"Redisover the Paseo"


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This is a collaborative documentation of a plans book created for the Paseo Arts District\'s re-branding campaign for my Ad Campaigns course with Sandy Martin.

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"Redisover the Paseo"

  1. 1. Table of Contents Situation Analysis.............................................................................................................1 Target Market...................................................................................................................1 Competitive Analysis........................................................................................................3 Product Analysis...............................................................................................................5 Market Analysis................................................................................................................7 Research Plan...................................................................................................................7 Team Members: Problems and Opportunities..........................................................................................10 Marketing Objectives......................................................................................................12 Jamie Robison Advertising Communications Objectives.......................................................................12 Rhiannon Winkelman New Media Strategy.......................................................................................................13 All Wilson y Media Plan.....................................................................................................................13 Emil White y Media Placement ...........................................................................................................15 Chelsea Stephens Media Budget .................................................................................................................16 Thomas Mills Creative Executions.......................................................................................................17 Nafiz Mannan Communications Tools ...................................................................................................18 Public Relations..............................................................................................................18 Radio Ads..................................................................................................................19,20 Print Ads....................................................................................................................21, 22 Banner Ads ................................................................................................................23, 24
  2. 2. Situation Analysis Situation Analysis all, we’re art enthusiasts and collectors ourselves. This is why we’re able to suggest a variety of new and interesting implementations designed to arts. Arts and culture have received large amounts increase the Paseo’s appeal, and most importantly, This target market will have money to spend of attention in the recent years, as funding has its physical traffic to the area. After all, when the on arts, and will be a valuable investment because decreased, especially in the schools. It is important traffic increases, the older perceptions can be they will develop into other target markets, for the metro area to understand that there are broken and a new Paseo can emerge. offering future support for the Paseo Artists destinations at which to experience the latest and Association. greatest in the arts, while also experiencing a vast amount of history and culture. Target Market: The Golden Rulers Because of the current economy, hobbyists Our evaluation of the potential viable market Retirees who live in Oklahoma City and are purchasing less, and they are less likely to segments for the Paseo Artists Association surrounding areas, with income to spend on leave their homes in search of art. However, rebranding campaign includes four distinct the arts, and who have an interest in the arts or the Paseo still has genuine appeal for die-hard prospect segments. Each of these groups has historic districts. art enthusiasts, educators and collectors. These a distinct profile and will require specific, Retirees will have more time unaccounted for, individuals know what the rest of the state needs specialized advertising attention. The three a more developed sense of appreciation for the to know—that the Paseo is still the top destination segments we believe the Paseo Arts Association arts and a greater interest in supporting the arts. for arts and history in Oklahoma. should focus their marketing toward include: However, current perceptions of the district include older ideas that are no longer applicable, The Success Stories The Experiencers such as the drug culture that existed in the 60’s Families from Oklahoma City and Business Professionals who live in Oklahoma and 70’s. There is also the belief that the Paseo is the surrounding areas with some form of City and surrounding areas, who range in age dangerous, and that it isn’t an area for families. discretionary income. from 21 to 55 and who have an existing interest in All of these perceptions are incorrect, and This target market is important because art or historic districts, and possess discretionary Inkslingers Advertising firm knows this. After families are composed of other target markets. income that can be used for the purchase of fine
