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USU DigitalCommons

  1. 1. Building Towards Critical Mass Promoting the USU Digital Commons to researchers and students. Prepared by: Andrew Wesolek May, 2011
  2. 2. Some Benefits of the IR: The intellectual capital of the institution is centralized and accessible Enhances institutional prestige Demonstrates institutional value Enhances intellectual freedom
  3. 3. If you build it, they will come… <ul><li>Three reasons for faculty resistance: </li></ul>Perception that self-archiving will eat into research and writing time. Language barriers Copyright issues /
  4. 4. A two-pronged approach: Faculty Community Critical Mass!
  5. 5. First: Incentivize! Develop departmental-based reward system Provide usage statistics to individuals Integrate existing personal websites Collaborate with other institutional repositories so an authors work is more findable
  6. 6. Second: Add value and educate Eliminate self-archiving Build relationships with researchers Establish an institutional policy
  7. 7. How to promote use? Two themes: Raise awareness Harness school spirit
  8. 10. Additional Methods: In-library displays to promote new publications via the IR Create physical displays for use in departmental offices Become part of the digital landscape!
  9. 11. Keys to reaching Critical Mass: Incentivize contributions to the IR Build relationships with researchers Promote, promote, promote! Harness school spirit