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Enhancing Performance (SQL        Describes how to improve database performance, query
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Discuss Amazon

  1. 1. Discussions in related communities Discussion Replies Latest Post leadership 147 1 day ago Who are the fresh voices in leadership theory? marketing 3 1 day ago Help! marketing 4 4 days ago how to grow small business leadership 1 6 days ago Leadership as relational work leadership 18 7 days ago Leadership Practice leadership 32 7 days ago Is it leadership or management? business 0 11 days ago Winning in the 5th Quarter business 33 15 days ago Smart, Intelligent, & Broke... Provides the basics of building and deploying applications that use SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition. Topic Description Getting Started with SQL Server Provides information to help you begin working with the SQL Compact Edition Books Online Server Compact Edition documentation. What's New (SQL Server Describes what's new in SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition. Compact Edition) Overview of SQL Server Describes the SQL Server Compact Edition components, Compact Edition architecture, and environment. Installing SQL Server Compact Provides the hardware and software requirements for SQL Server Edition Compact Edition and installing SQL Server Compact Edition. Describes the SQL Server Compact Edition Database Engine, and Working with Databases (SQL how to secure, use, maintain, access, change, and query SQL Server Compact Edition) Server Compact Edition databases. Describes exchanging data between SQL Server Compact Edition Managing Connectivity (SQL and a SQL Server database with remote data access (RDA) or Server Compact Edition) replication.
  2. 2. Enhancing Performance (SQL Describes how to improve database performance, query Server Compact Edition) performance, and application performance. User Interface Reference (SQL Provides information about tools and utilities for installation, Server Compact Edition) configuration, wizards, and dialog boxes. How To (SQL Server Compact Provides information about completing common SQL Server Edition) Compact Edition tasks. SQL Server Compact Edition Provides tutorials for key SQL Server Compact Edition tasks. Tutorials Troubleshooting (SQL Server Provides information for solving problems with SQL Server Compact Edition) Compact Edition. See Also Other Resources SQL Server Compact Edition Programming Help and Information Getting SQL Server Compact Edition Assistance Documentation Feedback Microsoft values your feedback. To rate this topic and send feedback about this topic to the documentation team, click a rating, and then click Send Feedback. For assistance with support issues, refer to the technical support information included with the product. 1 2 3 4 5 Outstanding Poor Send Feedback To e-mail your feedback to Microsoft, click here: © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.