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컴퓨팅 서비스 업데이트 - EC2, ECS, Lambda (김상필) :: re:Invent re:Cap Webinar 2015


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2015년 11월 26일(목)
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Published in: Technology
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컴퓨팅 서비스 업데이트 - EC2, ECS, Lambda (김상필) :: re:Invent re:Cap Webinar 2015

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Nov 26, 2015 16:30 pm – 17:30 pm 컴퓨팅 서비스 업데이트 – EC2, ECS 및 Lambda 김상필 아마존웹서비스 솔루션즈 아키텍트
  2. 2. Agenda •  Amazon EC2 updates •  Amazon EC2 X1 Instances •  Amazon EC2 T2.nano instances •  Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts •  Amazon EC2 Run Command •  Spot Fleet updates •  Amazon EC2 Container Services updates •  Amazon EC2 Container Registry •  AZ-aware service scheduler •  Amazon ECS CLI (Compose integration) •  Improved Docker Container Configuration Options •  AWS Lambda updates •  Python support in AWS Lambda •  Long-running Functions •  Scheduled Functions •  Versioning •  IoT Backends •  VPC Access
  3. 3. Amazon EC2 업데이트
  4. 4. 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 m1.small m1.large m1.xlarge c1.medium c1.xlarge m2.xlarge m2.4xlarge m2.2xlarge cc1.4xlarge t1.micro cg1.4xlarge cc2.8xlarge m1.medium hi1.4xlarge m3.xlarge m3.2xlarge hs1.8xlarge cr1.8xlarge c3.large c3.xlarge c3.2xlarge c3.4xlarge c3.8xlarge g2.2xlarge i2.xlarge i2.2xlarge i2.4xlarge i2.4xlarge m3.medium m3.large r3.large r3.xlarge r3.2xlarge r3.4xlarge r3.8xlarge t2.micro t2.small c4.large c4.xlarge c4.2xlarge c4.4xlarge c4.8xlarge d2.xlarge d2.2xlarge d2.4xlarge d2.8xlarge g2.8xlarge t2.large m4.large m4.xlarge m4.2xlarge m4.4xlarge m4.10xlarge Amazon EC2 출시 역사
  5. 5. Amazon EC2 X1 인스턴스 Amazon EC2 X1 Instances are a new high-memory instance family designed for SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Spark, and Presto. With over 100 vCPUs, these instances will be able to handle highly concurrent workloads with ease. Available in the first half of 2016 Features and Benefits •  Up to 2 TB of instance memory •  Four 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3 (Haswell) processors, which offer high memory bandwidth and a large L3 cache to boost performance of in-memory applications. Coming Soon
  6. 6. Amazon EC2 T2.nano 인스턴스 The T2 instances provide a baseline level of processing power, along with the ability to save up unused cycles (“CPU Credits”) and use them when the need arises. Available later this year Features and Benefits •  1 vCPU and 512MB of memory, and the ability run at full core performance for over an hour on a full credit balance. •  Great fit for websites that usually get modest amounts of traffics. Coming Soon
  7. 7. Amazon EC2 전용 호스트 Its a physical server with EC2 instance capacity dedicated for your use The flexibility and ease of use of EC2 Instances along with the visibility and control of on- premises
  8. 8. 전용 호스트 사용을 통한 BYOL •  Granular resource and placement controls •  Dedicated Host allocation •  Granular instance placement •  Instance-host affinity •  Visibility into physical resources •  Physical core and socket counts •  Capacity utilization •  Instance location Host ID = h-123abc Sockets = 2 Physical Cores = 20
  9. 9. BYOL을 위한 손쉬운 4단계 1. Import your media using VM Import 2. Activate AWS Config recording 3. Allocate Dedicated Hosts 4. Launch onto your Dedicated Hosts
  10. 10. 전용 호스트 지원 Instance Families •  M3, M4, D2, I2, C3, C4, R3, G2 Regions •  Available in all regions excluding Beijing and AWS GovCloud (US)
  11. 11. EC2 Run Command 지원 •  Remote administration of EC2 instances at scale •  Easily invoke predefined actions or scripts on your instances from the EC2 console, AWS CLI, or API •  Delegate control and limit access to servers
  12. 12. EC2 Run Command 지원
  13. 13. 스팟 인스턴스 업데이트 •  New Spot Console (With Fleet Support) • •  Spot fleet launches Spot instances in the lowest priced Availability Zone •  Simplify Fleet Management for Spot Instances •  Amazon EC2 introduces Diversified and Lowest Priced Spot Instance Fleets •  Automate Deploying the Most Cost-effective Spot instances •  Introducing the Amazon EC2 Spot Bid Advisor: a web-based tool to help you choose a Spot bid price
  14. 14. 신규 스팟 콘솔
  15. 15. 신규 스팟 콘솔
  16. 16. Amazon EC2 Container Service 업데이트
  17. 17. •  Fully - managed Docker container registry •  Integrated with Amazon ECS •  Encrypted in transit and at rest •  IAM users and roles •  Highly available and scalable •  Available in multiple regions •  $0.10/GB/Month + AWS data transfer costs •  Coming soon. Sign up to get notified and potential early access – Coming Soon EC2 Container Registry
