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Contract Security Officer Services


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Contract Security Officer Services

  1. 1. Security Officer Services
  2. 2. The Pain• Small to medium regulated companies are under enormous pressure to meet security requirements• Highly regulated industries are particularly hard hit – Financial Services – Healthcare – Energy• Security programs and security professionals are expensive and may not fit the appetite or budget of the company
  3. 3. Solution• Part time Chief Information Security Officer services• Shared security expert services• Tailored security program• Open source stack to meet security controls for reduced cost and preloaded solutions• Appliance based software/hardware solutions• Pre-loaded policies, procedures, and processes• Security assessments/trouble services
  4. 4. Services Provided• Security assessments • Controls implementation• Security program – Centralized Logging implementation – Monitoring• Support for client security – Automated Vulnerability assessments Scanning – Encryption• Policy, procedure, and process – Data Loss Prevention development – Host Intrusion Detection /• Risk management programs Network Intrusion Detection• BCP/DR development – Network Access Control• Application security programs – Two factor authentication• Security metrics – Identity and access control implementation – Security Incident and Event Management systems• Privacy program – Patch management implementation implementation
  5. 5. How it works• Phase I – Assessments, program development, policy development• Phase II – Implementation of controls• Phase III – On going operations – Hiring and training of security personnel
  6. 6. Fees• Assessment on project pricing• Retainer based (monthly) services• Accelerated control implementation as an add-on• Security remediation project management