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DMsuite Static & Dynamic Data Masking Overview


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DMsuite Static & Dynamic Data Masking software from Axis Technology, LLC to mask your data for software testing and development. DMsuite™ profiles, provisions, masks, and audits your data to protect your PII and HIPAA information.

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DMsuite Static & Dynamic Data Masking Overview

  1. 1. © Copyright 2013 Axis Technology, LLC DMsuiteDMsuite Data Masking OverviewData Masking Overview know your data • protect your data • share your data
  2. 2. DMsuite™ is the proprietary data masking software product by Axis Technology Software, LLC. With DMsuite you can profile, mask, audit, provision and manage your data in a standardized, automated manner. It acts like a water filter, working behind the scenes to replace sensitive data with fictitious data when you copy it out of your production environment. DMsuite represents a major advance over existing one-off scripts to a fully automated, repeatable process.
  3. 3. You need data masking when you: • Copy sensitive data outside of production environments • Move your test data to the cloud • Leverage off-shore development/consultants • Send data to the vendors • Need regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS) • Respond to that audit item
  4. 4. Static Data Masking for Testing What is it? Ensure that Test Environments contain robust test data that has the same characteristics as production without containing any sensitive information Benefits Internal and 3rd Party developers and testers are free from concerns about data breaches. Production Database Real Data Masked Test Database Masked Data 4
  5. 5. Migration to Cloud What is it? Organizations want to take advantages of the benefits of cloud computing, but are concerned about data security. Benefits Moving masked test data to the cloud, can provide the benefits of cloud computing to an organization, without the threat of a data leak. Production Database Real Data Masked Test Database In the Cloud Masked Data 5
  6. 6. Training What is it? In both BPO and Internal Training situations, students need to have a robust set of data to simulate real world processing Benefits BPO providers and Testing organizations can simulate real world situations without exposing sensitive data Production Database Real Data Masked Test Database Masked Data 6
  7. 7. Bringing on New Clients What is it? New clients for Prime Broker, Family Office and other areas require testing prior to going live. Benefits Utilizing DMsuiteTM can facilitate testing while ensuring that sensitive data is protected. Masked Test Database Masked Data 7 Masked Data Masked Data Internal System
  8. 8. Protection from Hackers What is it? Hackers pose a great threat to an organization’s data. Many firms house sensitive data in their non- production environments. Benefits Hackers who gain access to masked environments, come away with NOTHING. Organizations can focus their efforts on production environments. Production Database Real Data Masked Test Database Masked Data 8
  9. 9. Analytics What is it? Organizations are compiling data from various sources and running them through analytical models. Benefits Utilizing DMsuiteTM can facilitate testing while ensuring that sensitive data is protected. Masked Test Database Masked Data 9 Masked Data Masked Data Analytical System
  10. 10. DMsuite™ Static Data Masking DMsuiteTM replaces sensitive data with fictitious but realistic data so only masked data flows through your organization.
  11. 11. DMsuite™ Dynamic Data Masking SQL Server or MySQL Real (Unmasked) Values Masked Values 3307 3306 Name: XXXXXXXXX ID Number: XXXX XXX XXXX XXX Status: Active Last Activity: January 3rd , 2013 Last Activity Type: A78 Name: John Smith ID Number: 1234 123 5678 789 Status: Active Last Activity: January 3rd , 2013 Last Activity Type: A78 Data on the database is not changed. Values are masked on their way to the UI. Can be applied to any field. Dynamic data masking only affects select queries and bypasses insert and update queries
  12. 12.  Names, Phone, Email  Medicaid Number  Address • Street address, Zip+4 • Care of…, Attn: ...  SSN or other national identifier  Birth date and other dates  Credit card #, bank account #  Comment fields  Customer ID  Internal sequence keys CUSTOMER PII & PATIENT PHI  Pricing, M&A, Contracts  Confidential/Top Secret  Provider Contracts  Actuarial Calculations  Security Identifiers CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL  trade date  Financials • Price, quantity, legal fees, vendor payments  Assets/holdings  Employee or Corporate ID  Salary, Benefits  HR status (termination, personnel issues)  Family data  Manager information  Cost Center data Who Needs to Mask What Data Any Businesses Falling Under  HIPAA - Healthcare and Pharmaceutical are required to secure Patient Health Information PCI DSS: Credit Card Industry Standard State privacy laws - All companies must follow their own similar to Senate Bill No 1386 – State of California Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act (1999) Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) CANADA: Jan 2005 – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act JAPAN: Apr 2005 – Personal Information Protection Law FRANCE: Oct 2005 – Computing and Liberties Act TYPE I TYPE II COMPANY SECRETS TYPE III Company Data EMPLOYEE
