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Documentary analysis the devil made me do it.


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docu analysis

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Documentary analysis the devil made me do it.

  1. 1. Documentary analysis The devil made me do it
  2. 2. Type of documentary • Mixed • Part narrated • With vox pop interveiws
  3. 3. Themes • Religion • Extremism • Satanism • Music's influence • Music • Punishment • Murder • Control • Youth • Irresponsibility • Parental control
  4. 4. Narrative structure • Linier, story told from beginning to end. • At end after equilibrium is resolved there is a summarising credit. • Parallel narrative murder and Manson • Before the incident, reconstruction • After the incident investigation.
  5. 5. Camera work • Talking head conforms to rule of thirds, however low angle and hat making a shadow makes Manson look like he is hiding something. And as if he is powerful and could get the girls to murder. • High angle of police , cctv, covert, voyeurism.
  6. 6. Mise-en-scene • Hat creates a shadow during interview makes Manson look like he is hiding something. • Brother interview there is religious paraphernalia in background.
  7. 7. sound • Non diegetic backing music changes on who is in shot.
  8. 8. editing • Editing changes tempo during the reconstruction and gig shots • But the cuts are longer when the interviews are on • Multiple sets of cut away shots are used.
  9. 9. Archive material • News material • Manson's gigs • Cctv
  10. 10. graphics • Dates • Titles • Credits • Names • Places.