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Anne bradstreet


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American Lit project

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Anne bradstreet

  1. 1. Verse 5 Anne writes this verseI am obnoxious to each carping recognizing that the tongue accomplishment of womenWho says my hand a needle is treated as naught. better fits Society does not acceptA poet’s pen all scorn I should women’s wit or intellect as thus wrong, equal to that of men. SheFor such despite they cast on also expresses that she is female wits: looked down upon forIf what I do prove well, it won’t even endeavoring in advance, poetry and that she’d beThey’ll say it’s stolen, or else it was “better off” taking care of by chance household duties.
  2. 2. Verse 7 This verse verbalizes that it isLet Greeks be Greeks, and accepted in society that women what they are men’s accomplishmentsMen have precedency and still are viewed as the excel precedent, while women’sIt is but vain unjustly to wage war; accomplishments areMen can do best, and women “swept under the rug.” She know it well also expresses that toPreeminence in all and each is argue this [at this time] yours; would be to wage a war inYet grant some small vain. Women are aware of acknowlegement of ours this stigma, but Anne still petitions for an ounce of recognition.