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Designing your online or blended learning course


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Designing your online or blended learning course

  1. 1. Designing your onlineor blended learningcourseClive BuckleyCentre for learning, teaching and assessmentGlyndwr University
  2. 2. StopThis is not aboutputting classroomnotes and PowerPointslides onto Moodle
  3. 3. It is about the learningnot the technology
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. face-to-face context, and the waythey behave in an online contextare two totally different things,and content should be tailor -(Associate Professor Rick Bennett)“...the way that people behave in amade to suit those differences.”
  6. 6. Think Differently
  7. 7. “Every university in theworld thought they wereinnovating by introducing avirtual learning environment”
  8. 8. Existing face-to-face contentand teaching strategies willusually not work assuccessfully in an onlinecontext without modificationDo not simply re-useclassroom materials
  9. 9. Unlocking themedium
  10. 10. Digital Native ǂ Digital Literate ?Not all the „net generation‟are digital natives ordigitally literate – but somemay be
  11. 11. Blended Learning
  12. 12. Blended Learning ApproachesAvoid duplicationAvoid „gimmicks‟Develop activities thatbenefit from the technologyActive not passiveStart slow and evaluateExplain!
  13. 13. Some ideasForum / ConferenceAuthentic LearningCollaborationProductTime sensitive
  14. 14. Nearly Now ConferenceNearly Now ConferenceTakes place over a restrictedperiod of timeDebate / project /problem basedCollaboration andSynthesis
  15. 15. Other ToolsBlogsWikisPodcastsScreencastingTwitter
  16. 16. Fully OnlineRecognize that on-lineis differentProvide ScaffoldingFacilitate and Measureengagement
  17. 17. The Issue of Self
  18. 18. The Essence ofCommunity
  19. 19. Thank youClive BuckleyApril 2013
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