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Novotel Auckland Ellerslie

  1. 1. Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Ariana, Andrea & Emily
  2. 2. What is Novotel?• Novotel Ellerslie is a premier four star hotel in Auckland• The hotel is part of a large chain that owns hotels worldwide• It has 144 contemporary rooms with the option of a superior room or suite• It is located just 10 minutes from Auckland’s CBD and 25 minutes from Auckland Airport• The Novotel Ellerslie has an award winning restaurant called the Acacia Restaurant Garden Bar. Here guests can experience the live cooking station, where they can watch as the chef cooks a meal of their choice from the buffet. There is also the Doubletree Bar which features a landscaped beer garden• It is equipped with a gym, conference rooms, business centre and complimentary parking
  3. 3. Taking a closer look..• The international Accor Hospitality Group has won awards for its ‘Earth Guest’ sustainability program. Every New Zealand Novotel has Green Globe silver certification.• All energy consuming devices were identified and loadings recorded. Information was collated into a spreadsheet that showed where energy was being consumed, the running costs of devices, and savings opportunities. The property was built in 2000, so had a range of efficient technologies including advanced insulation. It’s also actively managing energy efficiency, and found a dozen steps the business could take that would cut its annual energy bills by over $20,000.
  4. 4. Sustainability• Installing sensors to switch off lights in areas not being used, and replacing incandescent lamps with efficient compact fluorescent lamps• Fitting hot water flow regulators in showers and basins, a move that would also generate additional savings of $30,000 in water usage.• They take part in the EarthCheck program, which is an international environmental program that provides solutions to environmental issues such as climate change and waste reduction• 100% of Novotel’s hotels committed to the EarthCheck certification by 2012
  5. 5. Cost effective initiatives• The opportunities identified could all be achieved either through low cost ‘housekeeping’ changes or minimal capital investment ($10,000 or less).• The ideas included installing sensors to switch off lights in areas not being used, and replacing incandescent lamps with efficient compact fluorescent lamps. The most expensive item on the list was an automatic power factor correction unit, (around $9,300).•• One of the steps involved fitting hot water flow regulators in showers and basins, a move that would also generate additional savings of $30,000 in water usage. These savings are so significant, Accor has applied it to all its NZ hotels.
  6. 6. Key Benefits• Potential energy reduction of 283,908kWh per year (7.6% of total consumption)• Savings of $20,375 per year (6.6% of total cost)• Further $30,000 annual saving in water costs• Reduction in CO2 emissions: 63.21 t/yr• Reduce energy consumption per room night from 51.72kWh to 47.82 kWh• Reduce energy cost per room night from $4.38 to $4.09• Other Tourism Energy Efficiency Program-audited businesses report average cost savings of 15%
  7. 7. Planet 21Novotel takes part in the Planet 21 program, ‘the accor sustainable developmentprogram’ which has 21 commitments to sustainability. So far Novotel has achieved 7 ofthese which are:• Health: 78% of their hotels offer eco-labeled products 81% of the hotels promote balanced dishes in their restaurants 91% of the hotels organize prevention training for staff• Nature: 92% of their hotels fit their showers and taps with flow regulators 80% of their hotels recycle their waste 247 hotels are taking part in the Plant for the Planet reforestation project• Carbon: 89% of their hotels use energy saving bulbs for their 24 hour lighting 99% of their hotels monitor and analyze their energy consumption every month 15 of their hotels use renewable energy sources; 11 of those have thermal solar panels
  8. 8. Planet 21• Innovation: 28% of the hotels have at least 3 environmentally friendly features in their rooms (e.g. bedding, bath linen or paper) 30% of their hotels use eco-labeled welcome products• Local: Almost 6,500 employees have been trained in combating sex tourism involving children 52% of their hotels buy and promote local food products 75% of their hotels protect local ecosystems by banning endangered seafood• Employment: 95% of their hotels organize language training for employees 88% of our hotels organize training to combat psychosocial risks• Dialog: Novotel has been committed to the international EarthCheck environmental and social certification program since 2008. 140 of our hotels have received an environmental certification (ISO 14001 or EarthCheck) 39% of franchised hotels meet the required standards for the Accor 21 Charte
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