  3. 3. Competitive Analysis Young parents will have in interest in arts districts. Those that have historic buildings purchasing art for their home, and if the PAA canor are historic districts attempt to make that rebrand as a family-friendly environment, the information a part of their branding. specific. new demographic will add additional economic These areas contain a variety of different support to the district. entertainment venues and activities. The Plaza District assortments are large enough to meet the needs of 1629 North Marion Ave. Ste. 100. The Investors almost any demographic, while appealing heavily The Plaza District bills itself as the performing Tourists in the age bracket of 45-60, who are to the target demographics we have selected. arts district in the Oklahoma City Area. They traveling from other areas in Oklahoma, or from offer a brand with historic roots, but a quirky states directly adjacent to Oklahoma (Kansas, Direct personality. Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, and New Mexico) Norman Arts Circuit/Council While their businesses and venues are with an interest in shopping in and/or touring Norman, Oklahoma limited, they keep a busy schedule of events historical districts. The Norman Arts Council provides an updated easily accessible via their website. However, their This target market offers a focus on those website with current, relevant information. website is outdated, simplistic, and limited in people who are traveling into the state from Despite this, they clearly place their emphasis information. other places and may have no preconceptions on the performing arts in place of the visual The Plaza district has little to no print, about the Paseo District, will have income that arts. Their branding offers a New-Age design, broadcast or outdoor advertising. Advertising is has been budgeted specifically for shopping and promising a younger, more “hip” personality that limited to business-specific advertising in small tourism-related expenditures younger demographics will be attracted to. formats, such as small newsprint advertising in Additionally, the NAC has the added bonus the Oklahoman or the Gazette. of advertising community involvement, which Competitive Analysis: they make clearly accessible to those visiting the Western Ave: 23rd and Western Ave. website. All of the competitors chosen emphasize their There is little to no print, broadcast and Western Avenue bills itself as a locally-owned involvement in the arts, or bill themselves as outdoor advertising, save those that are business shopping and dining district. It is branded with a
  4. 4. Competitive Analysis “classic” theme, relying heavily on a transitional other being ‘Cafe City Arts’ an annual art show art deco design. fundraiser. There are a few entertainment venues, such reminiscent of Victorian-era activities, and the as the Conservatory and Will Rogers Theater, Arts Districts: familiar pastimes of movie going and baseball as well as a broad variety of restaurants, both Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Santa Fe, NM are heavily promoted. up and downscale in price. There is plenty of All three are major arts and historic districts Additionally, with the Ford Center, Cox housing in the area, and schools are present, as within driving distance of Oklahoma City. Convention Center, and the introduction of well, making this a family-friendly environment, Because of their branding campaigns and the OKC Thunder NBA team withing walking with easy ways for a family or young couple to established allure, they are capable of offering distance of the district, Bricktown is able to offer enjoy themselves. significant competition. a broad variety of appealing forces. Business-specific advertising is prevalent Bricktown has television and print advertising on basic cable, as well as a number of smaller via local newspapers such as the Oklahoman or Indirect publications. the Gazette. Bricktown Their brand is consistently recognized. Bricktown is a major district in Oklahoma City Arts Center: City. Major renovations have transformed the 3000 General Pershing Blvd Oklahoma Science Center area from a dilapidated warehouse district into The City Arts Center is located near downtown 2100 NE 52nd St a haven of restaurants and other entertainment Oklahoma City. They have visual art exhibits The Oklahoma Science Center was venues. from local artists and students. established in 1958 as the Oklahoma Science and While there is little to no visual arts presence, They have a website offering a very limited Arts Foundation. Their mission was and is to Bricktown offers a family-friendly environment selection of art pieces for sale and offer classes improve the cultural and educational standards with a large assortment of activities, both year- in pottery, weaving, painting, photography, and of Oklahoma City. Over the years the museum’s round and seasonal. children’s summer camps. mission has continued to evolve and the focus has The advertising campaign has been focused on They also offer two events over the course of sharpened, emphasizing science and technology. the area’s historic roots and turn-of-the century the year, one being a 5K run fundraiser and the In 2004, at the completion of a community charm. This theme is accented by activities
