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[Partner TechShift 2017] AWS 마켓플레이스를 통한 글로벌 소프트웨어 판매하기


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연사: David Wright | 아마존웹서비스 파트너 솔루션 아키텍트

Published in: Technology
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[Partner TechShift 2017] AWS 마켓플레이스를 통한 글로벌 소프트웨어 판매하기

  1. 1. Building a Global Sales Channel with AWS Marketplace David Wright AWS Marketplace - APAC
  2. 2. 4100+ Software Products 1250+ Software Companies 154,000+ Active Customers 450 Million Hours of Amazon EC2 per month AWS Marketplace by the numbers
  3. 3. Quickly discover Easily Procure Rapidly deploy Reduce procurement friction from months, to weeks, days and minutes AND keep track of software spend in the AWS cloud Manage, monitor and govern Why customers use AWS Marketplace
  4. 4. How does Marketplace help ISV’s? Global distribution Avoids the ‘money chase’ Enhanced security story Improves discoverability Simplifies the installation experience Removes deployment barriers
  5. 5. AWS Marketplace features for Sellers
  6. 6. Two listing Models SaaS – you run the workload in your AWS Account AMI – customer deploys your code into their AWS Account
  7. 7. SaaS Subscriptions Bill AWS customers for SaaS consumption • Monetise your SaaS OR API service through Marketplace • Take advantage of existing AWS customer procurement arrangements • AWS MP provides listing, metering, billing for your software AWS Marketplace Metering Service AWS Billing Product Listings
  8. 8. Marketplace Metering Service Pricing by Unit, Node, Data, Bandwidth and User • More flexible pricing models for customers • ISV’s enable this for the customer • Billed to AWS customer account and launched through AWS Marketplace
  9. 9.  New way for customers to pay for large-scale software subscriptions  Supports multi-year volume pricing  Simplifies the procurement process by aggregating software purchases through Marketplace  ISV negotiates directly with the software vendor, customer purchases and deploys through AWS Marketplace  Customer still buying a subscription, Private Pricing is just another way to pay for it Private Pricing A new pricing option available through AWS Marketplace
  10. 10. Listing in Marketplace in APAC A W-9 Form and a US bank account are required for a paid listing in the AWS Marketplace. Workarounds: • Leverage a 3rd-party service to comply the seller requirement • Work with a reseller/partner in the US to list on your behalf i.e Payoneer • BYOL listing – list on Marketplace, sell licenses separately
  11. 11. Taking Marketplace to Market Technology Partners Consulting Partners • List your offerings in Marketplace • List your product IP in Marketplace • Accelerate customer engagements via Marketplace Marketplace Go To Market Campaigns Partner-led programs • Demand Generation • Social Media • Events & Webinars .. Tap into the APN!! AWS-led programs • Online merchandising • Workload and category campaigns • Free-trial campaigns
  12. 12. Contact Us