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AWS re:Invent 2017 주요 신규 서비스 분야별 요약 - 윤석찬 (AWS테크에반젤리스트)

AWS re:Invent 2017에서 발표된 주요 신규 서비스에 대한 요약본입니다. 보다 자세한 사항은 온라인 세미나를 참여하시기 바랍니다.

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AWS re:Invent 2017 주요 신규 서비스 분야별 요약 - 윤석찬 (AWS테크에반젤리스트)

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. 5JF x 5KG @channyun
  2. 2. 4 3 , 0 0 0 + attendees 1 , 3 0 0 + technical sessions 6 0 , 0 0 0 + live stream registrations
  3. 3. w m • / r k • ~ • r , m% • . , % D E • “ ~ • , 5KG?FI
  4. 4. 5JF?EH 3 Y Y z ( 5KG?FI ’ f
  5. 5. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. 5JF 3 Y Y z j ) ) )5 ) H " z • G PMc BUST U 5KG 5 • 5YPc M c • J Y IZS W ,
  6. 6. e 44.1% 7.7% 3.0% 2.3% 1.0% 1.4% 0.7% 2.2% 0.5% 0.9% 5KG ..( “ 3 u , k ( r ~ r (
  7. 7. Most robust, fully featured technology infrastructure platform CORE SERVICES Integrated Networking Rules Engine Device Shadows Device SDKs Device Gateway Registry Local Compute Custom Model Training & Hosting Conversational Chatbots Virtual Desktops App Streaming Schema Conversion Image & Scene Recognition Sharing & Collaboration Exabyte-Scale Data Migration Text to Speech Corporate Email Application Migration Database Migration Regions Availability Zones Points of Presence Data Warehousing Business Intelligence Elasticsearch Hadoop/Spark Data Pipelines Streaming Data Collection ETL Streaming Data Analysis Interactive SQL Queries Queuing & Notifications Workflow Email Transcoding Deep Learning (Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, & others) Server MigrationCommunications MARKETPLACE Business Apps Business Intelligence DevOps Tools Security Networking StorageDatabases API Gateway Single Integrated Console Identity Sync Mobile Analytics Mobile App Testing Targeted Push Notifications One-click App Deployment DevOps Resource Management Application Lifecycle Management Containers Triggers Resource Templates Build & Test Analyze & Debug Identity Management Key Management & Storage Monitoring & Logs Configuration Compliance Web Application Firewall Assessment & Reporting Resource & Usage Auditing Access Control Account Grouping DDOS Protection TECHNICAL & BUSINESS SUPPORT Support Professional Services Optimization Guidance Partner Ecosystem Training & Certification Solutions Management Account Management Security & Billing Reports Personalized Dashboard Monitoring Manage Resources Data Integration Integrated Identity & Access Integrated Resource & Deployment Management Integrated Devices & Edge Systems Resource Templates Configuration Tracking Server Management Service Catalogue Search MIGRATIONHYBRID ARCHITECTUREENTERPRISE APPSMACHINE LEARNINGIoTMOBILE SERVICESDEV OPSANALYTICS APP SERVICES INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY & COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT TOOLS Compute VMs, Auto-scaling, Load Balancing, Containers, Virtual Private Servers, Batch Computing, Cloud Functions, Elastic GPUs, Edge Computing Storage Object, Blocks, File, Archivals, Import/Export, Exabyte-scale data transfer CDN Databases Relational, NoSQL, Caching, Migration, PostgreSQL compatible Networking VPC, DX, DNS Facial Recognition & Analysis Facial Search Patching Contact Center r k H
