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Bids by pros introduces new multi Tasker category


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Bids by Pros now introduces its new Multi Tasker Pro category for everyone to join and get paid for doing small jobs for others

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Bids by pros introduces new multi Tasker category

  1. 1. Bids By Pros introduces new Multi-Tasker Pro Category for everyone.When Bids By Pros came in to mind, I wanted to provide a service, whichevery person can benefit from. In earlier articles in the blog, we sharedhow small business owner can save thousand on advertisement by justbeing a member of bids By Pros.“The beauty is not only in finding new clients, but also is having control on how many you can handle.”As a small business owner, I went through many bitter experiences,spending top dollars in local newspapers and media, trying to find newcustomers. Although the thousand of dollar was spent, the result was notpleasant and I didnt even recover the advertising money. We did lots of research and were careful to do target marketing withcareful analytic wording. At the end, it didnt work and I always wanted away to connect and find clients easier.Now we all can. Not only as small business owner, but every person whoknows how to do a small job perfectly.As a child, my parents had me participate in many extra-curricularactivities; karate, guitar lesson, surfing, gardening dog walking. Other thanthat I had chores assignment to wash the family car carefully, mow thelawn weekly and so on. Im certain many of us had to do the same and forthat reason, we all have skills and talents to do some small jobs. Now thequestion is why not getting pay for it?
  2. 2. So lets Introduce "Multi-Tasker" Pro category in Bids By Pros. In this Procategory, you need a license to register and can participate in certain smalljobs that others cant do and make a buck or two.There are many small projects that as a "Multi-Tasker" you can bid. Hereis a small list;- Pet relating small jobs to bid such as* Dog walker* Pet Sitter* Pet trainer and whisperer.- Gardening related small jobs to bid such as* Help cleaning the backyard* Mowing lawn* Help planting seeds and plants* Trimming trees and bushes* Painting fences- Around the house chores such as* Taking out the garbage* Doing laundry, dishes* Cleaning, vacuum and mops* Closet organizing* Help doing Yard Sale* Washing the car/s- Tutoring and lessons such as
  3. 3. * Language lessons* Music lessons* Math, Physics and Chemistry tutoring* Computer tutoring* Surf lessons, surfing and scuba- Fashion and fashion related such as* Hair and make-up* Manicure and pedicure* Tailoring* Wardrobe consulting* Shopping Patron- Companionship such as* Going to movies, parties or special event as companion.* Elderly companionship for few hours- Virtual assistant such as* Handling phone calls* Doing small marketing calls* Small office job helpAnd many more.Here are guidelines and conditions:- Register as "Multi-Tasker" Pro- In your profile give your real name and contact info- In your profile share as many details about you as possible andreferences are a plus- Be respectful and communicate before bidding.Thank you for readingHere is the link to register
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