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bizabacus helps brands to get their message seen and manage the evolution of social media.

Social Relationship Management (or SRM) is the conversation market that is a mandate for every business.

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MoMo Hamburg | bizabacus

  1. 1. BiZaBacuS advanceS Social Media relationShip ManageMent 11 StepS to Social Media SucceSS and avoiding the Social perilS
  2. 2. BiZaBacuS iS More than a portal for Social Media. it iS one thing to get your MeSSage Seen. it iS another to Manage the evolution of Social Media. Social relationShip ManageMent (or SrM) iS the converSation Market that iS a Mandate for every BuSineSS. BUSIN M AN AG TARGET MARKET ESS VOICE BRAND FACEBOOK B U SIN T WITTER GOOGLE + LINKEDIN EMENT + MODERAT YOU ESS M ESS A G E ION
  3. 3. in 2011 Several SeriouS Social Media faux paS have coSt large coMpanieS tenSof MillionS of dollarS, and iMMeaSuraBle daMage in Brand equity. in Spiteof the BillionS Being Spent in atteMpting to harneSS the faSt Moving evolu-tion of Social Media for Marketing, coMpanieS are failing to capture notonly a return on their inveStMent, But Many are actually daMaging theirreputationS and BottoM lineS.Social Media iS the new forM of coMMunication, advertiSing, and Marketing.with 47% of all adultS uSing Social Media, thiS forM of Market coMMunica-tion for BuSineSSeS cannot Be ignored.the iMpact of the Social Media Market on any BuSineSS, no Matter the SiZe,iS Binary: will your BuSineSS have a poSitive reSult or experience a Signifi-cant, negative iMpact froM Social Media? one or the other will happen.thuS, any BuSineSS that ignoreS the poSSiBility, either way, with Social MediadoeS So at their own peril.
  4. 4. There are few case studies that highlight massive success with social media. Yet, thereare a growing number of social media failures, such as the recent Bank of America Failon Google Plus, as recent as 15 November 2011 – just one week since Google + beganallowing business pages.One wall post said, “Living under a TARP? I am too. My TARP is much bigger, however,and billions of dollars more expensive”.Another warned Occupy Wall Street protesters: “You will sit down and shut up, or wewill foreclose on you.” All accompanied by unflattering pictures of former Bank CEO,Ken Lewis.Another example of a massive social failure was the AFLAC Insurance Company’s fir-ing of their mascot spokes person, Gilbert Gottfried Fired Over Japan Jokes on Twittershortly after the Tsunami hit the country. AFLAC receives 75% of its revenue from Japanand is the largest foreign insurance company in that country.Yet another example of a massive fail was Kenneth Cole’s Twitter Blunder in February2011 that received significant backlash for the company and brand. Referencing theupheaval in Egypt, the tweet that reached untold numbers around the globe cost thecompany’s reputation, displaying a cultural insensitivity of the brand and business.Other companies such as Microsoft’s Bing have also experienced disaster; few headlineshit the street with as much success.
  5. 5. There have been “headline” successes Too, such as old spice’s massive success onyoutuBe revitaliZing their Brand.Here are some of the numbers that were the result of the continuousmarketing campaign:The number one most viewed sponsored channel on YouTube• 236 million YouTube Views• 80,000 Twitter followers in 2 days• Facebook Interaction increased 800% with the personalized videos (Fans now total over 1.5 million)• Sales figures increased by 107 %Yet successes don’t often make headlines; they are just part of the naturalconversation. They take tools, management and focus. The challenge of asuccess in this crowded space is significant, yet the rewards are as impres-sive.
  6. 6. 11 do or die Social Media ruleS These rules will drive social media success and help your business eliminate failure. Social media will have a major impact for every business, large or small. Start by understanding the cardinal rules to set the foundation of this valuable, important and tricky new world: 1) have a clear central voice: By keeping a central “voice” for your business in one aggregated space, Bizabacus helps your business keep the focus on your market. Aggregated content from Face- book, Twitter, YouTube, Linked-in and emerging sites like Google + deliver a common theme and message. 2) create a focal point:Customers and prospects have a single place to find your social media and follow your business, rather than jumping from spot to spot. With all of your feeds in one loca- tion, your market is truly “following” your business and the market your business leads and follows. 3) Show that you know:Bizabacus allows your business to keep up with social media regardless of your budget. Because you can follow your industry by creating “spaces that follow spaces” you can see what is happening in your market and your customers can follow that or create one of their own. A path that goes right through your door and that always leads back to your company. 4) pauSe and think: Before your coMpany SpeakS:With the fast moving pace of social media, even businesses with giant budgets are failing to keep up with the risks (as shown above). Bizabacus Social Media Moderation (SMM) tools ensure that no negative post happens on behalf of the business – 100% governance is ensured.
  7. 7. 11 do or die Social Media ruleS 5) keep pace – Stay active eaSily:The massive social activity and voice demands a distributed work load. Even big budget “social expert” departments clearly can’t keep up with the massive volume and voices of the conversation market. By its nature, social media demands that any “voices” throughout your organization can, and should, speak up. 6) encourage teaM participation: With the Bizabacus Social Media Moderation (SMM), every comment, tweet, and post is possible – with no risk. Tweets, posts and views can flow from all points (e.g. fieldagents, reps, sales people, customer service, operations personnel, spokespersons, marketing and PR, etc.) Literally anyone in the field or in the company can join in help- ing deliver your message. 7) create a wealth of knowledge:Bizabacus will measure all of your social media from in one aggregated hub for your customer market, followers and for your business to understand and respond to for maximum impact. 8) keep intereSt in your BuSineSS voice: Rather than sending people away from your site to see, read and find your voice – where your hard won visitors will be hit by all of the market distractions – your social media easy to find and follow in your Bizabacus space. 9) create a hoMe BaSe: When you invest time and efforts in setting up social media space on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked-in (Xing in Europe) and now Google +, your business is distrib- uted. Bizabacus is a home base where prospects that find you, and customers that follow you, have a place to go back to again and again – while never missing a post or tweet.
  8. 8. 11 do or die Social Media ruleS 10) get 1to1 with your Market:While you manage your business voice in a broad sense, Bizabacus Pro tools offer other media like email campaigns, contact capture, text messaging, (coming December 2011) and Skype. Your business is able to go from broad social media to personalized conversations from one dashboard. 11) liSten and reSpond: Your prospects’ and customers’ clicks, follows, likes and posts speak directly to you and you can measure your impact using the advanced analytics behind Bizabacus..BiZaBacuS enaBleS coMpanieS to Manage the MonSter of Social Media, froM one daShBoard, for the long terM, with coMplete confidence and Security. Steps to Get Started Now: 1) Build your FREE Bizabacus space 2) Try the Bizabacus Pro Tools Powered by 1to1REAL for 30 days at no Risk Now* *Receive a Connected Market Coach session free (a $500 value included) when you create your Bizabacus Pro Account viSit BiZaBacuS.coM