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  1. 1. WednesdayAugust 10, 2011Hubbs Center - Math 2Agenda and Objectives
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives...We will review and discuss roundingdecimals - HW p. 92 and 83.We will show what we have learnedabout multiplication, division, fractionsand decimals on a skills assessment.
  3. 3. Review: Rounding Decimals What are the steps for rounding decimals? 1. 2. 3.Round 46.327 to the nearest hundredth.
  4. 4. Review: Rounding DecimalsRound 2.84 to the nearest tenth.Round 2.84 to the nearest whole number.Round 2.84 to the nearest whole number and 0.72 to thenearest tenth. Then, find the sum of the rounded numbers.Rounding flash cards: matching game: on Rounding Decimals - for more review: book-demo/ph-733s.html
  5. 5. HW: p. 92 and 83
  6. 6. Ready to show what you know? This skills assessment will only be on: multiplication division fractions decimalsDo your best - use what we have discussed in class to help you!