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Back to school night


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Published in: Education
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Back to school night

  1. 1. High Expectations for All Students Every student can achieve. I will NEVER give up on your child!
  2. 2. Positive Learning Atmosphere Focus on the positive, not the negative. Manage behavior through positive rewards Treat, Treasure, Ticket Group Incentives Mystery Reward
  3. 3. Consequences 1. Warning 2. Time Out/ Behavior Card 3. ASC with parent call/ conference
  4. 4. Homework 30-40min max per night Usually more on Thursday night due to Friday tests. Late Slips Sports Schedules?
  5. 5. Communication The main form of communication between the parent and teacher will be through the student planner. Not required to be signed unless there is a problem. Feel free to leave any notes or for me to give you a call.
  6. 6. Communication Continued Friday Folder and Letter Shutterfly account- make sure I have your email PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question or problem regarding your child’s education. If I cannot immediately speak with you, I will return your call by the end of the school day.
  7. 7. Parent Portal and School Messenger Now you only need one account for all of your children. See handout Access to child’s lunch account, grades, announcements, attendance Can receive texts, emails, or calls regarding last minute announcements and weather related delays/closing
  8. 8. Miscellaneous Health concerns Snacks/Candy Field trips
  9. 9. WANTED Homeroom Mother Assist with class trips Organize holiday parties
  10. 10. Thanks for coming out! We’re looking forward to a fantastic year!