  8. 8. A W S V E N D O R 2 V E N D O R 4V E N D O R 3 - r -0 n 1 0 v k “ ~
  9. 9. First 5 years: 4 regions 2016–2018: 11 regions Next 5 years: 7 regions 5J F y
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  11. 11. y • O9 • m … ~
  12. 12. ( D VZV VbR % ,( a d ZN NTRQ% -( bN VbR% p ~ p 5JF
  13. 13. BUILDERS MUSICIANS r 5KG v l ~ u k p h 6aV QR %i ( k ‘ k ( 5KG ( w (
  14. 14. ( 9 c TUYS RZ 7Z UYS
  15. 15. INSTANCES
  16. 16. 5 MdZY 97
  17. 17. 5 MdZY 97 7- Y MYO , .% 96G 7, Y MYO , -% , / m n 7. Y MYO , 0% 5 N a a N BV d R bV s o
  18. 18. 5 MdZY 97 5KG JAcN R z bG UR R bG5B BGL b7R R JAcN R 5KG z (
  19. 19. 97 6M A MW NEW! JAKN R 5KG z r v k 5KG k i Available in Public Preview k k GK k z U,( MW LR 9/ ,020 b. -0 % / , V6 /(,H6 GG8 ,0 O
  20. 20. 5JF e KN PU UR bWRQ S G PMc BUST U ! atch?v=AyOAjFNPAbA h?v=dfEcd3zqPOA , 0 NZR NZV , 1 DR R 8RGN V
  21. 21. m u r Burstable T 2 Big Data Optimized H 1 Memory Optimized R 4 In-memory X 1 High I/O I 3 Compute Intensive C 5 Graphics Intensive G 3 General Purpose GPU P 3 Memory Intensive X 1 e General Purpose M 5 Virtual Private Servers Bare Metal High I/O I 3 m Dense Storage D 2 F 1 FPGA A m a z o n L i g h t s a i l EC2 Elastic GPUs Graphics acceleration for EC2 instances EC2 Spot Instances • Hibernation • No Bid Pricing N E W ! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!
  22. 22. CONTAINERS
  23. 23. 3 ALB, Auto Scaling, Batch, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, CloudWatch Events, CloudWatch Logs, CloudWatch Metrics, ECR, EC2 Spot, IAM, NLB, Parameter Store, and VPC 5 MdZY 9WM UO 7ZY MUY F UO 97F% 2 1 k 5KG
  24. 24. J 5G 56CHG ?H69B9G9F4 f7B7: os ? N Y t … & 5JF , i V N Y eg
  25. 25. Available in preview today 5 MdZY 9WM UO 7ZY MUY F UO RZ ? N Y 9?F% CloudTrail, CloudWatch, ELB, IAM, VPC, PrivateLink NEW! k 5KG
  26. 26. 9?F D U a
  27. 27. t … e v 4
  28. 28. Available for ECS today Available for EKS in 2018 5JF :M SM NEW! “ 5KGk v k
  29. 29. :M SM 7ZY ZW
  30. 30. SERVERLESS
  31. 31. No server is easier to manage than no server! (2015) ALL THE CODE YOU EVER WRITE IS BUSINESS LOGIC k
  32. 32. 5JF 5A685 F 9I9EKJ 9E9 AWS Lambda Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFormation AWS IoT Amazon API Gateway Amazon DynamoDB Amazon CloudWatch Logs AWS IoT Button AWS Step Functions Amazon Kinesis Streams Amazon CloudWatch Events AWS Greengrass AWS X-Ray Amazon Kinesis Firehose AWS CodeCommit AWS Snowball Edge Amazon SNS AWS Config AWS Lambda@Edge Amazon SES Amazon Lex Amazon Cognito Amazon CloudFront AWS IoT AWS Lambda Event-driven services Event sources Lambda inside
  33. 33. 5JF F W 5 WUOM UZY E Z U Z c 5KG NZOQN -i z - 6 5D N RcNd JD7 (B9H 7 R ,( g t v ~ k t k Available in preview today NEW!
  34. 34. F W E Z D U a
  35. 35. 5JF 7WZ P2 89 Generally available today o 5KG m AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeDeploy AWS CodeCommit AWS CodeBuild 7C89GH5F k NEW!
