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  1. 1. The Hidden Power of Social Media: Increase Google Rank Grow Web Traffic Build Community and Engagement Drive Leads and Referrals Adam Japko President Network Communications, Inc Founder and Editor WineZag
  2. 2. There Are Two Legitimate Social Media Marketing Paths for Home Improvement Professionals People You Already Know: Social Networking  Known prospect and past client engagement  Social network (FB) focused  Blog as a networking tool  Features engagement in community  Primary focus: Networking with known prospect base People You Want to Know But Don’t Yet Know: Content Marketing  Active home improvement prospects search lots of stuff, lots of opportunities to be found  Content marketing allows active prospects to find the information they want… and you….simultaneously  Social networks (FB) primarily used to distribute content that live on web  Blog content marketing builds own audience of new prospects through keyword build up  Blog content drives website results through increased keywords and organic search results  Primary focus: New prospects
  3. 3. Social Media explosion “The fastest growing segment of social media users is people between the ages of 35 and 55 years old.”
  4. 4. Pingdom Study Reflects Change in Social Network Demographics Average Facebook user: 44 Years-old
  5. 5. Social Content Sharing Radically Changes Consumer Web Habits
  6. 6. Web site Web site FacebookFacebook TwitterTwitter Other Soc. Id’s Other Soc. Id’s BlogBlog
  7. 7. Evidence That Content Marketing Works to Drive Web Traffic
  8. 8.  traffic increases from 1.3M to 2.0M visits per month during the year following our blog launch and social content marketing campaign  Our social marketing activities drove a 54% total increase in monthly visitors without additional SEM investment
  9. 9.  Keyword traffic increases by 40% from 570K to 800K monthly visitors following social campaign launch  258K different searches drive 6.7M visits…..increased content and keyword creation works to drive organic traffic
  10. 10. Found in large search stream…..
  11. 11. •Benefits from long tail searches •Trusted site/blog •Consistent topics •Keywords and language matter
  12. 12. My Social Media Experiment Validates Content Marketing System
  13. 13. Content Marketed Across Social Platforms
  14. 14. Bainbridge Social Media Footprint
  15. 15. “Now that the blogs have been live for some time, we are seeing stronger organic placement and overall web traffic monthly. The growth is building each month.” - Jared Miller, VP of Marketing  Since launching in late 2009, every property has experienced an increase in organic, non-paid traffic to their web sites  10 properties have realized an increase in organic traffic of more than 70%, and four of these have seen more than 100%  As a result, Bainbridge has been able to eliminate over $100,000 of annual online marketing spend in paid search advertising
  16. 16. Cliff and Canyon: Mountain Luxury furnishings launches social media campaign January 2010 Blog Visits from Search Engines (Non-Paid) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Jan-10 Feb-10 Mar-10 Apr-10 May-10 Jun-10 Jul-10 •Average time on site from organic traffic has increased by 18% •Average page views per visitor from organic traffic have increased by 8% •Bounce rate (users who leave the site after only viewing 1 page) from organic traffic has decreased by 9%
  17. 17. Custom, turnkey internet marketing services
  18. 18. For a low monthly fee, Design Sherpa will develop and execute a complete social media program for a new kind of Internet marketing presence. We eliminate the risk, time expenditure, and complexity of using these tools. DesignSherpa is a system It saves you time, and gets results •Success requires a full system / multiple tools •Regular content sharing is essential
  19. 19. How does it work?
  20. 20. Customized Blog Look and Feel •Two posts a week: Participate as much as you like •Product and Project Galleries •E-commerce functionality •Customized categories and posts •Email list building and lead capture
  21. 21. Thank You Today’s goal was to advance everyone’s grasp of Social Media as a business tool Facebook adam japko Twitter adamjapko Site: Company Blog Email