Security Doors Direct- High Security Doors


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Security doors direct for fire doors, steel doors and entry doors at trade prices direct to customers.

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  • Love security doors to secure the house when summer vacationing .Kohliron also the designer and manufacturer for Wrought Iron
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Security Doors Direct- High Security Doors

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsite IdEmail Email Id:-
  2. 2. About UsAbout UsWebsite:- Email Id:- Doors Direct is a trading name forSecurity Care Ltd we have a great deal ofexperience of supplying and installing PhysicalSecurity equipment, not only Steels Doors butalso Security Grilles and Shutters.When you buy from us you benefit from ourexperience. We can also provide our customerswith ventilated doors which can be eitherpunched or have louvres in them to provideeffective air flow.
  3. 3. Our ServicesOur ServicesWebsite:- Email Id:- & Fire Exit DoorsFire Rated DoorsHigh Security DoorsGlazed Aluminium DoorsSpecialist DoorsLouvre DoorsCommunal Doors
  4. 4. Entry & Fire Exit DoorsEntry & Fire Exit DoorsStandard Fire Exit DoorsWe supply a range of steel Entry Doors that offer a very high level of security and aresuitable for a number of applications.Our range of Multi Locking steel doors offer a very high level of security at a competitiveprice, all our doors are made in the UK.Website:- Email Id:-
  5. 5. Fire Rated DoorsFire Rated DoorsCertified Fire Rated Exit DoorsSingle DoorOur range has been independently testedto a fire rating of up to 240mins which cannow include glazing without reducing thedoors fire resistance.Double DoorA fire rated door will dramatically reducethe risk of a fire spreading throughout abuilding than that of a traditional timberdoor.Website:- Email Id:-
  6. 6. High Security DoorsHigh Security DoorsPAS 23/24 DoorsSingle Door Leaf & Half Door Double DoorPAS 23/24 is a minimumstandard first issued by BSI in1999 as a means of ensuring thequality of a security door.Extra strong continuoussteel hinges help guaranteethat your PAS 23/24 door isboth secure and robust.To ensure they close thedoors are fitted withconcealed magnetic locksand automatic locking forextra security.Website:- Email Id:-
  7. 7. Glazed Aluminium DoorsGlazed Aluminium DoorsShop Front Doors LPS 1175 Aluminium DoorsAluminium is the ideal materialfor shop front doors as it islightweight but also very strong.The Aluminium doors come with anAdams Rite Sentinel 6 lock which makesthem compatible to a LPS1175 standardensuring that the doors offer anequivalent level of security.Website:- Email Id:-
  8. 8. Specialist DoorsSpecialist DoorsStainless Steel Doors Acoustic Doors Internal Access DoorsManufactured from grade 304stainless steel designed forapplications where corrosioncan be a problem for example insalty coastal applications orwhere hygiene is important.Our Acoustic doors aremanufactured from 1.2mmcorrosion resistant steel orstainless steel, 52mm leafthickness with an infill of layersof mineral fibre, plasterboard.If you need to controlaccess internally within abuilding, our internal steelaccess doors are dedicatedto this very purpose.Website:- Email Id:-
  9. 9. Louvre DoorsLouvre DoorsLouvre Panel Doors Fully Louvre Doors Louvre Fire Exit DoorsThe most Cost effective way ofpurchasing a ventilated door isinvesting in a panelled louvereddoor.Website:- Email Id:- louvered doorsare designed to allowfor maximum airflow.Louvre doors are specialised sothat both security and ventilationare equally offered.
  10. 10. Communal DoorsCommunal DoorsSingle Door Double Door Leaf & Half DoorPremium communal doorsare perfect for both securityand heavy usage makingthem ideal.The range has been made tothe Secured by Design policepreferred specification and arealso certified to PAS 23/24.Website:- Email Id:- variety of glazingoptions are availablefor Communal doors
  11. 11. Contact UsContact UsSecurity Doors DirectSecurity Doors Direct313 Old Birmingham Road Marlbrook313 Old Birmingham Road MarlbrookBromsgroveBromsgroveWorcestershireWorcestershireB60 1HQB60 1HQTel : 0800 163 258Tel : 0800 163 258Fax : 0121 445 2551Fax : 0121 445 2551Email :Email : Email Id:-