  5. 5. Competitive Analysis wide strategic planning initiative, the museum’s Oklahoma Heritage and Cowboy Musuem board of trustees adopted a new mission 1700 NE 63rd statement, designed to guide exhibit and program As America’s premier institution of western One Remington Place development well into the new century, and grow history, art, and culture, The Oklahoma Heritage Remington Park is a horse racing track and the museum into one of national prominence. and Cowboy Museum was founded in 1955, “racino” located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. giving it a high level of time-based awareness. Built in 1988, it was the first such track in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art This museum collects, preserves, and exhibits state’s history. The track made headlines at its 415 Couch Dr an internationally renowned collection of western opening for two reasons: it was the first legalized This museum houses the Donald W. Reynolds art and also provides educational tours for both gambling venue in Oklahoma, and it was the Visual Arts Center, library resource center, adults and children. first track in the United States to use a synthetic Noble Theater, the museum school, two lobbies surface for its main track. Remington was the featuring grand scale installations of Dale The Oklahoma History Center first (and only) American track to use Equitrack, Chihuly sculptures, the museum café and the NE 23rd & Lincoln which utilized grains of sand coated with wax. rooftop terrace. It offers a broad assortment of The Oklahoma History Center is an 18 galleries and arts exposures with easy downtown acre, 215,000 sq ft learning center that offers Oklahoma City Zoo access. exploration of Oklahoma’s unique history of 2101 Northeast 50th St geology, transportation, commerce, culture, The Oklahoma City Zoo is a fully accredited National Memorial Musuem aviation, heritage, and more. member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums 620 N. Harvey Ave The museum also has a gift shop and café. It and the American Association of Museums as This museum was created to honor those holds tours, guides, and classes to teach children both a living museum and a botanical garden. who were killed in the 1995 bombing. It holds and adults about Oklahoma’s history. The Zoo participates in numerous cooperative educational programs and workshops to promote Species Survival Plan projects and is dedicated their mission: “may all who leave here know the Out of Class to the conservation of rare and endangered impact of violence.” wildlife. Remington Park
  6. 6. Product Analysis Asian District Quails Springs Mall is one of the largest in the NW 23rd and Classen: state, and one of the busiest. There are 160 stores This district encompasses a broad cultural on 3 levels. They have a large food quart and an Northpark Mall has more than 40 upscale mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, AMC 24 movie theatre. Quail Springs also offers specialty stores and restaurants that cater to every Filipino, and Japanese cultures and cuisines. It is the opportunity to browse store inventory online age, gender, personality and whim. centered primarily along Classen Blvd from 22nd and reserve items for pickup. Hours: Depends on stores, but open weekly. street to NW 30th. This district has a multitude Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday of restaurants, Asian-oriented retail, Asian 12pm-6pm supermarkets, and attractions. Crossroads Mall Product Analysis: Penn Square Mall 1-35 & 1-240 Intersection Culture: 1900 NW Expressway Crossroads Mall has been one of the more There is some emphasis on the southwestern Penn Square Mall claims to be one of OKC’s popular shopping establishments in the city for feel of many of the buildings. Other descriptors more upscale shopping establishments. It is over 30 years. By square footage, it is still the for the Paseo District include: artistic, spacious and elegant and provides the same largest shopping mall in the metro area. The mall independent, free-spirited, informal, open and stores as Quail Springs Mall but with a higher has two levels and an established food quart, as welcoming, vintage, eclectic, nonjudgmental, quality experience. well as a 16 screen Regal Theatre adjacent to the diverse, accepting. Members of the marketplace They have a small food quart, restaurants property. will be enticed by these descriptors because they connected, and a cinema. They are composed of Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday promise an experience that is aside from the two levels with multiple wings. 12pm-6pm ordinary—an escape from the everyday, and Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday different from other metro area attractions. 12pm-6pm Northpark Mall 12100 North May Fine Arts: Quail Springs Mall: Northpark Mall is home to a unique collection Local artists from Oklahoma are able to 2501 W. Memorial Rd. of shops and boutiques in Oklahoma City. Today,
  7. 7. ProductAnalysis offer unique, original and contemporary works palette or any experience. The Paseo Grill and is of fine art in a variety of mediums. Ceramics, able to offer an upscale experience with diverse pottery, sculpture, paintings, sketches, metal menu selections and a full wine list, as well as a organization that is aimed at “revitalizing the works, murals, photography, glassworks and selection of specialty drinks. historic Paseo neighborhood, which is zoned for many other types of visual arts can be found at At Galileo’s, Sauced, and Red Rooster, patrons artists’ studios and residences.” The Paseo District the Paseo District, and the option of layaway will find more relaxed atmospheres, with a twist was the first arts district in Oklahoma City, and to help in the purchasing process will attract that is unique to each individual venue. Isis offers was certified as a historic district in 1981. The purchasers who may be limited by their finances. a wide selection of beverages, as well as a hookah Red Rooster Bar and Grill is listed as Oklahoma Further, the educational aspect of the Paseo, bar. Prairie Gypsies offers a catering service, as City’s oldest bar and grill. found in workshops, classes and various forms of well as a daily selection of entrees. With the Old instruction