Math 2 Tuesday 6-21-11


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Math 2 Tuesday 6-21-11

  1. 1. Monday June 21, 2011 Math 2 Objectives and Agenda
  2. 2. Math 2 Course Objectives Number sense:  Statistics and probability Represent and use numbers in Collect, organize and represent data equivalent forms Read and interpret data representations Understand meanings of operations and Describe data using numerical descriptions, how they relate to one another statistics and trend terminology Compute fluently and make reasonable Make and evaluate arguments or statements estimates by applying knowledge of data analysis Know and apply basic probability concepts Patterns, functions and algebra  Geometry and measurements Explore, identify, analyze, and extend Use and apply geometric properties and patterns in mathematical and adult relationships to describe the physical world contextual situations and identify and analyze the characteristics of Articulate and represent number and geometric figures data relationships using words, tables, Use transformations and symmetry to and graphs analyze mathematical situations Recognize and use algebraic symbols Specify locations and describe spatial to model mathematical and contextual relationships using coordinate geometry and situations other representational systems Analyze change in various contexts Understand measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems, and processes of measurement and apply appropriate techniques, tools and formulas to determine measurements
  3. 3. What are we doing today? Todayʼs ObjectivesWe will set goals for this class and our education in general.We will check our current understanding of the math concepts covered in Math 2.We will brainstorm places we see and use math in the real world.
  4. 4. Welcome to Math 2!Here are some things you should know… Class schedule Materials to bring with you What will we be studying? Class expectations Class website and Andreaʼs contact info:
  5. 5. Math survey How do you feel about math? Answer honestly - this will help me to customize our class to our interests
  6. 6. Goal Setting What is a goal? Why is it important to set goals? Hopes and dreams for this class Hopes and dreams for education in general
  7. 7. Math 2 -Show what you already know •Used to customize the class to our needs. •We can go more quickly over the things people know, and take more time on the areas we need more help.
  8. 8. Math in the Real World  How can we apply the math skills we learn in class everyday?  Think about the world around us…  Each day, we will have a Math in the Real World problem to get us started with class.  Students are welcome to present a Math in the Real World problem to the class, as well!  Answer garden 
  9. 9. Exit CardOne thing I think will be interesting about this class is ________.One question I have about this class is _________________?One thing I want Andrea to know is___________.
  10. 10. Thanks for a great day! See you all back again tomorrow… Same time, same place!