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  1. 1. Evolution ofComputers
  2. 2. The AbacusIt was the earliestcalculating machineprobably originatedin China about3,000 years ago.In China it is alsoknown as SwanPan.
  3. 3.  It is consists of a rectangular wooden frame with horizontal rods. It is consist of several columns, farthest to the right represent ‘ones’, the next one ‘tens the hundreds and so on.’
  4. 4. John NapierA mathematician,developed a devicehaving a set of rodsmade of bones. In 1964, John Napierintroduced Logarithms.
  5. 5. Blaise PascalHe was a FrenchMathematician born on19th June 1623 atClermont- Ferrand.He was only 19 yearsold, when he invented acalculating machine calledPascaline.
  6. 6. Analog ComputerThese are fundamentallydifferent in principle from themodern digital computers.It is use in simple devices,even they are mechanicallycomplicated.
  7. 7. Joseph- MarieJacquard (1752-1834)He introduced anew weaving loom in1805.The JacquardsWeaving Systemusing punched cardattracted manyscientist.
  8. 8. Charles Babbage (1792-1871)He was inspired by the punched Cardto idea, developed an idea of usingpunched cards to input data.He continued his efforts and putforward an idea of a machine thatcan do 60 calculations per second.The Analytical Engine stamped thefoundation for modern computing.
  9. 9. The First Programmer Ada AugustaKing (1815-1852)The daughter of LordByron, was thepersonal assistant ofCharles Babbage.
  10. 10. She suggested binary datastorage and wrote the firstcomputer program for theAnalytical Engine.The ADA software was named
  11. 11. George Boole (1815-1864)He was self taughtEnglish MathematicianHis theory of Booleanlogic becamefundamental to thedesign of computercircuitry.
  12. 12. Dr. Herman HollerithHe developedpunched card systemfor storing and retrievingdata.He also built thetabulating machine toread the cards andprocessing data.
  13. 13. He started Tabulated MachinesCompanies in 1896.In 1911 , this company became theComputing Tabulating RecordingCompany and now the InternationalBusiness machines, simply IBM.
  14. 14. Digital EraClaude ShannonHe suggested 1’sand 0’s of binarysystems can beconsidered ‘ON’ andOFF position of theflow of current.
  15. 15. Dr. John Vincent AtanasoffHe built the firstelectroniccomputer namedAtanasoff BerryComputer.
  16. 16. J. Presper Eckert andJohn William MauchyThey developed generalpurpose computer,Electronic NumericalIntegrator and Calculator(ENIAC).This computer has 1800valves consuming 100kilowatts of power andweighed several tons.
  17. 17. John Von NeumanHe introduced anidea of entering theprogram of instructionsinto the machines forits procedures as thenumerical data isentered.
  18. 18. Admiral Grace HopperShe developed thisidea and it wasdesigned and built byMauchy and Eckert. Thefirst commercialelectronic digitalcomputer capable ofusing stored programswas called UniversalAutomatic Calculator(UNIVAC).
  19. 19. TransistorsIn 1947, computersentered a secondgeneration by theintroduction oftransistors.It was developed bythe American physicistWilliam Shockley.