will bring in those who might have a Trinity Church nearby and open for events and Housing: “hands-on” interest in the visual arts. weddings, a catering service is uniquely situated The neighborhood has a collection of Spanish Another strong facet of the Paseo’s educational in the Paseo District. revival stucco and tile clad buildings, many that facet is the Paseo Edgemere Educational date back to the 1920s. The historical aspect of the Partnership (PEEPs). Comprised of a partnership History: Paseo’s housing is a tremendous opportunity for between Edgemere School, located at 3200 N. Old Trinity Paseo is the oldest church in the district to utilize. Those in our target market Walker, and the Paseo District, this partnership Oklahoma, and is still open for a variety of who are also in the housing market will find the offers an after school program to help give functions, and offers wedding packages within historical homes of the Paseo district moderately students an outlet for artistic expression and its historic walls. priced, and there are options available via various learning. The American Civil Liberties Union is present grants for the restoration of historical homes. in the Paseo District. Their mission statement The area is currently experiencing a trend of Food and drink: states that they are “dedicated to preserving the restoration, which is attracting new and first-time Galileo’s, Paseo Grill, Sauced, Red Rooster, Bill of Rights, including artistic expression.” homebuyers to the market. Careful manipulation Isis and Prairie Gypsies are all in the Paseo Positively Paseo (Oklahoma City Housing of the history of the area can provide a launchpad District, offering a dining experience to fit any Services Redevelopment Corporation) is an for future development, and thus, a change in the
  8. 8. Market Analysis understanding of the environment of the Paseo Options for layaway provide the Paseo with district. an opportunity to attract patrons with less Few other districts can lay claim to such disposable income. and media would also benefit from a focus on a diverse sprawl of historical homes and It also serves to dissuade the more affluent media that can be geared toward tourism, as well attractions. visitors to the Paseo, who enjoy the feeling of as local target markets. exclusivity in purchasing items that can be found nowhere else. Inkslingers Advertising does not advocate the discontinuation of the layaway Research Plan Market Analysis: program, however, as it offers a large amount of enticement to people who might seek to purchase Research Objective 1: their art somewhere more affordable. Overview: Learn more about the current perceptions of The Paseo has a unique edge in the marketplace the Paseo. when it comes to visual arts. Geographical Distribution: Not only is there a wide variety of price, It would be beneficial for the Paseo to gain a Strategy 1A: which can help to appeal to a wider variety better understanding of the current demographic Four focus groups will be put together, of patrons (thus increasing awareness of the statistics in Oklahoma City and surrounding drawing from members of our target market district’s price competitiveness), there is also areas. that have already been to the Paseo at least twice. the option of layaway, which other competitors This information would be used to obtain an Using the direction of a moderator, they will be do not yet offer. In rough economic times, this understanding of the distribution of our target encouraged to engage in conversation about the price variation, (along with the layaway option) market, allowing for targeted media buying introduced topics. is an important point to consider, as it may well efforts, and more targeted advertising. Because indicate a decisive edge in the marketplace. these cities are within reasonable driving We hope to answer: distance, those who are traveling to OKC will 1. In one word, describe what you think offer substantial opportunities for further tourism Layaway about the Paseo. influx into the Paseo District-therefore, creative
  9. 9. Research Plan 2. How did you learn about the Paseo? A series of short questions in survey format, 3. Why do you visit the Paseo? presented to qualified members of our target 4. Are you aware of any of the events in the markets, will help to give us quantifiable data Paseo District? concerning general awareness of the Paseo. 4. Do you currently receive 5. Have you been to any of the arts festivals? communication from any of the businesses 6. What was your opinion of the festival? We will ask: in the Paseo? 7.What factors would dissuade you from 1. Have often do you visit the Paseo? -Yes visiting the Paseo again? -First time visiting -No 8. What factors would entice you to visit the -Once per month or less Paseo again? -3-5 times per month 5. If yes, which types of businesses? 9. Would you visit the Paseo more often -5 times or more per month -Restaraunts if you were offered coupons, discounts -Entertainment or specials? 2. What do you visit for, primarily? -Galleries 10. Would you tell your friends and family -Art -Other about the Paseo? -Food -People Methodology 1B: Methodology 1A: -Festivals Five short questions in survey format Four focus groups will be composed of -Entertainment will be presented to visitors in the Paseo. We will five people from each of our target markets. conduct the survey during the Gallery Walk in Participants will be randomly selected, and 3. Are you aware of what businesses are in April the group will be conducted between April 13 the Paseo? and April 23, 2009. A moderator will direct -Yes, very aware Research Objective 2: conversation. -Yes, somewhat aware Find out what factors influence the purchasing -No, not very much of visual arts. Strategy 1B: -No, not at all
