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7th Grade 5wk Test


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Published in: Education, Technology
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7th Grade 5wk Test

  1. 1. 77thth Grade 5wk testGrade 5wk test Your test is…10/16/2009Your test is…10/16/2009
  2. 2. What is it on?What is it on? Everything covered on the firstEverything covered on the first quizquiz All homework that we haveAll homework that we have completedcompleted All handouts from classAll handouts from class 35 multiple choice questions –35 multiple choice questions – worth 35 ptsworth 35 pts
  3. 3. TopicsTopics Native Americans (S. America,Native Americans (S. America, Mesoamerica, and N. America)Mesoamerica, and N. America) Exploration (Cortes & Columbus)Exploration (Cortes & Columbus) Early Colonies (13 Orig.)Early Colonies (13 Orig.)
  4. 4. How should I study?How should I study? Study your last quizStudy your last quiz Study homework questionsStudy homework questions Study class workStudy class work Study class notesStudy class notes Stay after Tuesday, Wednesday,Stay after Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to review.or Thursday to review.