  18. 18. •  Feature of the service scheduler •  Improves availability, more efficient load balancing •  New tasks are balanced across zones •  Available now 가용영역 인지 스케줄링
  19. 19. ECS CLI •  First version •  Simplify local development •  Easily set up ECS clusters •  Supports Docker Compose •  Open source •  Available now • $ ecs-cli configure -i $ ecs-cli up $ ecs-cli compose up $ ecs-cli compose ps
  20. 20. •  More Docker options supported in ECS task definitions •  Ideal for advanced Docker users •  New additions •  Hostname •  Docker labels •  Working directory •  Privileged execution •  Log configuration •  …and more (see Amazon ECS docs •  Available now Docker Container 상세 구성 옵션
  21. 21. AWS Lambda 업데이트
  22. 22. re:Invent 2014 Preview Launch April 2015 GA Summer 2015 re:Invent 2015 •  Node.js •  Event handlers •  CORS •  Mobile Backends •  Sync calls •  Resource policies •  Java •  Amazon S3 uploads •  Blueprints •  1.5 GB •  Tokyo region •  Alexa Skills •  …and… Lambda 출시 역사
  23. 23. Amazon SES Inbound Rules 지원 // Spam check if (sesNotification.receipt.spamVerdict.status === 'FAIL‘ || sesNotification.receipt.virusVerdict.status === 'FAIL') console.log('Dropping spam');
  24. 24. Amazon CloudWatch Logs 프로세싱 지원 Scan, audit, or index log entries in near real time AWS LambdaAmazon CloudWatch Logs Amazon DynamoDB Amazon S3 Amazon Redshift
  25. 25. Python 2.7 지원 •  Available now in •  All SDKs (including mobile SDKs) •  AWS CLI •  Lambda console (including interactive editing) •  Includes •  Version 1.1.3 of boto3 (AWS Python SDK) •  Documentation and walkthroughs •  Console blueprints
  26. 26. Longer-running AWS Lambda 함수 •  Run functions for up to 5 minutes •  Available now in the following SDKs •  Python (boto3) •  Java •  Node.js •  PHP •  AWS Mobile SDK for Android •  AWS Mobile SDK for iOS
  27. 27. 자원 크기 조정 •  AWS Lambda offers 23 “power levels” •  Higher levels offer more memory and more CPU power •  128 MB, lowest CPU power •  1.5 GB, highest CPU power •  Higher power levels == lower latency for CPU-bound and bursty tasks •  Compute price scales with the power level •  Duration ranging from 100ms to 5 minutes •  Free Tier: 1M free requests and 400,000 GB-s / month
  28. 28. AWS Lambda 함수 실행 스케줄 지원 •  Available now in the Lambda console •  Schedule functions at a specific time or recurring •  Accepts standard cron syntax •  5 minute granularity •  You can get sub-second granularity using a Lambda function •  Easily poll Amazon SQS or other data sources! •  Coming later in 2015: CLI, SDK support
  29. 29. 버전: 개발 Developing in AWS Lambda stays simple: •  Upload code •  Make changes any time •  Last update wins exports.handler = function(event,context) {context.succeed(“bye”);} exports.handler = function(event,context) {context.succeed(“hi”);}
  30. 30. 버전: 배포 Publish new versions from development at any time: •  “Copies” dev version to a numbered version •  Published versions are read-only (including configuration) •  Simple, integer counter per function exports.handler = function(event,context) {context.succeed(“bye”);} exports.handler = function(event,context) {context.succeed(“hi”);} 1 2 Versions
  31. 31. 버전: Lambda 함수 호출 Development version: FunctionName (or) FunctionName:$LATEST Specific version: FunctionName:1 FunctionName:2 Named version: FunctionName:production FunctionName:v1_2_3_4
  32. 32. 버전: alias Create named aliases to any version: •  Allows function owner to map ARNs to code •  Can be updated without changing clients exports.handler = function(event,context) {context.succeed(“bye”);} exports.handler = function(event,context) {context.succeed(“hi”);} prod dev Aliases
  33. 33. Amazon API Gateway: Version your APIs /prod/my_url_endpoint à MyFunction:prod_rel 버전: API 및 코드 MyFunction:prod_rel à Function:3 à {your code} AWS Lambda: Version your code
  34. 34. AWS IoT + AWS Lambda
  35. 35. AWS Lambda VPC 접근 •  Select the functions to run in your VPC •  Select subnets and security groups to use •  Your Lambda function can access the private resources you choose: •  Amazon Elasticache •  Amazon RDS •  Private EC2 endpoints •  Any other resources in your VPC •  Launching later this year in all AWS Lambda regions Coming Soon
  36. 36. 온라인 자습 및 실습 다양한 온라인 강의 자료 및 실습을 통해 AWS에 대한 기초적인 사용법 및 활용 방법을 익히실 수 있 습니다. 강의식 교육 AWS 전문 강사가 진행하는 강의를 통해 AWS 클라우드로 고가용성, 비 용 효율성을 갖춘 안전한 애플리케 이션을 만드는 방법을 알아보세요. 아키텍쳐 설계 및 구현에 대한 다양 한 오프라인 강의가 개설되어 있습 니다. 인증 시험을 통해 클라우드 에 대한 자신의 전문 지식 및 경험을 공인받고 개발 경 력을 제시할 수 있습니다. AWS 공인 자격증
  37. 37. Thank you!