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LMS Implementation lessons


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LMS Implementation lessons - Learning Technologies conference 2018

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LMS Implementation lessons

  1. 1. Lessons from the frontline of LMS implementations Andy Wooler Global Learning Technology Manager, Hitachi Vantara 1st February 2018
  2. 2.  Delivering on business goals via the LMS  Harnessing your LMS to create blends that work  The value of truly understanding your new system  Getting the UX right  Rolling out right – making things easy for stakeholders Session objectives
  3. 3.  “You can do anything with technology, but people can also stop you doing just about everything” From “Learning Technologies in the workplace” by Donald Taylor, available from Amazon. It’s all about People!
  4. 4.  The L&D team including HR  IT – in it’s broadest sense  Executives & Managers  Partners & Vendors  Users From “Learning Technologies in the workplace” by Donald Taylor, available from Amazon. 5 key groups
  5. 5.  If your CEO is perceived as the main driver, then get another sponsor! ‒ Things tend to change when a project is perceived to be the brainchild of a departed senior executive! My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 1
  6. 6.  For Global implementations, ignore local in-country L&D/HR Managers at your peril! ‒ They will have no sense of ownership of the project ‒ Their input will be vital to the success of your implementation ‒ Avoid giving them the sense of having been mandated to do this My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 2
  7. 7.  Involve IT and especially, IT Security right at the start! ‒ IT Security reviews can take a long time to complete. ‒ Data Privacy & GDPR ‒ German Workers Council ‒ Where is the LMS hosted? ‒ Review existing suppliers favoured by IT My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 3
  8. 8.  The skills needed by the project leader: ‒ IT ‒ Learning (of course!) ‒ HR ‒ Data Analytics ‒ Business knowledge ‒ Has successfully done it before! ‒ Look at their network My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 4
  9. 9.  Things your vendor knows less about than you: ‒ Your business ‒ Your current LMS and how you use it ‒ Your requirements ‒ Your people My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 5
  10. 10.  Educate your course developers and Instructional Designers ‒ They will not know the power of the new LMS ‒ ID has changed and the LMS’s changed with it ‒ Don’t just bundle them in with the general LMS Admin training My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 6
  11. 11.  Remember, you are NOT the user! ‒ Project team members are too close to the system ‒ Use focus groups to help design the User Experience ‒ Different groups for Users, Managers and your Stakeholders My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 7
  12. 12.  Don’t leave reporting until the end! ‒ Know what data that you need to capture ‒ Start early with IT on the requirements for your Data Warehouse ‒ Ensure you have data analytics skills within the team ‒ IT will not understand the database scheme of your existing system My 17 year learning journey – Lesson 8
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