  10. 10. Research Plan Strategy 2A: We will compile a list of questions in survey Focus Groups will be put together, and using format to help us determine the arts-based the direction of a moderator, will be encouraged purchasing habits of those in our target markets. to engage in conversation about the introduced 4. Where else do you purchase art? topics. Methodology 2B: -Hobby Lobby Ask members of our target market, visiting the -Sidewalk Art Sales Methodology 2A: Paseo, to take a moment to fill out their responses -Other Festivals Four focus groups, composed of five people, to the following questions. -Online randomly selected from each of our target -Galleries markets. The focus groups will be conducted 1. Do you regularly purchase art? between April 13 and April 20, 2009 These groups -Yes 5. Would you be more willing to buy if will be independently moderated. -No there there financing options? -Yes We will ask our participants: 2. Why? -No 1. Why do you buy art? -Decoration/Aesthetics 2. How do you usually finance art purchases? -Supporting the Arts Research Objective 3: 3. What kind of visual arts are you interested -Hobby/Collection Learn more about the typical sales patterns in in? -As gift the Paseo. 4. What factors are included in your decision to purchase? 3. Why not? Strategy 3A: 5. What factors would dissuade you from -Too expensive Refer to documentation of sales buying? -No interest -Doesn’t fit my décor Methodology 3A: -There isn’t anything I like Obtain sales information concerning trends Strategy 2B: -I create my own in seasonal purchasing habits via available sales
  11. 11. Problems & Opportunities registries and tax information. Strategy 3B: Parking: Personal interviews with gallery owners Problems and Problem-Parking spaces are limited, cramped, and do not meet demand. Methodology 3B: Interview the owners of Adelante, AKA Opportunities Opportunity-Develop shuttle program to provide transportation. Negotiate parking with Gallery, Artscape, Avalon on Paseo, Carousels area businesses, churches, parks, etc. Negotiate and More, Houz’s Studio, At Gallery One, In Your Competition: with Oklahoma City to provide additional public Eye, JRB Art at The Elms, Lovely Day Fine Art and Problem-Newer competition around the transportation routes/stops in the district. Seek Plants, Matlock Studio, Paseo Art Space, Paseo metro creates more opportunities for the purchase grant opportunities to promote a carpooling Pottery, Paseo Studio and Gallery, Mariposa, of art. Consumers may find places closer to home program, especially during times of high Studio Six, Theater Upon a Stardanceswan, The where they will be able to satisfy their artistic consumer concentrations (ie, festivals, gallery Woodchuck Chop Shop, Urbansilk needs. walks). Opportunity- Portray the Paseo as original -What does your business offer? and unique, with items that cannot be found Hours of Operation: -Do you keep regular business hours? anywhere else in OKC Problem-Galleries are not consistent with -What does your business sell? their hours. -Are there any items that draw high interest? Safety: Opportunity-Negotiate with gallery owners, -What months receive the highest sales? Problem-The Paseo is viewed as an unsafe create “Featured Galleries” each month that -What months receive the lowest sales? area and not a place for families are open during specific, predictable hours. -Does your business have any events? Opportunity-Recommend additional or Heighten awareness through radio advertising -What events draw the largest crowds? more visible security, apply for grants to create and possible newsletter. -Does your business see increases in sales more lighting. during certain times of day? Purchasing Habits:
  12. 12. Problems & Opportunities Problem- Few people actually purchase art else, some are “oldest,” some are “first” in the from the artists and their galleries. city. Create “Featured Business,” or “Featured Opportunities- Increase awareness of to individual blogs. Rework website copy to Owner,” section each month for press releases or purchasing options such as layaway through newsletter inclusion. allow for search engine optimization—Words newsletters or extensive print and radio include “art,” “purchase art,” “buy art,” “historic advertising. Also, personalize the purchasing Events: district,” “Oklahoma City Art,” “pottery classes,” process by offering biographies of the galleries or Problem- Events do not receive adequate “galleries,” “ceramics,” “glassworks,” “blowing owners through pamphlets or brochures. promotion, are erratic, and too few are family glass,” “sculpture,” “photography,” “dining in appropriate events OKC,” “pizza” “bars in Oklahoma City,” “dinner in Perception: Opportunities-Create internal business OKC,” “Paseo,” “housing,” “shopping,” “festivals,” Problem- The area is sometimes seen as a calendar of events by year, then redesign to send “events,” “live music,” “hookah bars,” “music,” drug-infested, hippie culture. out with newsletter, print and internet. Create “tattoo,” “yoga,” “child,” “children,” “family,” “open Opportunities- This can be manipulated to Facebook page for low-cost promotions. Allow mic,” “poetry,” “fine dining,” “lunch.” appear as more of a free-spirited, fun place where for Twitter promotions, website banners, ad various wares are sold that can be found nowhere placement in event themed magazines such at Landscaping else. Utilize print and internet venues to promote The Oklahoma Gazette. Consider formulation of Problem- Landscaping is sparse, unattractive awareness with emphasis on “free-spirited,” microsite tailored more to campaign creative. Opportunity- Small amounts of inexpensive where one can “Rediscover Yourself.” Refer to landscaping would significantly increase appeal. creative for further clarification. Internet Presence: Consider bids from OKC and surrounding areas, Problem- There is very little awareness of the as well as from Tulsa. Create volunteer event Venues: website, very little online presence that will accomplish this goal while connecting Problem-There are a limited number of Opportunity- Facebook page with links the Paseo with the “Go Green” movement, venues to artists, studios, businesses, and restaurants. creating community awareness of the area, and Opportunity-Emphasize that venues are Blogspot: Have artists, gallery owners and promoting the idea of beautifying a historical very specialized, can not be found anywhere business owners write content for blog. Link district. Promotion of this event would be most