  36. 36. 7WZ P2 7ZY ZW
  37. 37. 9I9EKG B F 9I9EKG B
  38. 38. 9I9EKG B F 9I9EKG B AWS CodeDeploy AWS CloudTrail AWS Config and Config Rules AWS IAM AWS PrivateLink Managed NAT Gateway VMware Cloud on AWS Group Resource Tagging
  39. 39. ( : PZ Z 8M MNM
  40. 40. tp 상용 벤더 비싼 라이선스 가격 및 폐쇄형 SW 5A5LCB 5HECE5 AdGE D T RGE 97,)F8G k ) k re:Invent 2015: Thousands of customers re:Invent 2016: 3.5X more customers Today: Tens of thousands of customers
  41. 41. 5 Z M A W U AM - k / k Application Read Replica 1 Master Node Read Replica 2 Shared Distributed Storage Volume Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 Availability Zone 3 Application Read/Write Master 2 Read/Write Master 1 Shared Distributed Storage Volume Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 Availability Zone 3 Read/Write Master 3 5M ~ , 2% NEW! ) GPN R Ca % k
  43. 43. Sign up for the preview today 5 Z M F W k k ) 86 m 86 NEW! CHECK:
  44. 44. Amazon DynamoDB Amazon ElastiCache KEY VALUE DOCUMENT IN-MEMORY STOREAURORA Amazon RDS COMMERCIAL COMMUNITY 연결성이 높은 데이터 처리 소셜 미디어 피드 식당 추천 서비스 구매 사기 판별
  45. 45. … ) v k z 8KB5AC86 C65 G56 9FNEW! B GE Generally available today 8KB5AC86 657?HD E9FGCE9 k B GE k H6 k Generally available today , 2%
  46. 46. 8cYM Z86 7ZY ZW
  47. 47. o 4 k
  48. 48. Available in preview today … t RZ V GD5FE o ~ -5M 0 5 NPUR HV XR D HA K-7 F8 l y ~ 5 MdZY B Y NEW!
  50. 50. ,( 8M M P U Y F OO Z
  52. 52. 5JF z 8M M MV % Amazon Redshift + R e d s h i f t S p e c t r u m Amazon QuickSight Amazon EMR H a d o o p , S p a r k , P r e s t o , P i g , H i v e … 1 9 t o t a l Amazon Athena Amazon Kinesis Amazon Elasticsearch Service AWS Glue S3 DATA LAKE Objects in your S3 data lake v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v “ r k
  53. 53. r t 5D G- r k . NEW! v Available in preview today GE r o G-F, F9 97G 8 seconds S3 Select가 아닌 경우 1.8 seconds S3 Select 사용 4.5배 빠름3 a g g r e g a t i o n s 1 t a b l e 4 f i l t e r s C O M P L E X P R E S T O Q U E R Y A g a i n s t a s t a n d a r d T P C - D S d a t a s e t 6 s u b - q u e r i e s w i t h e a c h c o n t a i n i n g : NPVR G9 97H R R N d NbNV NO R QNd NPVR k NPVR u t NPVR k
  54. 54. Everything is ... a CLOUD! Everything is … BIG DATA! 4. Everything is … MACHINE LEARNING!
  55. 55. 5 MdZY r z r z ~
  56. 56. F R A M E W O R K S A N D I N T E R F A C E S A W S D E E P L E A R N I N G A P I Apache MXNet TensorFlowCaffe2 Torch KerasCNTK PyTorch Theano Gluon 5 MdZY 5 r NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs P3 1 Petaflop of compute NVLink 2.0 5,120 Tensor cores 128GB of memory ~14X faster than P2 P3 Instance Deep Learning AMI Frameworks
  57. 57. % zp l n “ 4!
  58. 58. Generally available today 5 MdZY FMS AMV a d R B RO X ~ d R N NZR R NEW!
  59. 59. FMS AMV 7ZY ZW
  60. 60. 5JF 8 Y HD video camera Custom-designed deep learning inference engine Micro-SD Mini-HDMI USB USB Reset Audio out Power 7DI ~ k 5ZNe GNTRANXR 5KG NZOQN 10 MIN NEW!
