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Professional organization


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Professional organization

  1. 1. Professional Association- regional, national and internationalPrepared to: Augusta Rosario A. VillamaterPrepared by: Angelique L. Guce II-BLIS
  2. 2. Librarians have bandedtogether in professionalassociations to solvecommon problems and toadvance the profession.
  3. 3. These professionalassociations addressissues such as financialsupport for libraries,censorship, andcooperative acquisition oflibrary materials.
  4. 4. They also attempt toinfluence legislation thataffects libraries, establishpolicies and standardsrelating to libraries andlibrarians, and supportcontinuing education forlibrarians.
  5. 5. Most professional librariansbelong to at least one professionalorganization. This is the largest andmost influential library associations.
  6. 6. American LibraryAssociation (ALA)Founded by Melvil Dewey and othersin 1876, is the oldest and largest libraryassociation in the world.
  7. 7. The ALA holds a largeannual conference eachsummer, as well as amidwinter meeting each year.
  8. 8. The association ishighly influential in thepublishing field and inlobbying on behalf oflibrarians.
  9. 9. American Association of LawLibrarians (AALL)It was founded in 1966 to promoteand enhance the value law librariesto the legal and public communities,to foster the profession of lawlibrarianship, and to provideleadership in the field of legalinformation.
  10. 10. American of College andResearch Libraries (ACRL) It is for academic and research librarians.
  11. 11. Association for Library Collections &and Technical Services (ALCTS)It is a resource for informationspecialists in collectiondevelopment, preservation, andtechnical services.
  12. 12. Canadian Library Association(CLA)Founded in 1946, is the nationallibrary association of Canada.It holds an annual conferencefeaturing workshops, exhibits, andawards ceremonies to presentresearch grants and scholarships.
  13. 13. Library AssociationFounded in 1877, the LibraryAssociation consists of membersthroughout the United Kingdom andin more than 100 countries aroundthe world.It maintains headquarters inLondon, England.
  14. 14. Special Libraries Association(SLA)Founded in 1909, has a largemembership drawn from various typesof special libraries.It offers continuing educationcourses and publishes a range ofprofessional materials for speciallibrarians.
  15. 15. Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE)Founded in 1915, is the professionalassociation for faculty members in schoolsof library and information science.Its purpose is to promoteexcellence in education for libraryand information science.
  16. 16. American Society forInformation Science (ASIS)It was founded in 1937 as the AmericanDocumentation Institute, and changed itsname to its present one in 1967.Its members work to develop newand better theories, techniques, andtechnologies to improve access toinformation.
  17. 17. Association of Research Libraries (ARL)Founded in 1932, represents thelibraries of North American researchinstitutions.The organization addresses issuescommon to research libraries, such asteaching, research, communityservice, and scholarship.
  18. 18. Society of American Archivists(SAA)It begun in 1936, is an association ofarchivists, librarians, record managers,historians, and manuscript curators.It provides leadership to help ensurethe identification, preservation, and useof the nation’s historical records.
  19. 19. Library Leadership andManagement Association (LLAMA)It helps individualsacquire the skills andknowledge needed to beleaders in theirprofession.
  20. 20. Library and Information TechnologyAssociation (LITA)It is for anyone interestedin leading edge technologyand applications for librariansand information providers.
  21. 21. Public Library Association(PLA)It advances thedevelopment andeffectiveness of public libraryservice and public librarians.
  22. 22. Reference & and UserServices Association (RUSA)It supports the delivery of general libraryservices and materials, and the provision ofreference and information services,collection’s development, reader’sadvisory, and resource sharing for all ages,in every type of library.
  23. 23. Young Adult Library ServicesAssociation (YALSA)It advocates, promotes, andstrengthens library service to teens,ages 12-18, as part of thecontinuum of total library services,and supports those who providelibrary service to this population.
  24. 24. Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA)An agency of the Education and WorkforceDevelopment Cabinet.It assures equitable access to library andinformation resources and services and by helpspublic agencies ensure that documentation ofgovernment programs is created, efficientlymaintained and made readily accessible.