  13. 13. Communications Objectives effective on college campuses. -Pressure hose sensors placed on the roads in the district to determine Housing: vehicle traffic the Paseo District among members of our Problem- Buildings are older, some are not -Traffic counters placed inside doorways to target markets. aesthetically pleasing monitor foot traffic. Opportunity- Brand as historic, small amounts -New mobile alert subscriptions Success of this goal can be measured via: of cleanup would improve the area. Consult with -Physical guestbook signings within galleries -Foot traffic counters at the doorways of area artists for artistic representation of more various galleries. interesting or historic (those with a “history”) to -Increase sales by a minimum of 10 per -Sales increases, as evidenced by sales data improve awareness. Create volunteer-led tours cent within four months of the campaign -Observational data of empty or restored buildings, and recruit tour launch. leaders from area colleges. Consult with colleges -To convince members of those markets for leadership, course-based, or volunteer credit. The success of this goal can be measured by: that the Paseo is a place where they can -Working with business owners to obtain rediscover feelings or experiences they quantifiable data on past and current sales cannot find elsewhere. Marketing Objectives: Advertising Success of this goal can be measured by: -Personal interviews -Increase traffic flow throughout the Paseo district by 30 per cent during and Communications -Increases in repeat visits, as measures by focus groups that will be conducted after the after the campaign effort. Objective: campaign has concluded. -Increases in mobile subscriptions The success of this goal can be measured by: -To obtain a 30% traffic increase within
  14. 14. New Media Strategy New Media Strategy -Update the Paseo website to become one that is current and aesthetically pleasing and updated. -Utilize non-traditional media channels to viewers, while still aligning with this such as e-mail databases and social -Create a digital “guestbook” for the campaign. networking sites to increase awareness of Paseo’s benefit. the Paseo by approximately 40%. Continuity between the website and all other adveritising formats will provide visitors to the Guests would visit the site and receive Get the word out via strategic ad/information site with the understanding that the Paseo has immediate prompting to “Sign the Guestbook” placement in areas such as: stability and understands themselves as well as before proceeding. This guestbook would then -Hotel Lobbies their patrons. This continuity will translate into an be used, pending approval by those choosing to -Tourist Welcome Centers integrated marketing campaign that is stable and sign, to send out notices, invites, and the new -Rest Stops reliable across all media channels. The redesign newsletter that this campaign has advocated. -Restaurants of the website is one of the biggest goals for this campaign. Currently, it is a noticeable weak spot -Utilize social networking sites such as for the Paseo. Navigation is unintuitive and tends Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, and Twitter to mislead visitors. These visitors should be able Media Plan to create efficient advertising for the Paseo. to go and find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds. Media Problem: All of the above are accounts that can be Specified target markets vary significantly created and updated to reflect on upcoming -Create and maintain a website section from group to group. events and other information at little to no cost, containing all featured events, businesses The limited budget does not provide for while still offering advertising opportunities that and galleries would need consistent traditional media approaches, so a more creative are highly targeted for specified demographics. updating to keep information consistent approach will need to be undertaken in order
  15. 15. Media Plan to effectively meet our reach and frequency Reach and Frequency: objectives. -Achieve a minimum level of 70% reach geographical areas. against the target audience within the campaign period. Media Objective: -Achieve a minimum frequency of 3.0 against Continuity/Timing: -Concentrate message delivery to business the target audience over the campaign period. -Successfully take a pulsing approach in professionals ad retirees, ages 21 to 60, who -Utilize Google analytics to obtain an broadcast/cable and radio consider themselves to be “art collectors” or understanding of current “hot spots” on the -Successgfully utilize a pulsing and/or “enthusiasts,” and who tend to have pride in or Paseo site, which can then be translated to the flighting for internet advertising. If cost effective, emotional attachment to the artistic pieces in suggested improvement of the site, or topics