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It is important to install a good fire rated door at any premise whether it is a home, office, commercial outlet or industrial building. A well designed fire rated door is very useful and beneficial in protecting lives and properties in the event of a fire.

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Fire rated doors ppt

  1. 1. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Website : E-Mail Id : Call Us : 0800 163 258
  2. 2. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 About Us Security Doors Direct is a trading name for Security Care Ltd we have a great deal of experience of supplying and installing Physical Security equipment, not only Steels Doors but also Security Grilles and Shutters. When you buy from us you benefit from our experience. Many of our competitors selling Steel Doors on the internet are marketing companies with limited understanding of the product. Cheap imported doors are flooding the market. Our policy is only to sell UK manufactured doors to enable us to offer a speedy service backed up by a high level of technical support they also offer extremely good value for money and designed to offer a high level of security.
  3. 3. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Appreciating Fire Rated Doors with the Relevant Information The market offers a plethora of fire rated doors for consumers to choose from. Although there is a myriad of standard fire rated doors to suit the standard door sizes of buildings and rooms, there is a strong preference for custom made fire rated doors made of different specific materials. Steel doors are most popular as fire rated doors. These are specially designed to withstand fire with a stringent independent testing that ensures a strong resistance of at least 4 hours in a fire. Such steel fire doors are tested to fit the high security standards of BS176:Part22 1987.
  4. 4. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Various Types of Security Doors for Flats Every flat dweller would need to consider a good choice of security doors for flats to ensure a high level of security to protect themselves and their property. Security doors are necessary to keep out unwanted visitors of all kinds. One of the market offerings for security doors for flats is the folding security gate that is installed in front of the main flat entrance. Such security gates are suitable for flat residences where consumers can check on their visitors safely after opening their wooden or steel doors. This type of security gate proves to be an added level of security for flat dwellers.
  5. 5. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Good Door Suppliers from Fire Exit Doors UK Suppliers Great Britain or the UK insists on high quality fire exit doors that would function satisfactorily against any threat of fires in any enclosed surroundings. The market enjoys a plethora of standard fire exit doors that suffice the safety requirements of UK safety authorities which aim to allow a swift escape. These doors are known as certified fire exit doors which should function efficiently in holding back any fire or smoke. Fire exit doors UK manufacturers and suppliers are required to satisfy the stringent safety requirements to ensure the highest safety and health levels for consumers and properties in a premise.
  6. 6. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 A Different Class of Security with Stainless Steel Doors and Frames The primary reason for installing a stainless steel door at any home, office or commercial environment is high security. Property owners can depend on the properties of steel to ensure a greater peace of mind with a deeper sense of safety. Steel is renowned for its toughness and durability to generate a higher security feature on environments in which it is applied to. The tough steel sheets have been tediously processed to ensure a hardier frame that cannot be easily broken through. A quality stainless steel door and frame make a strong pair of barrier against thefts and break-ins. They are ideal to safeguard occupants and possessions within the premises. Stainless steel doors and frames also function as fire rated doors that can protect against fire and smoke.
  7. 7. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Well Manufactured Acoustic Doors for Any Environment There is a need of quality acoustic doors in the market for a variety of uses in different environments. Acoustic doors are meant to keep sound contained within the four walls of the space they are installed. More and more homes, offices, commercial outlets and industrial premises are installing acoustic doors to fit their personal and business requirements. The acoustic door frame is usually 1.6mm thick using corrosion resistant steel that is well filled with plaster insulation for a most effective functionality. Acoustic door frames are fixed with adjustable screws to allow the door to be hung on 3 pairs of stainless steel hinges.
  8. 8. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Advantages of Choosing a Steel Door Steel doors are usually made of stainless steel which is a very durable material. It is a very dependable material that is frequently used on doors to keep out burglaries and fire. A well installed steel door ensures that there is a strong barrier between the occupant and thieves or fire. The tough hardware and frame of a steel door can make it very hard for unwelcomed visitors to break through. A steel door is also easy to maintain; it needs no repainting if stainless steel is used. Simple cleaning of the steel door ensures a longer lasting usage. It can be painted if the owner prefers a different décor.
  9. 9. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Enjoying Cost Effective High Security Doors for Homes The door industry offers a plethora of security doors that are approved by the relevant authorities to provide the right amount of security for buildings of all kinds. Quality security doors are specially designed to create a barrier for those attempting to break into the building. High security doors for homes can enjoy a myriad of designs and styles in different security levels that come complete with basic sash lock, multi locks or deadlocks.
  10. 10. Website : Call Us : 0800 163 258 Contact Us : Security Doors Direct 313 Old Birmingham Road Marlbrook Bromsgrove Worcestershire B60 1HQ Call us : 0800 163 258 Email Id :