Memes and Brands


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A study of the meme in Richard Dawkins book 'The Blind Watchmaker' and applying them to brands

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Memes and Brands

  1. 1. “ MEME” An understanding of the meme and brands Through a study of the book The Blind Watchmaker +
  2. 2. WHAT IS A MEME? The cognitive equivalents of the genes; units of cultural transmission.
  3. 3. EH!?? SLOWER!
  4. 4. If the perceptions an individual has of what is outside of him/herself are linguistic and social constructs, VANDE MATARAM IS COOL Vande Mataram has evolved over time
  5. 5. Perceptions and relationships with these entities (people, objects, ideologies, etc.) are constructs that ‘live’ in the mind of the individual Through Rabindranath Tagore and A.R Rahman’s Maa The Salaam
  6. 6. these perceptions and relationships are not objective constructs, but rather subjective and evolving ideas: VANDE MATARAM “ memes” So vande mataram is evolving. Today its cool. Tomorrow it may be irreverence Richard Dawkins
  7. 7. OH!
  8. 8. the same as internet meme!
  9. 9. NO
  10. 10. meme Internet meme
  11. 11. Internet meme
  12. 12. Internet Meme Firstly Viral &
  13. 13. Internet Meme Firstly Viral & NOT THE SAME
  14. 14. A Viral Something seen by a lot of people in its original form
  15. 15. An Internet Meme An original viral that has been reinterpreted in different ways
  16. 16. How are they similar? ALTERING PERCEPTION
  17. 17. EH!??
  18. 18. Longetivity Fecundity Copying Fidelity Both follow principles that relate to the popular sense of Memes Long duration Passed around Faithfulness to the original
  19. 19. How are they different? influence Memes have a larger influence than internet memes though they may seem less popular inception Internet memes stem from the internet and can cross over to other spheres. Memes are any form of cultural unit idea Memes are an idea that reside in the minds and not in your control. Internet memes is something you see and can be manufactured
  20. 20. BRANDS As one of the constructs, and units of culture, that ‘live’ in the minds of individuals, brands are in fact memes and have the ability to impact upon their human carrier’s experiences of life in a deep way;
  21. 21. Brands are internal to their human carriers Not External Brands are social entities Not Objects Brands need to interact with people as groups of human Individuals Not Masses Brands rarely get any of the above Not all brands BRANDS AS MEMES
  23. 23. How do we turn our brands into memes? By answering the 2 questions customers ask when they encounter your brand
  24. 24. Who are you? What do you mean to me? How do you answer them?
  25. 25. By fulfilling the 3 things that contemporary customers look for meme
  26. 26. 1. HAVING A VOICE Desiring to contribute to and co-own both the communication and the offering itself brands must engage consumers in ways the consumer seeks to engage with them in, while they are in the correct state and playing the correct role to be engaged in that way. (Frame Control) DIRECT ACTIVITIES AT PERFORM ACTIVITIES WITH FRAME CONTROL
  27. 27. Apple app store DELL Ideastorm FRAME CONTROL
  28. 28. Identifying the individual memes that make up a memeplex Brands if accurately broken down contain individual memes which when explored further help build it’s identity Identify individual memes Investigated thoroughly including interrelations Discover their highest manifestation Reverse engineer the tone to build a brand identity 2. AN AUTHENTIC IDENTITY
  29. 29. COMICAL IRREVERENCE e.g Brand’s Highest Manifestation SKATEBOARDERS Brand Identity
  30. 30. Consumers seek human interaction and a feeling of connection Consumers experience a sense of anxiety and alienation owing to capitalism’s and now technology’s isolating effects, as well as the effect of increasing pace of living and shifting away from traditional values 3. A CONNECT
  31. 31. PC is a part of the same memeplex as the MAC Moral: VENTURE out to other memeplexes to understand your own brand memes better
  32. 32. Thank You No, Wait
  33. 33. Dear Planners “ to control your cow, give it a bigger pasture” -Zen Master Roshi
  34. 34. Thank You. Really