that utilize continuous advertising in certain internet their homes, as opposed to “art owners,” who will be of interest to viewers on Facebook or venues, allowing for unbroken communication. simply own art. Twitter sites. -Concentrate our media approach during important time frames, including the last half, or Creative Objectives Geography: end of the month (with Gallery Walks on the first -Seek media which offer maximum reach as Friday and Saturday of the following month), -Reach those in the Oklahoma City well as the opportunity to effectively portray the avoiding seasonal lows, such as late summer Metropolitan area and surrounding cities, such benefits of the arts and of visiting the Paseo. months and mid winter months. Feedback as Norman, Stillwater, Midwest City, Edmond, -Seek media that can reach broad numbers indicates that sales are almost nonexistent during Moore and Yukon with the interest and means to with minimal cost. that time. both visit the Paseo and purchase art. -Seek media with instant or trend appeal, such -Focus additional advertising during from -Develop a secondary campaign to generate as social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, mid-April to Late May in preparation for the arts interest in the Tulsa area. which can provide for large reach and frequency festival that the Paseo District hosts. Sales peak -Utilize local media such as broadcast and/ through options such as instant status updates or during that time. or cable television, radio and popular internet “Become a Fan” pages. venues, such as networks centered in the targeted
  16. 16. Media Placement
  17. 17. Media Placement Budget Allocation 0% 5% 13% Look @ OKC 8% The Gazette Friday 19% 20% Text Alerts Radio Station Ads Online Streaming 10% Google Banner 25% Unallocated
  18. 18. Creative Executions All advertising execution will focus on the Budget: Paseo as a place where feelings and emotions can -Efficiently allocate the $20,000 budget through come together to form a unique experience that various media in the advertising campaign. emotional responses with imagery-related can be found in no other place, no matter the descriptors. -Concentrate expenditures in print claims. advertising. Visitors can “Rediscover the Paseo,” while -Focus secondary concentration on radio rediscovering themselves through a variety of Creative Tactics: -Allow some cost for internet venues descriptors such as passion, education, creativity, All advertisement will emphasize the need and diversity. for rediscovery via emphasis of facets of life that Special Marketing Problems: Selected after extensive research, this also might be missing. -Deliver an effective message while staying stems from creative solutions withing the within the allocated budget. problems and opportunities section. Copy Tone: -Create a campaign that can effectively target This approach is effective on a number of levels. All creative will be light, warm and friendly, a significant percentage of our target markets, It appeals to our target markets on emotional and with a twist of humor, emphasizing the idea that which vary significantly. rational levels by combining images and copy to only the Paseo can truly let one “rediscover.” -Create a campaign that can significantly evoke a level of curiositiy that will both increase alter perception of the Paseo. As of this time, foot traffic, and provide for future increases in perceptions of the area remain predominantly sales and brand loyalty. Art Direction: negative, especially in older age groups. Inkslingers Advertising believes that this All creative will utilize the color scheme and tagline has the flexibility to be applied across Paseo logo in a new and vibrant way in order to a variety of media. Execution will include the communicate the idea that the Paseo can embody Creative Executions: Paseo Colors, logo and tagline, accompanied by type and imagery specific to each target market. ideas and feelings such as “fun” and “free- spirited,” which appeals to our younger target Newsprint designs utilize a dynamic and colorful markets. At the same time, specialized creative The Big Idea: display, and radio ads appeal to predominantly will appeal toward a more affluent target market
  19. 19. Communications Tools that has extreme potential to heavily influence the banner ads to run on websites affiliated with Paseo’s current traffic and purchasing patterns in print placement (such as the Oklahoma Gazette’s a drastically positive fashion. website) and Oklahoma City events websites. Communications Creative Brief: Suggestions & Recommendations: -Campaign hinges on the idea of rediscovery, Tools Summary of Brand Positioning: and should successfully communicate that The Paseo Arts District should be seen as concept. the premier place for visual arts exposure and -Campaign requires to use the logo, a spcific Public Relations purchasing in the Oklahoma City Metro area. color scheme, and must include the catch Inkslingers has developed a public relations Additionally, they should be seen as an area with phrase. campaign that supports the application of the definitive historical value. -A dynamic layout that utilizes an angled grid creative in new and unique ways to improve system might provide the approach the Paseo the perception of the Paseo across employee, Creative Copywriting: needs for the identified target markets. consumer, owner and community perspectives. Project Overview: Because so many shoppers are taking more We will be creating a campaign that will help and more information into account when making Required content: high-involvement purchases, it is very important to create awareness and promote traffic and -Paseo Logo purchasing in the Paseo District. Ads will include for the Paseo (and the Paseo Arts Association) -Paseo Color Scheme print, internet and a limited amount of radio. to be perceived as community-based, grassroots -Paseo tagline : Where arts and history come type of place/organization. alive Specifications: -Radio ads will include two 30 second spots -Print ads will include six different ads to be External placed in three different media Community: -Internet ads will include three different Promotion of “green” events (as part of solution
