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Human Shields


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Hamas uses human shields

Published in: News & Politics
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Human Shields

  1. 1. Hamas Method of Operation “ Human Shield” מגן אנושי
  2. 2. Use in Attacks Use in Defense <ul><li>“ Human Shield” – The deliberate use of civilians and public infrastructure to protect Hamas military assets from potential IDF strikes. </li></ul><ul><li>The use of civilians as “Human Shields”, violates international laws of warfare and is a complete disregard for human life. Hamas employs this illegal and terrorist tactic for defensive and offensive purposes in the Gaza Strip. </li></ul>Civilians as “Human Shields” Rockets fired in to Israel from densely populated residential area of Beit Lahiya Civilians gathered on targeted rooftop to serve as “Human Shields” and prevent IDF strike מגן אנושי
  3. 3. According to Hamas’ English website, Nizar Rayyan , a senior Hamas military commander, first used “Human Shields” in the Gaza Strip two years ago. Gazan residents were round up and strategically placed on the rooftops of terrorist buildings that were targets for IAF strikes. Since then, the use of “Human Shields” became the official Hamas Method of Operation. Nizar Rayyan was killed in an IAF strike during Operation Cast Lead. Nizar Rayyan – Established the use of “Human Shields” as Hamas Method of Operation מגן אנושי
  4. 4. <ul><li>Several examples of Hamas deliberately using Gazan residents as “Human Shields”: </li></ul>Rockets launch from crowded residential areas Military infrastructure manufactured and stored in public buildings Civilians gathered on targeted rooftops to serve as “Human Shields” 2 1 3 “ Human Shields” – Methods of Use מגן אנושי
  5. 5. Hamas militant about to fire Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Rockets Fired from Residential Areas <ul><li>Hamas’ standard method of operation - firing rockets from densely populated areas. Blatant disregard for human life and property. </li></ul>Rocket fired from residential backyard מגן אנושי
  6. 6. Hamas launching rockets from cemetery <ul><li>University of Islam in Gaza serves as a terrorist base for Hamas and a research and development center for weaponry </li></ul>Universities Hamas Military Operations in Public Areas Schools <ul><li>Hamas militants who policed the streets, were stationed in a Han Yunis school </li></ul><ul><li>UNRWA’s school served as a munitions storage site for Hamas </li></ul>Cemeteries <ul><li>Rockets and mortars fired from inside cemeteries </li></ul>מגן אנושי
  7. 7. Hamas Military Operations in Public Areas Hospitals Mosques <ul><li>Central command of Hamas’ northern police force was relocated to Kam’el Adwuan Hospital </li></ul><ul><li>Shifa Hospital serves as hiding place for Hamas militants </li></ul>5 Grad rockets launched nearby Mosque <ul><li>Hamas militants have relocated several of their military command stations to mosques </li></ul><ul><li>Mortars and rockets are launched nearby mosques </li></ul>מגן אנושי
  8. 8. Hamas Military Operations in Public Areas Rockets Launched from Schools Rockets fired from UNWRA Elementary School in Beit Hanoun Rockets fired from elementary school yard מגן אנושי
  9. 9. Hamas Military Operations in Civilian Residences Tunnel Opening Uncovered Under Baby Crib Baby Crib Tunnel Opening מגן אנושי
  10. 10. 2 1 3 Hamas Military Operations in Civilian Residences Rockets Manufactured in Residence in Northern Gaza Strip Tunnel Opening in Floor of Residence מגן אנושי
  11. 11. Hamas Military Operations in Humanitarian Aid Vehicles Hamas Militant Gunfire from U.N. Ambulance מגן אנושי
  12. 12. Translation: The Shaheed Commander Muhammad Salamah Hallas, Senior Member of &quot; Arieah Shejeria” Special Force Unit Aslam Shahuuan, Ministry of Interior Spokesman for Hamas (5/1/09): “Men in uniform have been declared targets for air strikes. As a result, while outside in the terrain, uniforms are to be discarded and civilian clothes are to be worn.” Hamas Military Operations in Civilian Clothing Hamas Militant Launching Rocket in Civilian Clothing from Residential Area מגן אנושי
  13. 13. Women and Children as “Human Shields” <ul><li>Senior Hamas militants use women and children as “Human Shields”. </li></ul><ul><li>Their purpose is to protect Hamas military structures that are potential targets for IDF strikes. If they refuse, they are subject to physical harm, even death. </li></ul>Entrenched Gunman Firing Surrounded by Children Rocket Launched in Site Surrounded by a Group of Children מגן אנושי
  14. 14. Fahhi Hammed – Hamas spokesman, explaining the policy of Hamas to deliberately use the Palestinian population as “Human Shields” in the fight against Israel. (March 2008) “ Human Shields” as Official Hamas Policy מגן אנושי