  25. 25. Kentucky Library Association(KLA)Provides leadership for thedevelopment, promotion andimprovement of library andinformation services and theprofession of librarianship in order toenhance and ensure access toinformation for all.
  26. 26. Medical Association Library(MLA)Educates health informationprofessionals, supports healthinformation research, promotes accessto the world’s health’s sciencesinformation, and works to ensure thatthe best health information is availableto all.
  27. 27. International Library ProgramsSeveral professional organizations and privatefoundations around the world work to promoteinternational cooperation in establishing newlibraries and in improving service at existinglibraries. These organizations also providelibrarians with international forums in which theycan exchange ideas, develop networks forsharing resources, and create compatiblestandards and protocols for various libraryprocedures.
  28. 28. International Federation of LibraryAssociations and Institutions (IFLA)It is an independent association thatrepresents libraries and library associationsaround the world.It advises libraries on matters such asinterlibrary loan practices, copyright laws, librarybuilding design, and development of legal depositregulations that entitle national libraries to receivecopies of every work registered for copyright intheir respective countries.
  29. 29. United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) It promotes international cooperation in the areas of education, science, culture, and communication.
  30. 30. International Federation forDocumentation and Information It is one of the world’s oldest and mostinfluential international libraryorganizations.Founded in 1895 in Brussels, Belgium, bybibliographers Henri LaFontaine and PaulOtlet, who first developed the UniversalDecimal Classification system.
  31. 31. International Council on Archives (ICA)It is an alliance of archival institutions,professional associations, andindividual professional archivists.Founded in 1948, the ICA isconcerned with the management ofrecords and archives in all media andformats throughout their life cycle.
  32. 32. British CouncilIt is the United Kingdom’s internationalnetwork for education, culture, anddevelopment services.It has established libraries in manycountries of Latin America, EasternEurope, Asia, and Africa, all managed bylocal staff.
  33. 33. It has also developedan online library basedin Helsinki, Finland, thatis available to otherlibraries around theworld.
  34. 34. U.S. Department of StatePrograms, maintains about 150information resource centers in morethan 110 countriesThe centers feature electronic equipmentthat can rapidly deliver informationpromoting U.S. interests to foreigngovernments, media, and educationalinstitutions.
  35. 35. International Association ofSchool Librarianship (IASL)Founded in 1971, the IASL alsopromotes collaboration among librariesin all countries, including the lendingand exchanging of library materials.It encourages the development ofschool libraries and library programsthroughout the world.
  36. 36. Professional Organization in thePhilippinesAcademic Libraries BookAcquisition Systems Association(ALBASA)Academic Libraries InformationNetwork (ALINET)Agricultural Librarians Associationof the Philippines (ALAP)
  37. 37. ASEAN University NetworkInter-Library Online(AUNILO)Association of SpecialLibraries of the Philippines(ASLP)
  38. 38. Inter-Institutional Consortium(I-IC) (now known as SouthManila Consortium)Library and InformationScience Students NetworkMedical & Health LibrariansAssociation of the Philippines,Inc. (MAHLAP)
  39. 39. National Committee onLibraries and InformationPhilippine Association ofAcademic/ResearchLibrarians (PAARL)Philippine Association ofSchool Librarians
  40. 40. Philippine Association ofTeachers of Library andInformation Science (PATLS)Philippine Group of LawLibrarians (PGLL)Philippine LibrariansAssociation (PLAI)
  41. 41. Philippine Library MaterialsProject FoundationPhilippine Public LibrariansLeague (formerly the PublicLibrarians Association of thePhilippines)Philippine Society of Librariansand Information Specialist (PSLIS)
  42. 42. Philippine TheologicalLibrarians Association, Inc.(PTLA)Public LibrariesAssociation of the Philippines(PLAP)
  43. 43. Quezon LibrariansAssociation (QLA)Rizal LibrariansAssociation
  44. 44. Society of Filipino Archivists(SFA)UP Future Library andInformationUP Library Science AlumniAssociation, Inc. (UPLSAA)
  45. 45. UP Library and InformationScience StudentsAssociation (UPLISSA)UST Library AssociationUST Library ScienceAlumni Association(USTLSAA)
  46. 46. ENdThat’s all for today>>Good Morning 