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CIPLC Campus Tour 2012


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Published in: Education, Travel
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CIPLC Campus Tour 2012

  1. 1. The only way into campus is through the security gate.
  2. 2. Our main middle/high school building
  3. 3. Go to our main office or admissions when you arrive.
  4. 4. The buses arrive and leave from within campus.
  5. 5. CIPLC added a third floor of classrooms in 2011.
  6. 6. The newest buildings horseshoe around a small grass area.
  7. 7. The main cantina area with main offices in the background.
  8. 8. The cantina offers daily homemade meals and takeaway.
  9. 9. Early years classrooms are well equipped for active learners.
  10. 10. Classrooms have varied desk layouts.
  11. 11. Elementary classes enjoy large homeroom classes.
  12. 12. Main campus offices for finance, the director, and operations.
  13. 13. Middle school classrooms are great for classes and meetings.
  14. 14. Desks arranged around the Smartboard in a highschool classroom.
  15. 15. Middle and High school students congregate around their lockers outside of the counselor and admissions offices.
  16. 16. Many classes share use of a large multi-purpose room.
  17. 17. Middle school meetings are usually held in the multi-purpose room, which was our former library in 2008.
  18. 18. The new purpose-built library was added in 2009.
  19. 19. Library classes are offered to the elementary grades.
  20. 20. Staff meetings are often held in the elementary media lab.
  21. 21. The campus is wifi and device friendly. Most faculty and many students bring devices to school daily.
  22. 22. CIPLC is mainly a Windows school, but several Macs are in the library. Most staff use both systems interchangeably.
  23. 23. Smartboards are part of the 21st Century culture at CIPLC.
  24. 24. A secure campus and beautiful weather allow classes the opportunity to be held outside.
  25. 25. Don’t be surprised to see a few local species on campus.