Ac cloud servers literature for presentation


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Ac cloud servers literature for presentation

  1. 1. IT SERVICES FROM KONICA MINOLTAAll Covered Cloud ServersEnterprise Grade Solutions withWorld-Class SupportToday’s fast moving companies depend heavily on technologyresources, but gaining access to the best technology solutionscan be challenging for any businesses. With All Covered’s CloudServers, your business can obtain enterprise class resourcesdedicated specifically to your organization.Benefits of Cloud ComputingAdopting new technology is always a challenge as it requiressignificant investments in computer hardware and software, aswell as the time and expense to train employees on new systems.Leveraging a cloud-based solution will lessen these challengesby offering the following benefits:Predictable Costs—Your computing resources are sharedacross a common, secure infrastructure. Hardwarereplacement and upgrades are managed by All Covered. No more hassle of replacing a failed server that got pushedto next year’s budget. You pay for only what you need, when you need it.Op-Ex vs. Cap-Ex—Computing in the cloud improves cash flow by eliminating the need for capital expendituresassociated with the acquisition of server infrastructure, storage architecture, licensing, backup, as well as powerand facilities layout.Faster Deployment and Better Scalability—Servers can be provisioned in substantially less time and are immediatelyavailable as part of your environment. As your business needs change, All Covered can easily meet the challengeof providing additional resources in a matter of hours instead of weeks.Fixed Maintenance Costs—With All Covered’s Cloud solution, your servers are managed and maintained by highly-skilled engineers trained and certified in all relevant technologies as part of the monthly service fee.Reliability and Redundancy—All Covered’s Cloud solution is built on enterprise-class reference architectures fromindustry leaders. Our design is validated by the top vendors in the industry eliminating single points of failuresthroughout the entire infrastructure. In many cases, even rare major hardware failures are automatically recoveredwithin a matter of minutes. In the event of a software or user error, systems can be restored and/or repaired in lesstime than traditional solutions resulting in less interruption for your organization.Flexibility—Our cloud infrastructure and services are versatile enough to create a technology solution to addressyour specific business needs. As your organization grows, you can add systems and services when they are inline with your business objectives.Remote Access—As part of your cloud solution, you can have access to your technology resources from anywhere.You can grant access to information to employees, partners and vendors as needed wherever they are located.
  2. 2. Contact All Covered Toll-Free Nationwide at (866) 446-1133 or visit © 2012 All Covered, a division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Inc.All rights reserved. All Covered and Konica Minolta are trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA HOLDINGS, INC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Cloud Servers-OverviewRev. 11.15.2012All Covered Cloud ServersOur data centers are SSAE—16 / SAS 70 type II compliant. All Covered offers Windows servers with configurable CPU,RAM and storage options. These servers are fully managed, including: system and file backup, patch management,remote monitoring, event log tracking and technical support. These virtual servers are dedicated solely to yourorganization and are ideal for hosting applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Microsoft SQL, as wellas other common business applications and services.Each of your cloud servers is actually a virtual server dedicated to you, running on a much larger, enterprise-classhardware platform. Your private cloud is a dedicated server environment configured with your own firewall and scalablebandwidth. You benefit from the highest quality technology available, at a fraction of the cost, offered in the right-sizedpackages to address your specific needs.Additionally, if you have on-premise applications or other line of business servers that you would like to run in the sameenvironment as your cloud servers, we can colocate them in the same secure, U.S.-based data centers as your cloudservers. We can also provide the management of those servers.All CoveredCloud Services TeamAs part of your move to the cloud,you’ll work with our team of skilledengineers and solutions architectsto define the specifications of yourcomputing infrastructure. Our yearsof experience in server virtualizationand cloud deployment will benefityou and your business. We’llensure that all current systemsand data are backed-up andmigrated to the cloud and that allprojects associated with your cloudmigration are smooth and efficient.Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SharePoint Windows Server ColocationDedicated Exchangevirtual serverFlexible storageconfigurationAvailable in smallbusiness configurationsand large-scaledeploymentsBlackberry supportDedicated SharePointvirtual serverShared collaborationenvironment across anytype of businessFlexible configurationoptionsPlatform for MS SQLServerWindows RemoteDesktop, CitrixWeb ServersApplication ServersSecure environmentto colocate criticalline-of-businessapplication serversProtects servers fromenvironmental risksassociated withon-premise hardwareFully managed