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[Gaming on AWS] 아마존웹서비스 소개


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아마존웹서비스 소개 - AWS Korea (Chris Jang, Head of Korea)

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[Gaming on AWS] 아마존웹서비스 소개

  1. 1. Gaming on AWSChris Jang – Head of KoreaAmazon Web Services
  2. 2. • Selection• Low Prices• ConvenienceThe Amazon [Virtuous Circle]
  3. 3. Variable expenseReplace capitalexpenditure with variableexpenseEconomies of scaleLower variable expensethan companies canachieve themselvesElastic capacityNo need to guesscapacity requirementsand over-provisionSpeed and agilityInfrastructure in minutesnot weeksFocus on businessNo need forundifferentiated heavy ITliftingGlobal ReachGo global in minutes andreach a global audienceWhy are customers adopting cloud computing?
  4. 4. AWS K-POP Top 40!
  5. 5. 감사합니다