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  1. 1. Thursday August 11, 2011 Hubbs Center - ELL 7 Agenda and Objectives
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives...We will complete an evaluation about thisclass.We will continue to self edit and peer edit ourpapers.We will share our final projects in smallgroups.We will discuss the relationships betweencharacters in the play.We will check out some videos and extrasrelated to Romeo and Juliet.
  3. 3. Course EvaluationPlease take a few minutes to tell your honestopinion about this class.By giving your honest opinion, you will helpmake this class better in future.Do not put your names on the evaluations.You can turn them in to the folder on the backdesk when you finish.Then, begin working on self/peer editing yourfinal projects.
  4. 4. Self Editing and Peer Editing our Writing What is self editing? Why do we self edit? What is peer editing? Why do we peer edit?*As you are self editing, make corrections to your paper.*As you are peer editing, do not make corrections. Write comments or make editing marks, but let the author make the corrections.
  5. 5. Self Edit Peer Edit Editing T a s k After Editing T a s k After Comments and finishing finishing Suggestions each each task, put task, put a here: a here:Main idea The main idea is clear in The main idea is clear in the first sentence of my the first sentence of the paper. paper. Every sentence in my Every sentence in the paper is connected to my paper is connected to the main idea. main idea.Punctuation I read my paper out loud I read the paper out loud to see where to stop or to see where to stop or pause for commas, pause for commas, periods, question marks or periods, question marks or exclamation points. exclamation points. I used quotation marks if I Quotation marks are used needed to. if needed.Capital The beginning of each The beginning of eachLetter s sentence has a capital sentence has a capital letter. letter. Every proper noun has a Every proper noun has a capital letter. capital letter.
  6. 6. Grammar My sentences are The sentences are complete thoughts with a complete thoughts with a noun and a verb. No run noun and a verb. No run on sentences. on sentences. I have varied my sentence There are varied sentence types (not all simple types (not all simple sentences). sentences). Spelling I checked spelling and I checked spelling and fixed words that didn’t look circled words that didn’t right by looking in the look right to me. dictionary. adapted from: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/printouts/editing-checklist-self-peer-30232.htmlComments, Questions, Suggestions or Ideas for the author about his/her paper:I liked______________________________________________________________________________________________________________.I wonder___________________________________________________________________________________________________________.Other comments:
  7. 7. Final Project SharingNow, we will get together in small groupsto share our final projects.Each person can decide if he/she wouldlike to share his/her project.
  8. 8. Videos and ExtrasIf there’s time, we can take a look atsome videos and extra Romeo and Julietmaterials.