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Maharishi Clean Energy Japan


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Maharishi Clean Energy Japan

  1. 1. 1 Maharishi Clean EnergyDeveloping World-class MEGA Solar for Japan Confidential Property of MCE JAPAN 2/28/2013
  2. 2. 2 Maharishi Clean Energy Japan (1 of 3)Maharishi Clean Energy JAPAN (“MCEJ”) is an Independent PowerProducer (“IPP”) whose business is to develop, own and manage utility-scale clean energy assets. Confidential Property of MCE JAPANMCEJ is a long-term (20+ year) asset owner and operator.MCEJ’s mission is to support the Maharishi Consciousness BasedEducation programs, particularly in developing nations; and the MaharishiGlobal Peace Initiative, a groundbreaking program to create coherence incollective consciousness.MCEJ is a joint-venture betweenMaharishi Solar Peace Parks, Japan,and the Clean Power Group, USA. (see: ) 2/28/2013
  3. 3. 3 Maharishi Clean Energy Japan (2 of 3)MCEJ develops meaningful 5 - 50+MWp clean power projects in Japanwith the flexibility to apply best-of-breed energy solutions to specificlocations and requirements.MCEJ contributes the essential development expertise with regional Confidential Property of MCE JAPANmarket knowledge to apply the best technologies with Engineering,Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) management for optimal projectfinancing and Asset Management (operations and maintenance) for eachlocation.MCEJ develops environmental responsible, sensible, sustainable, andprofitable clean energy generating power plants.MCEJ strives to preserve Japan’s natural environments by only utilizinglow resource valued lands, thus preserving farming, endangered habitat,flora and fauna. 2/28/2013
  4. 4. 4 Maharishi Clean Energy Japan (3 of 3)We strive to improve communities through significant Clean Energyinfrastructure investments and by creating valuable local CleanTech jobsthat will provide long-term local economic stability.Valuable Community Benefits Include: Confidential Property of MCE JAPAN • Stimulate sustainable economic development • Create new employment opportunities, including CleanTech job training • Improve public health by reducing the burning of fossil fuels, and dependence on Nuclear energy • Ameliorate air quality problems • Increase the diversity and reliability of the energy mixFor more information please see (under construction) 2/28/2013
  5. 5. 5 MCE Japan Team Maharishi Clean Energy Japan (“MCEJ”) is formed by leading Japanese and International; Solar, Energy, Finance, Land Acquisition, EPC construction , Asset Management and Legal executives, to proactively develop the growing need for utility-scale renewable energy in Japan. Together the team provides the expertise in energy development, EPC construction, project & corporate financing and asset management (operations & maintenance) with the credibility and professional network to deliver effective renewable energy generation facilities. Confidential Property of MCE JAPAN 2/28/2013Alexander von Welczeck; Dr. Raja John Konhaus; Dirk Michels (JD); Mark Merner; John Parsons; Morihiro Machida; Charles P. Kuffner; and, Shizuo Suzuki
  6. 6. 6 Experience and References MCEJ Executives enjoy meaningful Experience, a Global Network and investment-grade Credibility• Maharishi Global has been active in Japan for 35+ years including owning both operating businesses and real estate assets.• Co-founded, and as CEO of Solar Power Partners (now NRG Solar, America’s leading solar Independent Power Producer), completed over 40 PV projects Confidential Property of MCE JAPAN• As President of leading general contractor Swinerton Builders conceived and established Southwest US’s leading solar EPC contracting business• Secured solar project financing debt and/or ITC tax equity from Bank of America, US Bank, TD Banknorth, Macquarie, PNC, John Hancock, and others• Conceived and Originated “2011 Solar Deal of the Year” Soitec (fm. Concentrix) 305MW of PPA’s with SDG&E including localization of 100MW capacity CPV factory in San Diego• In the USA, developing multiple projects including 138MW Independence Solar in Inyo County, CA for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power• In Northwest Mexico developing a portfolio of <30MW CFE utility projects totaling 2/28/2013 300+MW in 2013/14
  7. 7. MCEJ Portfolio I (1 of 2) 7MCEJ currently is developing it’s Portfolio I made up of ten+ 5-50+MWJapanese FIT PV solar projects with the plan to finance 250+MW, or about¥100 Billion in 2013/14 PORTFOLIO I In Formation MW FIT IRR Developer Investor EPC PV Supply (AC) Rate unleve Co-Developer Equity Project Name J Yen red Partner Confidential Property of MCE JAPAN TOTAL 2/28/2013
  8. 8. 8 Maharishi Clean EnergyDeveloping World-class MEGA Solar for Japan Confidential Property of MCE JAPAN 2/28/2013