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Key features of VoIP services


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The promising features of VoIP services attracted thousands of companies worldwide, just right after the technology was launched. And until now, its popularity is increasing enormously, and further expanding on its coverage.

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Key features of VoIP services

  1. 1. Key Features of VoIP ServicesThe promising features of VoIP services attracted thousands of companiesworldwide, just right after the technology was launched. And until now, itspopularity is increasing enormously, and further expanding on its coverage. Whynot? After all, it has proved to be an outstanding invention which has created anew mode of telecommunications through the use of internet. Through this, costswere cut drastically and communications were made more convenient.The sudden influx of users likewise resulted to the rapid emergence of providers.What’s more, each provider came up with packages containing enticing featuresthat further attracted more users. However, not all features in these packages areappropriate to your business needs. In choosing the best VoIP provider, makesure that these basic features are present in order for you to enjoy the services.
  2. 2. Outbound call featuresCaller ID blocking, international call blocking, and E911 support are among thespecific details that should be present for efficient VoIP services. When unwantedcallers keep on bugging your business, then you can block the numbersconveniently with just a press. The same thing goes for international calls that youdon’t want to answer, more so if it is the irritating, but persistent sales person. Incases of emergencies, you can just dial the E911 support for a quick assistance.Incoming call featuresIdeal VoIP services should offer a wide array of features that you can use whenyou are receiving messages. Among these features are caller ID, conference call,anonymous call rejection, call filter, call waiting with caller ID, distinctive ringingand blacklist.If you are particular at numbers calling you, the caller ID, anonymous callrejection, and call filter becomes very handy. Just by merely looking at thenumber, you can already determine whether you are going to answer the call ornot. To make things better, you can also multi-task by calling two parties at thesame time. Do this by putting one on hold and talking to the other one; or you cantalk to them all at once in a conference.To keep you away from being confused of which number is being called, you canalso enjoy the distinctive ringing feature if you have more than one number inyour account.Call forwarding featuresIf you are on travel, or cannot answer a call right at that moment, some VoIPservices allow you to redirect the calls instantly and politely. When the power orISP is down, you can also forward your calls to the number you specify, such asyour voicemail account.Advanced featuresThese features are what make VoIP services excellent to use for businesses. Thecall log provides you the listing of received, missed and outgoing calls in real time.
  3. 3. This feature becomes handy especially if you want to monitor the call logs of youremployees, more so those who are spending their official time over unnecessaryconversations. You can also receive voicemail notifications through your emailaccount, which you can access through your mobile phone while on travel. Anefficient VoIP provider also should allow you to listen, delete or move yourvoicemails if you have a web portal account.Different providers are mushrooming from everywhere; thus, opting to go with aVoIP services that will offer you the important features at a most reasonablecost.Get more information about VoIP service providers by visiting our business VoIPprovider website at We provide detailed and completereview and comparison of different VoIP providers as well as cloud PBX phonesystem providers to help you decide which of them best suit your needs.