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Hello! Hey, punker, what kind of painting you use?
Cubist? Suprarealist?Dadaist?
c'mon, be happy, I was bad, but is the la...
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When Google, Restricte Your Access Without Reason


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Published in: Technology, Business
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When Google, Restricte Your Access Without Reason

  1. 1. Hello! Hey, punker, what kind of painting you use? Cubist? Suprarealist?Dadaist? c'mon, be happy, I was bad, but is the last TIME when I will be (BAD!!!);But I'm up-set (I have louder settings);I think this quot;PARA- METHA-NOYAquot; is deffine like quot;OVERREACTINGquot;; Be sure they assure even funerrals-I have insurance; TITLE: C'est quoi ca? Et pour qoui? Ouriel, vous peut ecrivez une reponse aux mes inquietudes? Hello! How's the wheater in KUMPULAN? Hello, beauty! I'm glad to see a smiling face, because I'm up-set; please show toMr. USA OBAMA president what I MUST tell you: Hello, Yaro! Never, some people don't be nice like people from MyBlogLog; But others try to STOP me, not for TRUE, but for HIDE their own TERRIFFYING SECRETS; Is not the end of the world, but when I see just few are agree and have the courage to say that, because A LOT KNOWS what I'd wrote is TRUE, but they VOTE CONTRARY, by simple fact they SWARED TO BE BAD, AND THEIR SLAVERY, CONSTRAINTS WHOLE WORLD to keep silence; SURROUNDED by SPIES, a single PERSSON is vulnerable; Whole I already discover or deduced I'd present here, to you; Wikipedia says:” when a persson, make some affirmations, there is an entire army of quot;psychologysts”, thats try to convicte you to having quot;PARANOYAquot;-WIKIPEDIA affirm, but this quot;encyclopediaquot; it's changing at the wish of the the FISH=SHARK(S)quot;; Hello! I'm sure the first day of work will be single as deception; Why? I don't know if you, the people from MyBlogLog, know if I have done something good or not; now somepeople try to stop me,....., and makes me to act very uggly; In 1989, somebody says, that in Romania, the democracy will be full after 20 years; I think the rest of the world copy the TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM from Romania, not Romania copy the DEMOCRACY; Hello, Lady ! I'm sure you will try to transmitte my short message to Mr USA president OBAMA, esquire, because AWESOME come to tell you : quot; try to OBSTRUCT me in a unffair manor; They CUT my access at my 35 groupsquot;; Hello! I hope you are well! I observe you just stay and watch; You are wise like a snakes and have patience like four men; I think I knew at the begining who are you: Hello! I'm sure you are well!; me... I'm upset; and that's for: Hello! How are you? Romantic?I don't know why, but I see you different than other womens! Hello! Google interdicted my access to my 35 groups, even from 20,000 subscribers, have an amount of 600,000 subscribers; I told to webmaster, in three days, his section will have again 20,000 people; I don't wanna say, that's illegal in my point of view, because I help Google, even when they try to stop me, by destroying folders, by enter in my server, by interrupt my conection in NET; Why? Because it's a prt from Google magyar and in the last days, a divession convivced all odds that is a diplomatic conflict; Basescu-presidentRO, invent these scenarios because this year is an electoral for presidency in ROMANIA and for him does'n't matter what ROMANIA loose, he wanna just be president again AWESOME