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  1. 1. Shiyali RamamritaRanganathan(August, 9,1982- September 27, 1972
  2. 2. The father of libraryscience in IndiaHe introduced theColon ClassificationSystem, which classifiesall knowledge intobroad, fundamentalconcepts.
  3. 3. His five laws of Library science waswidely accepted as a definitivestatement of the ideal of libraryservice.He also drafted plans for a nationaland several state library systems,founded and edited several journals,and were active in numerousprofessional associations.
  4. 4. Each main classes comprises fivefundamentals facets, or groups:personalitymatterenergyspacetime
  5. 5. Colon Classification System•It is derived from the name itsuse of the colon in its notationscheme.•The Colon ClassificationSystem divides these conceptsinto several distinguishingcharacteristics, whichRanganathan called facets.
  6. 6. •The classification system uses colon(:) to distinguish between the variousfacets in a single notation.•Init, there are 108 main classe s and10 generalized classes (broadlydivided between the humanities andsciences), which are represented by amixed notation of Arabic numeralsand Roman and Greek letters.
  7. 7. Lee Pierce Butler(1884-1953)
  8. 8. A professor, rare book curator, andthe son of John Pierce Butler.He traveled abroad, where hecollected extensively and becameexceedingly well known to the Englishand Continental booksellers. He is also partially credited withassuring that the massive vollbehrcollection of incunables.
  9. 9. In 1931, Butler become the faculty ofuniversity of Chicago in the graduatelibrary school as a professor ofbibliographical history. The fullest articulation of his advocacy ofsocial scientific ideas, notablyquantification and its concomitantprecision, can be found in his now classicIntroduction to Library science (1933).
  10. 10. Insimplistic terms, theirconflict was the start of thequalitative versus quantitativedebate in librarianship.Butler referred to many of thedevelopments within librarianshipas scientist and began to argue forsomething more– a deeper, morespiritual librarianship.
  11. 11. His memberships included theAmerican Library Association,the American Institute for theGraphic Arts, the Caxton Club,Society for Typographic Arts, andthe Chicago Literary Club, whilea visiting professor at theUniversity of North Carolina atChapel Hill.