  20. 20. Communications Tools for landscaping) will both fit with the Paseo’s and educational. image and promote the area as environmentally conscious. Public Relations Tactic I: Public Relations Objectives: Day at the Paseo Internal -Improve business owners’ continuity in The Paseo will partnership with area schools availability. within driving distance of the Metro to provide -Build positive relationships among affluent both day trips and camps, and daily workshops Business Owners: to provide education and experience in the arts. Running a business alone can be difficult, members of society for the purposes of financial Inkslingers Advertising’s goal was to make the but the diversity of stores in the Paseo can offer support. Paseo’s largest scale community partnership one a degree of togetherness that cannot be found -Build relationships with families that will encourage familiy participation in Paseo events that is based in families. By creating awareness of anywhere else in the state. the Paseo as a place that can provide safety and In order to make the public relations section -Offer the community press releases acquainting them with the histories of various education even to children, it sends a powerful of this campaign successful, owners will need to message about the Paseo’s level of safety and set consistent business hours and provide reliable buildings, businesses, and owners. value to the community. contact information so that consumers will know -Make known the Paseo’s business owners’ that visiting the Paseo IS worth the time, because various community involvements -Create positive and mutually beneficial Public Relations Tactic II: the businesses they want to support will be open. partnerships with area schools and their “Paint it Green” Fesitval students. A fesival capitalizing on the Paseo’s capability to “Go Green” will offer another facet of community Visiting Artists: relations that is currently very popular, while Visiting artists are in a position to contribute also fufilling the campaign recommendation for to the Paseo’s image. By promoting their arrival External Public Relations another, more minor arts festival in the fall. with “Rediscover” collaterals, they can further Artists and visiting artists can provide works strengthen the Paseo’s image and diverse, varied
  21. 21. Communications Tools that have been created with recycled or discarded Public Relations Tactic I: materials. Other alternatives are pieces created Featured Gallery Program with environmentally friendly materials, or Galleries participating in improved availability to help further an environmentally conscious and more stable hours, and meeting a standard Media Relations: message. agreed upon by the Paseo Art Association, will Further possibilities include the participation be eligible for Featured sponsorship. This gallery of other businesses and restaurants with items or Press Releases: would be featured on the website, in collaterals, Edgemere Gallery, as well as the “Paint services that follow this theme. in print advertising, and in radio spots. it Green” Fesitval can provide opportunities Public Relations Tactic III: for coverage by Oklahoma City publications Edgemere Gallery Public Relations Tactic II interested in providing information about events The Paseo has gallery space for visiting artists, Featured Business Program: and occurrences within the city. but what if one of those gallery offered to conate Businesses will be eligible via drawing for Further coverage can result from press releases time once per year for presentation of deserving Featured Business Promotion, to include all of provided to small town news sources within students’ works of art? the promotional materials as Featured Galleries. driving distance. By promoting its wilingness to support the future of the arts, the Paseo opens itself up Public Relations Tactic III: to increaed traffic and awareness, as well as press coverage that doesn’t need to be openly Paseo Internship Program solicited. The Paseo can further its image as educational An alternative is the donation of gallery space by providing internships to college students twice per year, if possible. (also members of one of the target markets) in various areas of operations. Suggestions include Advertising, Public Relations, Design, Business Internal Public Relations Management and Restaurant Management.
  22. 22. Radio Ads PASEO ARTS ASSOCIATION 30-SEC RADIO YOUNG WOMAN 1: Imagine…rediscovering creativity YOUNG MAN 1: Rediscovering diversity YOUNG WOMAN 2: Rediscovering inspiration YOUNG WOMAN 1: Imagine… YOUNG MAN 1: Rediscovering it all…at the Paseo YOUNG WOMAN 2: Where arts and history come alive
  23. 23. Radio Ads PASEO ARTS ASSOCIATION 30-SEC RADIO YOUNG WOMAN: There’s a place in Oklahoma where you can rediscover your inspiration YOUNG MAN: Your passion… YOUNG WOMAN: Your creativity…. YOUNG MAN: At Northwest Twenty-eighth and Walker YOUNG WOMAN: You can rediscover a historic arts district known for its eclectic spirit and colorful character YOUNG MAN So come visit us….rediscover yourself….at the Pah-say-o BOTH: Where arts and history come alive!
  24. 24. Print Ads
  25. 25. Print Ads
  26. 26. Still Banner Ads
  27. 27. Animated Banner Ad