Highnoon on HighStreet - The Connected Consumer - MoMo Event Deck


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Mobile Monday Hamburg - HighNoon on Highstreet
Event Deck and 1.st Presentation, MoMo HH Event

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Highnoon on HighStreet - The Connected Consumer - MoMo Event Deck

  1. 1. High Noon on High Street -The Connected Consumer &the Future of Local ShoppingMarch 18.th, 19.–22.00PLANGESCHE VILLA IM HEINE-PARKELBCHAUSSEE 43D-22765 HAMBURGRegister: www.mobile-monday.dewww.mobilemonday.net/03/2013/momo-hamburg-march-18th-high-noon-on-the-high-street
  2. 2. SponsorsNational SponsorsPartners
  3. 3. BackgroundGlobal community of visionaries, developers & entrepreneursOpen forum for mobile enthusiasts & innovators & users500 + events on relevant Mobile topics p.a. globally100,000 + followers in over 110 locations / 60 countries
  4. 4. Objective● Encourage innovation within the mobile sector. Facilitate networking between small & large companies, as well as between local and non-domestic companies.● Help local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through import & export of visions, concepts, technologies and best practices.● Present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace. Foster partnerships.
  5. 5. Program● axelhoehnke - challenge / reason why and how mobile can help traditional retail to build one to one relationships● Jens Otto Lange effectively how Design Thinking and Service Design are helping companies to develop engaging cross channel solutions● Jens Nitzschke. Technical pitfalls .. and how retailers can support a mobile infrastructure serving customer needs
  6. 6. Today: High Streets are in crisisReason why:The E-Commerce ChallengeOpportunity: Trends & Role of Mobile
  7. 7. Best Buy CEO:“fighting showroomingis retail’s #1 priority problem today”
  8. 8. Edgell Knowledge Network / ebay local
  9. 9. Today: High Streets are in crisisReason why:The E-Commerce ChallengeOpportunity: Trends & Role of Mobile
  10. 10. The key to a Retailer´s ValueProposition is how to deliver Price, Selection & Convenience
  11. 11. @Price: Superior Cash Flow
  12. 12. @Selection: Ubiquity
  13. 13. @Convenience
  14. 14. Today: High Streets are in crisisReason why:The E-Commerce ChallengeOpportunity: Trends & Role of Mobile
  15. 15. The Mobile OpportunityMobile influences purchase behavior & post purchaseopinions - and provides easy ways to: ● Acquire new mobile customers ● Welcome your mobile customers ● Increase mobile engagement and conversions ● Retain your customers with mobile @axelhoehnke axel@axelhoehnke.com | +49.173.952.8000
  16. 16. 7 Steps & a ton of apps1. Give your staff the answer to every question (iPad)2. Showrooming as opportunity to engage customers (ipad)3. Better serve customers by gathering hard data what they want4. Eliminate lines and let your customers check out instantly5. Give customers a speedy home delivery option6. Mobilize & share by using Mobile PoS Tools / QR Codes...7. Embrace the potential of Mobile Media / LBS Marketing ... + a ton of apps for that @axelhoehnke axel@axelhoehnke.com | +49.173.952.8000
  17. 17. GoodzerGoodzer is a local shopping service that gives you the best way to find all sorts of products in all kinds of stores nearby.You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of products you can find right around the corner! By wide variety, we mean waybeyond the gadgets you can get at any superstore. All sorts of items — big, small, or obscure — from cocktail dresses tobaby carriers to bike brakes. Things you need now. And not just from national chains, but from unique boutiques andsmall stores that can be easily missed.ModoPaymentModo converts redemptions into payments, and makes payments mobile. Modo allows people to redeem offers and payfor things at their favorite stores, using only their mobile phone. When people check-in to Modo at the store, they getinstant access to offers, promotions, and deals from a wide variety of sources. When they checkout using Modo,everyone in the offer/deal value chain gets immediate verification and payment for the transaction. Plus, the consumercan use any card they want to fund their part of the purchase. The purchase information for payments using Modoimproves the value of the next set of offers on both sides of the equation.PerkvillePerkville is a revolutionary service that empowers any local business to create a loyalty program in minutes. Perkville isfree for users to join and offers monthly subscription plans for businesses.BellyBelly is a universal loyalty program that offers exceptional rewards at the businesses you love, giving boring loyaltycampaigns a good kick in the pants! Belly offers one customer loyalty card (and iPhone & Android App) to replace therest. Earn a free cup of coffee at the joint down the street or the opportunity to name a sandwich at your local deli. Forthe first time, consumers can have their cake and eat it too, or at least have the option of shoving their baker’s faceinto it. @axelhoehnke axel@axelhoehnke.com | +49.173.952.8000
  18. 18. MicelloMicello is the leading provider of comprehensive indoor venue maps for mapping and navigation companies, retailers,hospital groups, mobile carriers and application developers. We create the indoor venue maps and navigation contentthat powers locations based solutions around the world. Micello officially unveiled at the DEMOFall 2009 conference inSan Diego and has been featured in national newspapers and popular technology blogs around the world. And sincelaunching publicly in September 2009, Micello has mapped thousands of locations throughout the world.Produk.meProduk.me provides a consumer intimacy platform that connects brands directly with consumers to driveintelligent/automatic product registration and product tracking to deliver post purchase services and data. For brands,we improve brand stickiness, help improve products, drive down care costs and increase revenues on post purchaseservices discovery. We help brands analyze and monetize upon consumer product graph and social graph data.FiverunFiverun provides a tablet solution that helps retailers provide product advice, gift registries and checkout customers,from anywhere in the store. Consumers love our solution as it bridges the best of the online shopping experience theylove, to a physical retail store. Retailers love Fiverun as the average shopping cart size powered by our solutionincreases by 20%, captures future product purchase intent and is a cloud based solution which integrates easily to theirexisting retail environment.PerchPerch Interactive is a New York City-based startup. Its product, PERCH, is a retail display technology that turns anytable surface into a dynamic, hands-on interactive display. PERCH displays encourage shoppers to touch and pick upproducts, and rewards them for doing so with information, product videos, and brand-specific media - all presented inthe immediate vicinity of the product itself. @axelhoehnke axel@axelhoehnke.com | +49.173.952.8000
  19. 19. For me Mobile Marketing is the"Silver Bullet" for Offline Retail @axelhoehnke axel@axelhoehnke.com | +49.173.952.8000