Mashery and Amazon Web Services


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Mashery and Amazon Web Services

  1. Oren Michels CEO
  2. On-Demand business and technical infrastructure for all Web Services Providers
  3. Oren Michels Co-founder and CEO VP Feedster • President ColtHR • President, • BS EE MIT • MBA UCLA Scott Rafer Co-founder and Director CEO, MyBlogLog (Sold to Yahoo) • CEO Feedster • CEO Fresher Josh Kopelman Chairman First Round Capital • VP eBay • CEO Ajay Arora Vice President VP newScale • Sr Dir Centrata • Corio • Oracle Clay Loveless Alpha Geek Feedster • VP Eruptor Ent • O’Reilly PHP Cookbook
  4. request Web Server web page give me a graph Create a Snapshot App distribution give me data channel Compete DB
  5. app app app app requests Compete DB responses
  6. API Management Infrastructure • Security and access control • Business rules enforcement • Distribution and scalability • Metrics and reporting
  7. Web Application Composite Consumer Web Applications Services Services Developers Providers Composite Enterprise Applications
  8. Mashery Mashery Web Services Dashboard Mashery Web Services Marketplace Mashery Web Services Mashery WS Server Web Mashery WS Server Proxy, Services & Tools Mashery WS Server Application Composite Consumer Applications Services Security & Access Control Developers Web Services Providers Metering, Metrics & Management Composite Enterprise Web Services Performance & Applications Scalability Developer & Community Tools
  9. The Mashery Advantage Mashery Time-to-Market  Mashery Web Services Dashboard Mashery Web Services Marketplace Cost  Mashery Web Services Proxy, Services & Tools Mashery WS Server Mashery WS Server Mashery WS Server Distribution Channel Security & Access Control  Metering, Metrics & Management & Management  Maintenance Web Services Performance & Scalability Focus Developer & Community Tools 
  10. Mashery-powered Developer Community Site Everything we do is “white label” - skinned in the look and feel of our clients. It is THEIR infrastructure. Developer management tools include comprehensive developer portal, with documentation, blog, forum and content mgmt.
  11. Mashery-powered API Infrastructure Management The developer portal ties into the api key issuance and back-end developer management dashboard, where the business team can control access and rules on a key-by-key basis.
  12. Mashery API Reporting System
  13. Mashery API Reporting System
  14. Mashery API Reporting System
  15. Mashery API Reporting System
  16. Mashery API Reporting System
  17. Web Services Distribution and The Long Tail The Head • # Partners: < 100 • High-touch partner management • Customized revenue sharing deals The Shoulder Revenue Potential • # Partners: Thousands • High-touch management not justified by revenue potential • Expensive to find and qualify prospects The Long Tail • # Partners: Tens of Thousands • No commercial incentive, so no willingness to pay • Many will move to the shoulder…but which ones? Site Rank
  18. Mashery API Infrastructure and The Long Tail The Head • # Partners: < 100 • Formal contract with each partner • Mashery metrics and reporting The Shoulder Revenue Potential • # Partners: Thousands • Business terms managed by Mashery dashboard • Mashery Dashboard management and metrics The Long Tail • # Partners: Tens of Thousands • Limited license, attribution link required • Mashery-powered Self-service provisioning Site Rank
  19. Typical API Channel Management 50-100 Inquiries per day Self-provision with limited access Attribution link and branding 5-10 Approvals per day Increased allowance “Watch list” 1-2 well qualified partner discussions per day API Management is a Business, not a Technical, function
  20. Representative Mashery Customers
  21. Mashery On-Demand API Infrastructure • Immediate, secure deployment • No up-front setup cost • First-year savings of over 90% vs in-house solution • Manage your developer partners as a distribution channel • Keep your internal development resources focused on building YOUR product, not infrastructure available as a service • Scale rapidly and securely to meet any level of demand “Undifferentiated heavy lifting…”
  22. Hmmmm, sounds like another service I’m familiar with…
  23. Thanks to Amazon Web Services… • Virtually no Capex • 50% less capital needed • Concept to Revenue in 9 months • No need to overprovision • Focus and quality of life • Major customers trust a small startup • Better and more reliable code
  24. Oren Michels CEO