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Cruising The Florida Coast by Air


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We took a tour of the Florida Atlantic coastline by helicopter.

A World Of Green wants to thank Shawn T. Byrnes for the use of his song, "Lead With My Heart." You can hear more of Shawn's music on

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Cruising The Florida Coast by Air

  1. 1. “ Think we’ll try a little mud bogging in this thing.”
  2. 2. “ Check…..roger that.”
  3. 3. Up, Up and Away!
  4. 5. Look. It’s the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. 6. Wetlands in Flagler.
  6. 9. View of Atlantic Ocean, Intercoastal Waterway and Wetland Areas
  7. 10. Flagler Atlantic Coastline
  8. 11. Maybe we could do some fishing?
  9. 12. Any luck? Mind if we join you?
  10. 14. Hey I can see my house!
  11. 15. Hope Mom doesn’t mind us landing in the backyard.
  12. 16. Lyrics From the 1968 release "Steppenwolf" © MCA Music (BMI) All rights for the USA controlled and administered by MCA Corporation of America, INC Get your motor runnin’ Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure And whatever comes our way.
  13. 17. There’s no place like home! Song: Lead With My Heart By Shawn T. Byrnes  2009 ASCAP