct Source: 2011 study by Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University
  45. 45. & For more on sustainable learning visit