  61. 61. 8 Y
  62. 62. V I S I O N L A N G U A G E A P P L I C A T I O N S E R V I C E S Amazon Rekognition Amazon Polly Amazon Lex 5 MdZY 5 r
  63. 63. E OZSYU UZY DZWWc
  64. 64. m Generally available today NEW! 5 MdZY E VZSYU UZY IUP Z r n 5 MdZY ?UY U IUP Z F M Generally available today m v k
  65. 65. Available in preview today NEW! 5 MdZY G MY O UN k 5 MdZY G MY WM Available in preview today m n
  66. 66. ~ Generally available today NEW! 5 MdZY 7Z T YP Entities Key Phrases Language SentimentAmazon Comprehend STORM WORLD SERIES STOCK MARKET WASHINGTON LIBRARY OF NEWS ARTICLES Amazon Comprehend
  67. 67. 7Z T YP 7ZY ZW
  68. 68. 5W bM 9OZ c - 5KG NZOQN Alexa Voice Service ~ v k 5KG 5GF% B I% Alexa Skills Kit
  69. 69. 5W bM :Z 6 UY NEW! “Alexa, start the meeting.” “Alexa, dial 555-8000.” “Alexa, lower the blinds.” “Alexa, ask Salesforce which big deals closed today.” ~ GXV k GXV k
  70. 70. 5 MdZY F UMY NEW! JF F -8 Available in preview today
  71. 71. V I S I O N L A N G U A G E A P P L I C A T I O N S E R V I C E S Amazon Rekognition Amazon Polly Amazon Lex 5 MdZY 5 r Amazon Rekognition Video Amazon Transcribe Amazon Translate Amazon Comprehend Alexa for Business V R / I R Amazon Sumerian Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
  72. 72. AWS ML Customers APPLICATION SERVICES Amazon Lex Amazon Polly Amazon Comprehend Amazon Translate Amazon Transcribe Amazon Rekognition Image Amazon Rekognition Video PLATFORM SERVICES Amazon SageMaker AWS DeepLens FRAMEWORKS AND INTERFACES AWS Deep Learning AMI Apache MXNet Caffe2 CNTK PyTorch TensorFlow Theano Torch Gluon Keras AWS ML Platform DATA LAKE STORAGE Amazon S3 SECURITY Access Control Encryption COMPUTE Powerful GPU and CPU Instances ANALYTICS Amazon Athena Amazon Redshift and Redshift Spectrum Amazon EMR (Spark, Hive, Presto, Pig) AWS Glue Amazon Kinesis Amazon QuickSight Amazon Macie AWS Organizations Complementary Services m v z r r
  73. 73. .( BZ aMU UYS RZ ZG
  74. 74. l
  75. 75. FRONTIER 1: 9GG B BGC G 9 5A9 Available in preview today N E W ! 5JF ZG 7WUOV 5KG NZOQN s
  76. 76. FRONTIER 2: 89I 79 A5B5 9A9BG N E W ! Generally available today 5JF ZG 8 UO AMYMS Y H
  77. 77. FRONTIER 3: ZG F97HE GK N E W ! 5JF ZG 8 UO 8 R YP n Coming in 2018 n n ~
  78. 78. FRONTIER 4: ZG 5B5 KG 7F N E W ! 5JF ZG 5YMWc UO H Integrated with AWS IoT Core Performs ad hoc queries, sophisticated analysis Stores device fleet data in time series data store Cleans and processes data from device fleet Prepares data for Machine Learning Available in preview today
  79. 79. FRONTIER 5: FA5 9E 89I 79F N E W ! 5JF : EGCF H Generally available today Send data to AWS for analysis and action Based on FreeRTOS Easily connect to nearby AWS Greengrass devices Libraries to connect, update, and secure IoT devices Security credentials, key management
  80. 80. 5KG RR T N y k E99B E5FF A B:9E9B79 Available in preview today N E W ! H k 5J F 8 Y Y S M
  81. 81. ZG B a 7ZY ZW
  82. 82. x z hh • Amazon EC2 T2 Unlimited • Amazon Time Sync Service • Amazon MQ • Amazon GuardDuty • AWS Systems Manager • AWS Elemental MediaConvert • AWS Elemental MediaLive • AWS Elemental MediaPackage • AWS Elemental MediaTailor • AWS Elemental MediaStore • AWS AppSync • Inter-Region VPC Peering … 5KG !
  83. 83. 0- g 5KG i t x 4 ( ! 8 1 )0 2
  84. 84. G O B U I L D k !