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2014년 3월 27일 개최된 '상암에서 만나는 아마존웹서비스' 에서 AWS 이종남 책임이 발표한 '아마존웹서비스 소개' 발표 자료 입니다.

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  • An overview of what AWS is and why people are adopting itA 1,000-foot view of the services available in the AWS toolboxA look at top questions people have when approaching AWS
  • AWS is part of Amazon.com. Most of us at some point in time have used the online Amazon retail store to buy books, CDs etc.There are 3 parts to the Amazon business:-Our retail consumer business, where Amazon stocks and ships many thousands of different products.- Our seller business, which enables retailers to sell through the same world-class online store as Amazon- AWS -our cloud computing business.
  • First off, we need to dispel amyth: AWS is not just Amazon.com selling off its excess server capacity.At Christmas when Amazon.com has its huge seasonal spike in load, it doesn’t reclaim computing to process orders!There are hundreds of thousands of businesses running on AWS,from the smallest startup to multi-national companies.Amazon.com is now just one of those companies, and it doesn’t get special treatment from AWS at the expense of other customers.
  • Every day, AWS adds the same amount of new server capacity as supported the whole of Amazon’s global infrastructure in 2003, when it was turning over $5B in annual revenue. That’s every day.
  • This view shows the number of new services and features launched since our inception. In 2010, we launched 61 significant services and features, in 2012 it was 159, and this year alone, we have launched 245 services and features. The pace of innovation is accelerating at AWS.
  • This is a simple view of the set of services that we offer. At the core is the compute, storage and data services that are the heart of our offering. We then surround these offerings with a range of supporting components like management tools, networking services and application services. All these capabilities are hosted within our global data center footprint that allows you to consume services without having to build out your own facilities or procure hardware equipment.
  • Our data center footprint is global, spanning 5 continents with highly redundant clusters of data centers in each region. Our footprint is expanding continuously as we increase capacity, redundancy and add locations to meet the needs of our customers around the world.
  • To help understand why AWS and Cloud Computing are changing IT delivery, we often compare computing to a utility, like electricity.When electricity was discovered businesses would generate their own, using steam generators to power factories.When national grid systems started to be put together, people didn’t need to generate their own.Now people could just tap into the grid, use what they need, and they don’t need to pay for the electricity except when it’s actually being used.The point is that the power is always available, and it’s being generated and delivered by people who can do it better and more cheaply than consumers could. This means people can get on with other things in their lives without having to buy, install and maintain a generator.And we can draw the same analogy to computing infrastructure. We use the term ‘undifferentiated heavy lifting’ to describe the mundane (but essential) work of procuring, installing, maintaining, patching and refreshing your IT infrastructure.There’s no value to your business in constantly going through that cycle, and this is why hundreds of thousands of customers are handing off all that heavy lifting to AWS, saving themselves some money and instead applying their resources to activities which are more strategic to their business.And just like other utilities…… you only pay for the hours when you’re actually using them
  • 23 price reductions since 2006
  • Amazon Web Services allows you to scale from one EC2 Instance to [Click]
  • to many thousands. Just dial up and down as required. The Power of Elasticity…[Click] And all this is fully automated without you loosing sleep [Click]
  • In 2008, Animoto launched a Facebook application that lets people tell their friends when they've uploaded a video that includes that friend. When people saw the music videos their friends created when the application shared it with them, they wanted to go out and create their own videos.Soon after they launched their Facebook modification, they got some media publicity and this brought them a lot of unexpected traffic.In the course of 3 days, they went from running on 40 instances to 5,000 instances.They did all this on AWS, without having to do a thing. We managed it all for them. The additional instances were spun up automatically…… and when the spikes died down all those AWS instances were automatically scaled down.