  13. 13. DMsuite provides clients with a smart way to secure sensitive data, making it suitable for a large set of tasks without incurring unnecessary risks – Reduces Risk of Breach • Masked data is suitable for numerous business activities. The fewer places real data is stored the lower your risk of a breach. – Reduce by up to 80% the work required to Identify sensitive data • DMsuite Profiler automates Identification of Sensitive Data across databases, copybooks, and files where your sensitive data is stored. – Ideal for Test Data Management (TDM) • Automatically mask production data, with no need to do any programming. – Enables Data Sharing • Share masked data quickly with partners, offshore and outside vendors . – Lowers DBA, Application Development and Testing Costs • With fewer databases to secure and faster data provisioning, reduce your costs to secure sensitive data (vs. Lockdown controls). – Masks ERP and other packaged software • PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, Lawson, SAP, Salesforce. DMsuite Value Proposition
  14. 14. DMsuite Features A meta-data driven data masking product that automates a repeatable masking framework with powerful features and algorithms. “Shovel Ready” - Supports rapid implementation for a business unit and scalability for the enterprise. Patented 5th-generation masking algorithms designed to mask your data consistently, no matter where or how it is stored. Pre-populated profiles to get your masking program up and running quickly. Uses secure platform-independent technology (Java, XML). Conforms to your data refresh processes. Broad coverage of relational, file masking, big data, and mainframe required for all size enterprises: • Automatic Referential Integrity for all of the supported persistence types Integration features include working with LDAP & Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos & SiteMinder
  15. 15. DMsuite™ Masks …and keeps referential integrity across all of them
  16. 16. Test Data Management DMsuite™ data masking enables: – Test Data Management - the risk of a data breach in nonproduction environments is eliminated while still providing the highest quality test data for software development. – Outsourcing, typically puts production data in nonproduction environments for testing, putting client data at risk if it’s not masked. – Consulting companies are getting resistance from their clients regarding accessing sensitive data, since they may work for their clients’ competition as well. – Break/Fix - If a vendor application breaks, fixes can be developed using masked data, eliminating the risk of exposure.
  17. 17. DMsuite ROI without DMsuite™TM with DMsuite™TM Effort Time Program Inception Business as Usual Begins Periodic Audit Legend: Automated Analysis Automated Change Capture Automated Audit Safe Re-Masking • Targeted at Information Security professionals, no need to hire additional developers or DBA’s • No impact on Developers because no programming is required! • Makes the DBA’s life easier - only needed for initial configuration • Analysts can identify sensitive data quickly with the DMsuite™ Profiler • Auditors receive DMsuite™ Certification reports to show what data has been masked
  18. 18. DMsuite 5-Step Process Application Database with real Production Data Target Environment with Masked Data Step 1 Identify Step 2 Select Step 3 Validate Step 4 Implement Step 5 Certify DM Profiler DM Manager DM Generator DM Applicator DM Auditor 1 2 3 4 5 DM Profiler automatically identifies the location of your sensitive data and assigns masking algorithms. DM Manager is the web application that allows users to manage the masking process or, just click a button to mask your data! DM Generator reads the sensitive data inventory that you built with DM Profiler and DM Manager and generates XML code targeted to your environment. DM Applicator runs the code created by DM Generator on the target platform: typically the DMsuite™ internal engine or other commercial tools. DM Auditor runs Certification jobs that monitor data security. You set up alerts to notify you if any masked data becomes "polluted" with unmasked data.
  19. 19. DMsuite Support Axis provides world-class support through our DMsuite™ Customer Support Center – Clients can contact the support center directly: • Toll-free phone , E-mail and Online – Customer Support Plans • Standard – Monday-Friday, Standard business hours • Silver – Monday-Friday, Extended business hours • Gold – 24/7 support – Dedicated support specialist – Direct access to DMsuite Product team – All customer support plans include • Direct access to a Customer Support Specialist • Access to our online customer support center 24/7 • Product updates
  20. 20. © Copyright 2013 Axis Technology, LLC know your data • protect your data • share your data Thank You! 70 Federal Streeet Boston, MA 02110 (857) 445-0110