Traditional canadian food


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There are loads of traditional dishes, and here are just a few worth noting.

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Traditional canadian food

  1. 1. Canadian FoodWhat are the highlights and most traditional dishes?
  2. 2. IntroductionAlthough Canadian food isn’t as well known assome other cuisines, their tie to France givesthem the perfect platform for amazing food andculinary creations.A lot of this food covered is available at Just-Eatwho specialise in food delivery.
  3. 3. Maple SyrupThe cultural significance toCanada and the maple leaf pegsthe way to this delicious sweettreat. It is made by taking out thesap of the maple tree andcombining it with sugar, atradition that has been carried outfor a number of years.There are many brandsspecialising in syrup and remains apopular export for the country.
  4. 4. PoutineThis dish recently won a poll for the most associated food to Canadathere is! The tradition of poutine started at street food markets, wherethe addition of cheese curd was added to chips/fries and gravy tocreate this tasty comfort food. There are many variations of the recipeand a lot of the regional fast food and pizza delivery outlets supply thisas a core offering on their menu.
  5. 5. Butter TartsThese small sweet tarts arereminiscent of Frenchpatisserie, something that is closeto the heart of many Canadianpeople. These tarts have a fillingof sugar-like caramel and havebeen baked to perfection.They are extremely sweet andmoreish, and for good reason!
  6. 6. Salmon JerkyThese strips of dried andmarinated salmon are veryaddictive and tasty. Terriyakiflavouring is popular and a smokeymarinade is another option.The fish is dried out with theflavouring and is sold as snackfood. Although other meats areavailable, salmon continues to bethe most popular.
  7. 7. PierogiPierogies have an easternEuropean heritage, but havefound their way into thetraditional food of Canada.They are simply smalldumplings with potato andfilled with other ingredientssuch as mice lamb,sauerkraut or herbs.
  8. 8. Are you inspired?These are great recipes to track down if you findyourself in the USA or in Canada. There are alsorecipes online available to try them at home, oryou can simply order takeout as many of thesedishes are available for ordering.There is more information on this available onthis great Squidoo page.
  9. 9. Thank you!