  • Leverage the same security, compliance and features as the worlds largest enterprises: Shell, Samsung, Unilever and NASA.Go global easily multiple clusters of data centers in 8 regions around the world.40 edge location to serve content and DNS
  • 아마존웹서비스 소개

    1. 1. 아마존웹서비스 소개 이종남 프로페셔널 서비스 컨설턴트 아마존웹서비스코리아
    2. 2. 소비자 사업 (Consumer Business) 활동적인 고객계정 수천만명 8개국: 미국, 영국, 독일, 일본, 프랑스, 중국, 이태리 판매자 사업 (Seller Business) Amazon 웹사이트에서 판매활동 고객만의 소매 웹사이트에 아마존 기술을 이용 아마존의 대규모 fulfillment 센터 네트워크 활용 IT 인프라 사업 (IT Infrastructure Business) 웹스케일 호스팅을 위한 클라우드 컴퓨팅 인프라 190개국 수십만 등록고객
    3. 3. Not excess capacity!
    4. 4. AWS는 아마존(Amazon)이 글로벌 70억불 비즈니스일때 필요했던 서버용량과 동등한 용량을 매일마다 추가증설합니다. Each day AWS adds the equivalent server capacity to power Amazon when it was a global, $7B enterprise
    5. 5. AWS 혁신 속도 신규 서비스 런칭 및 업데이트 횟수 2012201120102009 82 61 48 24 2008 159 280 2013
    6. 6. 어떤 클라우드 워크로드라도 지원하기 위한 폭넓고 깊은 서비스 AWS 글로벌 인프라 애플리케이션 서비스 Management & Administration 데이터베이스스토리지컴퓨팅 애널리틱스 컨테이너 & 디플로이 (PaaS) 네트워킹
    7. 7. AWS 글로벌 인프라 10 리전 (Regions) 25 가용성존 (Availability Zones) 51 엣지로케이션 (Edge Locations)
    8. 8. 유틸리티 컴퓨팅 (도시가스 컴퓨팅?)
    9. 9. 유틸리티 컴퓨팅 주문형 On demand 실사용분만 청구 Pay as you go 같은 품질 Uniform 언제나 이용가능 Available
    10. 10. 비용은 낮추고 매출은 성장시키고 비용을 고려한 아키텍처 설계 다양한 가격모델지속적인 가격인하
    11. 11. 왜 다들 클라우드 컴퓨팅을 도입하는 거죠? 고정비용에서 가변비용으로 고정 투자금을 가변비용으로 전환 규모의 경제 회사 단독으로 해낼 수 있는 것보다 그 이상으로 TCO 절감 42 차례 가격인하 탄력적인 처리용량 필요한 처리용량을 추측할 필요도 없고 과도하게 오버 프로비저닝할 필요도 없습니다 스피드 / 민첩성(Agility) 인프라를 주단위가 아닌 분단위로 프로비저닝 비즈니스에 집중 No undifferentiated heavy lifting 혁신 증대 낮은 리스크로 빨리빨리 실험
    12. 12. 실제 필요용량 예측한 처리용량 고객 불만 자원 낭비 시간 탄력적인 처리용량필요한 처리용량을 추측할 필요도 없고 과도하게 오버 프로비저닝할 필요도 없습니다 왜 다들 클라우드 컴퓨팅을 도입하는 거죠? 수요용량
    13. 13. Elastic capacity 왜 다들 클라우드 컴퓨팅을 도입하는 거죠? 탄력적인 처리용량필요한 처리용량을 추측할 필요도 없고 과도하게 오버 프로비저닝할 필요도 없습니다 시간 수요용량
    14. 14. With AWS, scale from one instance…
    15. 15. …to thousands Fully automated!
    16. 16. NumberofEC2Instances 4/12/2008 4/14/2008 4/15/2008 4/16/2008 4/18/2008 4/19/2008 4/20/20084/17/20084/13/2008 Animoto: 40 servers to 5000 in 3 days EC2 scaled to peak of 5000 instances “Techcrunched” Launch of Facebook modification Steady state of ~40 instances
    17. 17. 쿠키런: 하루동안 인스턴스 2대에서 60대 사이를 자동으로 늘었다 줄었다
    18. 18. aws.amazon.com