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《2018台灣成長駭客年會》Smartly Alton:一年10億美金的跨境Facebook廣告投放心得


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《2018台灣成長駭客年會》Smartly Alton:一年10億美金的跨境Facebook廣告投放心得

  1. 1. How international advertisers scale their business with Facebook advertising Alton Chong, Senior Customer Success Manager
  2. 2. Alton Chong Senior Customer Success Manager ● Helping advanced Facebook advertisers in Southeast Asia scale, automate and optimize their paid social activities: Grew this for SEA customers at a scale of 62% YoY ● Help brands evolve their online marketing strategies + overcome digital advertising challenges: Lazada, Shopee, Sephora ● Fun fact: 1st Asian employee in APAC (alongside two others) Quick introduction
  3. 3. About us makes online advertising easy, effective, and enjoyable. We combine creative automation, ad operations, and outstanding customer service to help over 650+ brands scale their results – not headcount. Managing over $1BN in annual ad spend on Facebook and Instagram alone, we are a fast-growing community of 250+ Smartlies with 18 offices around the world. Extension of your team Efficiency through automation Measurable results at scale Creative solutions and services Innovate faster
  4. 4. 1 2 3 4 Successful paid social campaigns in SEA Why Facebook Advertising? Top 3 tips to scale your business with Facebook advertising Optimizing & scaling with Agenda
  5. 5. ...people on Facebook are connected to a business in another country (Facebook Insights) Why Facebook advertising?1 ...monthly active Facebook users as of Q3 2018 (Statista 2018) 2.2 Billion 1.2 Billion
  6. 6. Cross Border Insights Finder Identifying growth opportunities1 Campaign data across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network
  7. 7. Conversion Index What is it? Conversion rate for eCommerce in each country, based on advertising objective selected. The higher, the better. Identifying growth opportunities
  8. 8. Cost Index What is it? How much it costs to advertise in the selected countries for the eCommerce vertical, based on the selected campaign objective. Identifying growth opportunities
  9. 9. Competition Index What is it? How frequently people see ads in the selected countries for the eCommerce vertical, based on the selected campaign objective. Identifying growth opportunities
  10. 10. Other insights to inspire your marketing1
  11. 11. Successful paid social campaigns in Southeast Asia
  12. 12. Scaled 1000s on-brand ads with 15+ image templates for flash sales in 7 SEA markets Success story 12 YoY increase in paid social volume growth YoY decrease in Cost per 1000 impression +40% -20%
  13. 13. Other customers
  14. 14. Top 3 tips for penetrating new markets with Facebook advertising
  15. 15. Full funnel campaign structure Why do advanced advertisers adopt a Full Funnel approach? What are some of the dynamics of a Full Funnel Campaign? Testing Do knowledge about the home audience market able to be applied elsewhere? Split-tests versus Lift tests → insights leading to personalization Hyperlocalization Translation versus Localization Diving in to what the experts do. Top 3 tips for Facebook Advertising3
  16. 16. Awareness Consideration Intent Purchase Loyalty CreativeCampaign Reach and Frequency Brand Awareness Video Views Lookalike Audiences ViewContent Retargeting Dynamic Video Branded Content Dynamics As for Broad Audiences Custom Audiences Purchase Event Optimized Segmented Product-Centric Relevancy Call to Action Dynamic Image and Carousel Templates Objective Advertisers adopt a Full Funnel Campaign Structure to segment audiences into their generic behaviour. Track customer journey down the funnel. Gives ability to craft customized message to each types of audience. Gain useful and segmented performance data. Full Funnel Campaign Structure
  17. 17. Full Funnel Campaign Structure Detailed sample
  18. 18. Testing 1.07 ≈ 2
  19. 19. Split audience into two groups Show each group a different campaign Measure performance in each 138 conversions 172 conversions Split test
  20. 20. 670 conversions 475 conversions Split audience in two Show ads only to one group Measure performance in each Lift Test
  21. 21. Split Test or Lift Test 1. Ad Study when reach and reached audience is similar 1. Lift Test when studying incrementality overall 1. Lift Test when Cells have different reach or reach significantly different audience
  22. 22. Hyperlocalization?
  23. 23. Hyperlocalization
  24. 24. Scaling & optimizing with
  25. 25. What are your painpoints? ● 7 languages ● 100 product images ● 3 ad formats Scaling your creatives4
  26. 26. Summer Campaign 1 concept 3 languages 3 ad formats 2 platforms Hallo! Bonjour!! 1:1 9:16 +100s videos x x x 11 modular footagex 4:5 Hello!
  27. 27. Video Editor: From preset to brand video
  28. 28. Testing Suite with smart Split test/Lift Test setup. Actionable Reporting helps with better decision making. 360° support from’s Team Building an Optimization Engine Creative Engine to enable test, learn & evolve Ad creatives at scale AI Powered Optimization Suite boosts performances on standard or custom goals.
  29. 29. Split Test Lift Test What to test? ● Creative design versions ● Bidding strategies ● Lookalikes vs. Broad audiences ● Ad Format: Video, Static or Collection... Which works better? A or B? Does my Ad provide incrementality? A B A Testing see how little changes can make a big difference
  30. 30. No blind spots Flip the data as you like. Drill down to any level to analyze your results Customization Decide what data to see and how to see them Actionability Act immediately based on results. Accelerate your optimization cycle and evolve strategies faster to win competition Actionable Reporting & Better Decisions with Pivot Tables
  31. 31. Strategize more, Optimize less with’s AI Powered Optimization suite Predictive Budget Allocation Smart budget adjustments. Improve results on given goals (CPA, ROAS, Cohort Revenue) Bid Optimization Smartly Creative Optimization Smart bid adjustments. Balance cost and conversions with respective goals Remove ad fatigue. Iterate and find best creatives Rule Based Optimization Automated condition checks and executions Ad Set Ad Budget Pool (Cross Campaigns) All Levels Ad Account Budget Pool
  32. 32. In closing Scale customer acquisition across the funnel with automated, localized, and visually compelling creatives. 24/5 Support Chat No tickets, no waiting. Just fast answers. Multi-product E-Commerce Subscription Services Marketplace E- Commerce Single Product E-Commerce Delivery Services
  33. 33. 謝謝!