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  1. 1. • A psychopath is a person who interacts with other people as What is a if they were any otherpsychopath object, use them to achieve ? their goals, the satisfaction of their own interests.
  2. 2. • Means persons who go against the rules. • Their behavior is characterized by: a) Lack of remorse. b) Complete absence of restrictions. • These people are very hard to socializebecause their level of fear is partially absent.
  3. 3. • It can be considered that a person who has at least three of these features, if you are atSymptoms least 18 years and has shown this behavior before the age of 15 suffers from antisocial personality disorder (psychopathy)
  4. 4. 1. Inability to enforce social norms (breaking the law)2. Falsehood: manipulation3. Impulsivity, fail to plan4. Irritability, aggression5. Recklessly ignored safety of himself and other6. Consistent irresponsibility7. Lack of remorse after having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another person
  5. 5. • Most have been abused by their parents, cruelty or aggression and discipline paternal. • Environments parentBackground criminals, aggressive and alcoholics. • There are mostly in lower classes. • Insufficient enrollment.
  6. 6. • Need for new sensations. • Risky situations. • Living on the edge. • Normally use drugs and / orAspects of alcohol. Lifestyle • They do not mind the negative consequences of their actions. • Many of them begin their child behavior problems (lying, cheating, precocious sexuality, violence).
  7. 7. • Ability to hide their emotions. • Pretend behavior of normal people. • Predisposition to violence and murder.Profile • Have abnormal emotions regarding violence • Justification for their crimes. • Suicide threats rarely met. • They deny responsibility for an offense.
  8. 8. • Emotional control and inability to learn from experience.• Sex life impersonal, frivolous and unstable.• Do not feel empathy for other human beings.• They do not respect social norms• Antisocial behavior.• They manifest guilt nor shame.
  9. 9. A real case
  10. 10. • It is known not only for the number of people killed, but also for practicing necrophilia Jeffrey and cannibalism Dahmer • He was a shy and lonely child The abandonment and fearMilwaukee seemed to be helpless. Butcher • He also began to drink and masturbate compulsively using gay magazines or watching the entrails of the animals he hunted
  11. 11. • At seventeen, after observing a young man who went jogging daily in front of his house, he felt a desire to possess unbridled. As no one dared to approach it to make conversation, decided toHis first take a baseball bat and started tovictim wait with the idea of ​attacking him as he passed, but fortunately the boy stopped going to run through the area, having been saved from a first Jeffrey Dahmer victim tormented.
  12. 12. • The following year, his father left home, and soon after, on June 18, the boy comes on the road picking up a hitchhiker, who took her home and murdered, then stuffed the body in a garbage bag and threw it over a cliff.
  13. 13. • He also began frequenting saunas Milwaukee, where some homosexuals came together to have anonymous impersonal relationships, but it was difficult to get an erection while their partners were awake, so decided drogarlos with sleeping pills before sexual intercourse .
  14. 14. • In September 1986 he was arrested for indecent exposure and led to his first psychological analysis, being diagnosed with a dangerous personality.
  15. 15. • Normally, the cannibal cracked bodies from neck to groin rubbing guts to procure greater sexual pleasure, but there came a time when this was not enough pleasure and their victims thought about creating zombie dead or alive that could conserve without deteriorate, piercing the skulls and injecting a liquid.• Sometimes bathed in the company of the dead. In the fridge kept the hearts, heads in the freezer, in the file skulls and in bed a decomposed body. So they told the police searched his house once managed horrified arrest on July 23 following a complaint from another victim who managed to escape from his home.
  16. 16. • The Butcher of Milwaukee was sentenced to a minimum of 900 years, but died in prison in 1994, beaten to death by an inmate. Following the news, Dahmers parents fought for possession of his brain even to face court. The mother wanted to sell it to a research hospital mental, while the father just wanted to bury him away from all the world and its memory.
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